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CNN’s Anderson Cooper In Desperate Anti-Ron Paul Rant
Ex-CIA agent argues corporate press have not sidelined Paul’s campaign, despite scientific studies confirming the fact.

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G.E. Profit Up Despite ‘Volatile’ Economy
General Electric, the nation’s largest industrial company, on Friday reported net earnings for the third quarter of $3.2 billion.

Immortal Technique: Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Support Obama
Activist rapper rejects both sides of political establishment.

2012: Ron Paul is the Only Option

Welcome to "Democracy": Gaddafi Summarily Executed Without Trial
The hard fought "freedoms" that are apparently about to bestowed on Libyans after the NATO-backed overthrow of the Gaddafi regime were in full evidence yesterday when NTC fighters captured Gaddafi alive before summarily executing him with a bullet through the head. Aware of how bad this looked, the interim NTC Prime Minister hastily put out a cover story claiming Gaddafi had died in crossfire.

‘Killing Gaddafi easy cover-up for West deals’
Gaddafi killed by US drone?
Gaddafi killed by crossfire, says Libya’s interim prime minister

Libya Before and After Image Shows What a NATO/UN Humanitarian Mission Looks Like
All hail humanitarian war. Regime change can be a bitch.

The End Of History
Now that the CIA’s proxy army has murdered Gadhafi, what next for Libya?

Iran Links US-funded Terrorists to Saudi-DEA Bomb Plot
Baseless US accusations countered with more likely Iranian allegations.

Befuddled Warmist Richard Muller Declares Skeptics Should Convert to Believers
Berkeley University Professor Richard A. Muller is a very confused man.

Capitalism: The Cure, Not The Problem
The political climate of this country is full of tension and anger.

An Uprooted Civilization: The Roots of The Political Crisis in The West
A state of global emergency has existed since 9/11, when the shadow CIA and shadow Mossad attacked America.

Union President Testifies: ICE HQ Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals–Including Fugitives
ICE agents have been told by ICE headquarters not to arrest illegal aliens who do not have a prior criminal conviction.

MIT Develops New Radar Technology: Military Could See Through Walls
Looking through walls is no longer something we read about in comic books or watch in Superman movies.

House Committee passes bill that criminalizes free speech, applies US ‘drug war’ policies across entire world
If an American talks about using marijuana he or she will be committing a felony crime under a heinous new bill.

Gorbachev Calls For American Perestroika
Former Soviet leader says protest movement highlights need for “global governance”.

In New Ads Ron Paul Slams Romney, Cain On Support For Bailouts
Congressman still polling in top tier, raises $2m from latest money bomb.

Underemployed And Hating Life
Today, millions of smart, hard working Americans are flipping burgers, waiting tables or working dead end retail jobs not because they want to, but because they have no other options.

Dollar slumps to record low versus yen

Cybercommand chief opposes U.N. net control
The commander of the U.S. Cyber Command said Thursday that he does not favor giving the United Nations the power to regulate the Internet.

Clinton Laughs About Murder of Gaddafi
Paraphrases Caesar during CBS interview.

1980s Sitcom Predicted Gaddafi’s Death

‘Peace Candidate’ Signals More Middle Eastern Regime Change
Three down, two to go: Obama warns other Middle Eastern dictators as Libyan fighters set their sights on the the ‘germ of Syria’.

Video Shows Gaddafi Alive Before Being Shot ‘Like a Dog in the Street’
Colonel Gaddafi was executed by a frenzied mob of rebel fighters after pleading: ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!’

Pepe Escobar: NATO wanted Gaddafi dead all along
Pepe Escobar, correspondent for the Asia Times, helps us understand what happened and what lies ahead for Libya.

Occupy Nova Scotia Update: Is ONS Becoming Centralized? (Video)
Contributor Amir Alwani was back at Occupy Nova Scotia to document some of the speakers and protesters.

Obama’s Great African Military Safari with Patrick Henningsen
Infowars writer Patrick Henningsen discusses the real agenda behind Obama’s decision to send U.S. troops into Uganda.

Herman Cain’s Hidden Nine
Cain’s plan has deep flaws, the most glaring of which is its creation of a hidden payroll tax which represents a fourth “nine.”

Student Loan Bubble To Exceed $1 Trillion: “It’s Going To Create A Generation Of Wage Slavery” And Another Taxpayer Bailout
Student loans are set to surpass $1 trillion in total notional for the first time in history.

Tea Party Activist Speaks At Occupy San Diego
It was going well until he took a poll on how many were “socialists” in the crowd and how many did not identify with socialism.

Canada: ’52 of the 98 Teens Who Caught Measles Were Fully Vaccinated’
An unusual vaccine observation from a large measles outbreak in Quebec may raise some alarm.

Why you should choose sodium lauryl sulfate free hair and body care
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical lathering agent that has come under scrutiny for safety and potential toxicity issues.


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