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Feds Order You Tube To Remove Video For Containing “Government Criticism”
US Authorities Hit Google With 70% Rise In Takedown Orders.

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Poll Shows Most OWS Supporters Drink Establishment’s Political Kool-aid
A repeat of the tragedy that befell the Tea Party on the false right.

Ron Paul Had 43,000 People Donate In FIVE Days! To His 2012 Presidential Campaign

Gold Breaks Out and Consolidates Above $1,700/oz – Financial Alchemy Risks Severe Inflation
Gold is trading at USD 1,708.20, EUR 1,230.11, GBP 1,071.37, JPY 129,700, AUD 1,650 and CNY 10,864 per ounce.

New Street Lights To Have "Homeland Security" Applications
New street lights that include "Homeland Security" applications including speaker systems, motion sensors and video surveillance are now being rolled out with the aid of government funding.

Veteran shot in the face by rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland protests
Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen was wounded by a less-lethal round.

Millions of tons of Fukushima debris expected to soon wash up on Hawaii beaches, western US coastline
The 9.0+ mega earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan back in March caused millions of tons of debris to wash into the Pacific Ocean.

Obama ‘Can’t Wait’ for the Rule of Law
If he already had the legal authority to take action, then why did he wait?

Boehner Says Russia Trying to Restore ‘Soviet-Style Power’
The conservative critique of the Obama administration’s desire to “reset” its relationship with Russia is double-pronged.

5 NYPD Officers Arrested in Gun-smuggling Sting
A sting operation resulted in the arrests of 12 people, including five New York Police Department officers.

Support food freedom and help stop the hunger fast of Michael Schmidt
The right to decide what one can eat and drink seems a very basic human right.

Physician speaks out: Gardasil vaccine dangerous, completely useless at preventing cervical cancer
“To say Gardasil has a suspect safety record is a big understatement,”

How to Strengthen Our Epigenetic Health with Daniel Vitalis
Health, nutrition and nature-based philosopher Daniel Vitalis talks with Mike about preparedness.

Soda consumption linked to teen violence, study finds
The research team discovered that soda intake was directly proportional to violence levels.

Multimillionaire Michael Moore Denies He’s Part Of ‘1%’
Man of the people.

Everybody Print! BOJ Will Reenter Global Currency Devaluation Frenzy To Kill Yen
Michael Maloney: “We Pay Tax for the Privilege to Have Currency”

Promo Video For DHS-Backed ‘Spy Street Lights’ Pulled From You Tube
Company gets nervous after creepy ‘Intellistreets’ concept exposed by Drudge Report.

American Travelers Continue To Rebel Against TSA Body Scanners
Hundreds more official complaints uncovered.

New Trials Show Body Scanners Have Up To 40% Error Rate

Nazi jokes, wrath at Germans highlight Greek despair
The dark shadow of German-driven austerity measures squeezing Greece has revived historical enmities.

Farrakhan Lashes Out At Obama; Condemns Gaddafi ‘Assassination’
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Tuesday said the killing of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was “an assassination” .

Corbett: Libya shattered, pieces dangerous

Can Obama Assassinating People Be Considered Foreign Policy Successes?
Cafferty illustrates how Obama’s foreign policy “successes” are nothing of the kind.

Obama to Leno: Libya ‘A Recipe For Success’

Libya asks Nato to stay until end of year
Mustafa Abdel Jalil, Libya’s interim leader, has asked Nato to continue its campaign until at least the end of the year.

NATO choppers violated air space: Pakistan officials
Report: Bodies of 267 Qaddafi Supporters Found in His Libyan Hometown

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington will make Libya a puppet state
Today Gaddafi’s body was laid to rest after being held in freezer for several days.

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs and Influencers
Obama stopped for an undisclosed meeting with some of the entertainment industry’s high-level executives.

UK’s huge new euro bailout: As rescue talks collapse in chaos, our taxpayers face ANOTHER massive bill to prop up single currency
Britain was facing a new multi-billion-pound bill to prop up the euro last night.

Children May Be Given Death-Linked Anthrax Shots Under Bioterrorism Scare Trials
Using the threat of bioterrorism as a method of getting the public to submit to the study through fear.

The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It?

There is a very good chance that some of your neighbors or co-workers may be preppers.

David Icke – Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor (And Everyone Else)
How not to be scammed by those you are protesting against.

Wild West Libya: ‘Journos hunted, anarchy in streets’
Even though Libya was declared liberated, it’s no closer to peace and freedom.

Gaddafi’s family to sue NATO



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