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Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP straw poll in Iowa
Ron Paul has won two separate tallies for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll.

Herman Cain Heckled by Ron Paul Supporters
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U.S. Is Planning Buildup in Gulf After Iraq Exit
Repositioning could include new combat forces in Kuwait.

Iran scoffs at US ‘contradictions’ in dialogue offer
Iran on Saturday dismissed a renewed US offer of dialogue by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Washington’s Black Ops against Iran

Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague

A leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.

How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccine truths
The lack of true vaccination reportage is worse now than before, but it goes back to the beginning of vaccinations.

Americans: Awash In Spin
Big Brother’s subjects in George Orwell’s 1984 are better informed than Americans.

10 Signs That The American People Are Angrier Than Ever

TSA Test ‘Pre-Screening’ – Nightly News Report
Alex breaks down the latest on the TSA home front and what they have planned next for the american people.

Flu Vaccine Propagandist Charged with Child Molestation
Alex covers the story of the CDC Deputy Director being arrested for molestation & beastiality.

Ron Paul in New Hampshire – Highlights
Ron Paul stopped off in Hampstead for a Town Hall meeting Friday.

Infowarrior Infiltrates Ed Shulz & Neal Boortz Shows
An infowarrior sneaks past the call screeners and makes a classic plug.

Barack Obama’s Allegiance Is Not To America And God, But To The New World Order And Satan
It is hard to pierce the psychology of psychopathic rulers and politicians without having some understanding of their philosophy towards life.

SDS Founder Coaches Ann Arbor OWS
Alan Haber, an SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) founder, is coaching the OWS movement, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, website reported yesterday.

Generators seized from NY Wall Street protesters
The fire department confiscated six generators and about a dozen cans of fuel.

‘Passive’ TV can harm your baby’s speech making it harder for them to later cope in school
Children are as vulnerable to the effects of ‘passive TV’ as they are to secondhand smoking, according to experts.

Halloween face paint found to contain high levels of toxic heavy metals
Your Halloween Costume May be Hazardous to Your Health.

Saving The Eurozone. Will it Work?
The world’s monetary and financial system cannot function without massive amounts of additional money and credit.

Peter Schiff: In Defense Of The 1%
The protesters fell into two categories: those who generally understood and agreed that Washington caused this mess, and those who could only recite Marxist talking points.

The nationwide crackdown on Occupy Wall Street has begun
Active National Guardsman Supports Protesters … In His Uniform
Occupy Phoenix with AR-15's
Denver Police Use Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Batons and Pepper Spray On Protesters

Rep. Lofgren: Copyright bill is the ‘end of the Internet’
The antipiracy legislation is designed to make allegedly copyright-infringing Web sites virtually disappear from the Internet.

The Misuse of The Power of Television In Wartime Is Itself A War Crime
Television has created a second dark age in Western civilization and undermined the freedom of thought.

“We Are All Greeks” – SocGen Presents The New World Order
“We are all Greeks” – so begins one of the best reports on the unsustainability of the status quo, and on what “the new world order” will look like.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…. Such As An Empty Box Filled With Promises Of Money, And Europe’s Soup Nazi

Obama to host North American summit in Hawaii
Obama will hold the event on November 13.

Eric Janszen: We Are Witnessing The Death Of The Dollar
What do you get when the producer of the world’s reserve currency takes on too much debt?

Be Honest – The European Debt Deal Was Really A Greek Debt Default
Let’s be honest – this deal is not going to solve anything.

Eric Holder to testify on Fast and Furious
Attorney General Eric Holder will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 8.

Gaddafi’s son says he is innocent
The court, based in The Hague, has said it made informal contact with Saif al-Islam.

Washington ready to negotiate with Mullah Omar
Washington is ready to negotiate with the Taliban leader.

Syria Using U.S. Made Web Surveillance and Censorship Systems
These boxes are probably rooted by NSA.

Goldman Sachs and Occupy Wall Street’s bank: the real story
Mega-bank Goldman Sachs has declared war on one of the smallest banks in New York.

Euro bailout – an animated explanation
Are you confused about what the Euro bailout actually is?

Europe Wallows In Insolvable Problems with Bob Chapman
Regular guest Bob Chapman discusses the Eurozone crisis.

Obama Has Even Lost The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Crowd
Occupy Wall St. is mainly made up of (very) disgruntled Obama supporters.


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