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‘Occupy’ Event Organized By Aide to Democratic Deputy Mayor
More proof that OWS has been hijacked by the leftist political machine.

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Infowars: Taking On The Establishment Media & Winning
Still maverick after all these years – not taking hand outs from George Soros, NGO’s or corporate lobbyists.

Libya militia ‘terrorises’ pro-Gaddafi town of Tawargha
Militias from the Libyan city of Misrata are “terrorising” displaced residents.

China denies it is behind hacking of U.S. satellites
At least two U.S. environment-monitoring satellites were interfered with four or more times in 2007 and 2008.

U.S. Seeks Aid From Pakistan in Peace Effort

Some elements of the ISI see little advantage in forcing those negotiations.

Deal reached in U.S. 2001 anthrax death suit: filing
The widow of a Florida tabloid photo editor has reached a settlement.

DHS-Funded Taser Drone Launched in Texas
A Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance drone deployed against insurgents in Afghanistan that can also be used to tase suspects from above has been unveiled by the Montgomery County Sheriff's office and will be operational within a month.

“A Journey Into Slavery” – Alex Jones Sunday Edition
Alex takes a look at the past week and the one ahead.

Prince Charles Offered Secret Power to Veto Legislation
Ministers have been forced to seek permission from Prince Charles to pass at least a dozen government bills.

Libyan interim leader’s remark favoring polygamy stirs anger
It looked like a sizable step backward for women.

Fukushima nuclear plant could take 30 years to clean up
Experts in Japan have warned it could take more than 30 years to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

Egypt military jails veteran dissident over Coptic clashes
The prosecutor may choose to formally refer him to a military court or release him.

9/11 And Karbala: The Stories We Tell Ourselves To Give Meaning To Our Deaths
Cultures and countries are conquered with language, stories, and significant events that imprint new myths on the collective mind.

Who’s listening to your calls? Met police track thousands of mobiles using covert surveillance system
Police can now shut off phones remotely, listen in on conversations and gather data.

Exposed: Media fabricated ‘empty tents’ story at OccupyLSX
You can’t tell when people are in their tents.

Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes
These mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill — their own children.

Greenpeace puts pressure on Japan to tighten radiation restrictions after more than half of tested seafood shows up positive for radioactive cesium
More than half of all seafood being sold across eastern Japan is contaminated with radioactive cesium.

UN Warns Of Sharp Increase In Social Unrest
A prominent UN agency has issued a warning that the globe is hurtling toward a long recession, a 40 million worldwide job shortage and an increase in large scale social unrest.

Libertarian Party Tells Ron Paul to Come On Over
“Absolutely, that would be fabulous,” said Jim Lesczynski, media relations director for the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

Ron Paul: Declare Victory Bring Them Home!
Ron Paul 1-Hour Interview in New Hampshire
Ron Paul – 2011 NFRA Straw Poll Speech

IT’S OVER: Cain Is Done
The scandals swirling around Herman Cain today will be fatal to his presidential ambitions.

Coulter Defends Former Fed Mob Boss and Insider Cain

The two halves of the eurozone are locked in a broken marriage
One by one, the democracies of Southern Europe are being broken on the wheel of monetary union.

You Won’t BELIEVE How Much Money Jon Corzine Could Walk Away With From MF Global
The big story of the day in finance is the bankruptcy of MF Global.

Nationwide Occupy Wall Street crackdown continues with more police brutality
The crackdown on Occupations across America have begun in full force.

Communists Occupy Pontiac

EU Mulls Biometric Borders
The EC has adopted a Communication which sets out the main options for using new technologies, such as biometrics.

Fukushima Released Record Radiation Into Sea
The biggest discharge of radioactive material into the ocean in history.

Riots During the Great Depression
Interesting historical footage.

Unbelievable, Must-See Video: Heroic Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Firestorm … Holding Up the Constitution and a Flag
Retired members from every branch of the military support the protesters.

Nashville Judge Tells Cops “You Have NO Lawful Basis To Arrest Occupy Protesters!”
Nashville News 2 report on Nashville cops using force to remove protesters.

16 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Would Be A Really, Really Bad President
At this point, it appears very likely that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

Let Them Eat Cake: 10 Examples Of How The Elite Are Savagely Mocking The Poor
There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard and making a lot of money.

Occupy Vatican?
Max Keiser covers the Vatican’s call for a global central bank.

Japan intervenes to weaken yen
The Japanese government stepped in Monday to weaken the yen, after it climbed to a post-World War II high against the dollar.

Don’t count on us to help you out of your single-currency hole, China tells Europe
The decision to ask China for cash was seen as a watershed moment in the shift of economic power.

One Third of Americans Say They Have No Spare Cash
Global consumer confidence remained weak in the third quarter.

Deal reached in U.S. 2001 anthrax death suit: filing
The widow of a Florida tabloid photo editor has reached a settlement.


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