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11 terror suspects 'disappear' in US custody

At least 11 al-Qaida suspects have "disappeared" in US custody, and some may have been tortured, according to a report out today from Human Rights Watch.

>> Oil Prices Hit New All-Time High, Pass $54

>> N-bomb equipment 'lost in Iraq'

>> Kerry to add Russia to the new "axis of evil"

>> Weirdness in Kentucky: Senator Going Insane

>> Germany Imposes Draconian Internet Tax On Citizens

>> Report says U.S. wasted chances for Zarqawi

>> Arafat blames Israel for Egypt bombing

>> Iraq Militants Behead Iraqi 'Spy' -Jazeera TV

>> Movie says Jesus didn't exist to open 6/6/6

>> Globalist Fear Mongering on the Today Show

>> Spies "lap up" info from torture

>> The State as Serial Killer

>> Persistence of Government: A Source of Wonder

>> First UA Flight 93 of 2001 on 9-11?

>> October Surprise? Insiders Predict Bin Laden to Be Caught Before Election

>> ABC Removes Article Reporting US Military Chiefs Approved Terror on US Soil in Last Three Days

>> U.S. Spies on Chat Rooms

>> UK ID cards to be issued with first biometric passports

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>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Moscow children ordered to wear ID tags

In the wake of the terror attack on a Beslan school, Moscow children will soon be ordered to wear state-issued ID tags, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Cheney's Eyes and Bush's Back: What Do They Tell You?

The psychological analyses of Bush and Cheney are so revealing and self-evident that you may find these excerpts from each of them as startling and frightening as I did.
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>> Fighting For Our Freedom

>> Debate Surge

>> The Daily Show: Cleveland Steamers

Pakistan tests 'nuclear' missile

Pakistan has tested a medium-range nuclear-capable missile which could hit targets deep in neighbouring India.

Dayton closes Washington office over safety concerns

Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton Tuesday closed his Washington, D.C. office, citing security concerns. He says a top-secret intelligence report made him fear for his staff's safety.
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