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State Department Agitator Advising 'Occupy' Movement
A US government-backed pioneer of the so-called "Arab Spring" in Egypt that eventually resulted in a military dictatorship is now "advising" the Occupy Wall Street protesters in both Washington DC and New York, in another sign that the movement has been subverted by the establishment.

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Son of Stuxnet? Researchers Warn of Impending Cyber Attack
A new computer virus using “nearly identical” parts of the cyber superweapon Stuxnet has been detected.

The New Reality For U.S. Cities: No Money For Street Lights, Roving Packs Of Wild Dogs And Open-Air Drug Markets
If you want to know what the early stages of an economic collapse look like, just walk around some of the downtown areas of our major cities.

Family Values: The Roman Rigor of Obama’s Death Squad
It is not enough for the Peace Laureate to murder American citizens without charges.

Ron Paul “We’re In A Debt Crisis That’s Worldwide”
Congressman Ron Paul appears on Cavuto to discuss the financial crisis and more.

HOLY BAILOUT – Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America’s Derivatives Trades
Who Is to Blame: Washington Or Wall Street?

Vitamin E increases risk of prostate cancer? More junk science from JAMA
They didn’t report the negative findings and only sensationalized a finding that has “statistical significance” but NO clinical significance.

Global warming scam perpetuated by government, industry, and Wall Street – and taxpayers have been footing the bill!
For over 20 years, the dogma of man-made global warming has been trumping sound science and even basic logic.

Feds Trafficked Guns To Suspected Criminals Under Bush
ATF allowed firearms to “walk” under previous incarnation of Fast and Furious.

FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9
FEMA operates as a martial law mechanism under the cover of a natural disaster response agency.

Occupy London FAIL?
Apparently this is a queue for the toilet, not for the tasty capitalist coffee, but still… Makes you wonder.

Berlin experts fear euro break-up from bail-out escalation
Plans to increase the firepower of Europe’s bail-out machinery risk setting off a dangerous chain of events.

Goldman Reports Massive $0.84 Loss Per Share, Prop Trading Loss Of $2.5 Billion, Comp Accrual Of $358,713 Per Employee
In a nutshell: for the first time in probably since the Lehman crisis, Goldman reported a massive loss in its prop trading division of $2.5 billion.

Miserable Times In The UK, As Inflation Surges Way Beyond Forecast

Obama opposes repeal of healthcare program suspended last week
President Obama is against repealing the health law’s long-term-care CLASS Act and might veto Republican efforts to do so.

Facebook Is Building Shadow Profiles of Non-Users
‘This is done by different functions that encourage users to hand personal data of other users and non-users to Facebook…’

Obama: Republicans Want ‘Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water’
President Barack Obama said the Republican jobs proposal, released last week, would mean “dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.”

EU bans patents of stem cells if embryo destroyed
Europe’s top court on Tuesday banned researchers from patenting any process to extract stem cells when it leads to the destruction of a human embryo.

The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012 Election
We are never going to restore legitimacy to our political system until we get the money out of politics.

Ron Paul Highlights – CNN Las Vegas Debate
All of Ron Paul’s answers from last night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas.

Vegas Debate: Ron Paul rips Herman Cain over Occupy Wall Street
Rand Paul “I Believe The Public Is Telling These Candidates They Need To Behave More Like Ron

Most Americans Uncertain About “Occupy Wall Street” Goals

Less than half of Americans express an opinion about either the Occupy Wall Street movement’s goals or the way it has conducted its protests.

Lies Behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya: There is No Evidence!
The Immense Criminal Enterprise Known as “Responsibility to Protect.”

Iran capable of winning any possible war: Army chief
“I assure you that we will win the war in the event of any aggression against our country,”

U.S. Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for Strikes Against Iran

Far Left Occupy Rome Protesters Destroy Statue of Mary
The far left Occupy Rome goons destroyed a statue of Mary during their rally this weekend. It didn’t seem to bother them.

Issa & Bush Gun-Running, Obama’s OWS Takeover Failure: Nightly News Blitz
Aaron covers Obama’s dismal failure to co-opt and exploit the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Fake Signatures May Mean Obama Didn’t Actually Qualify to Run for President in Indiana
A candidacy scandal is growing in Indiana as evidence surfaces that President Obama may not have qualified to be on the Presidential ballot.

White House accused of Barack Obama ‘green screen’ trickery
The White House denied the accusations.

Biden Continues to Warn of Rapes and Murders If Jobs Bill Isn’t Passed
Biden reiterated his warning at an event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nearly a Third of 'Occupy' Protesters Advocate Violence
Research conducted by polling firm PSB reveals that almost one third of the Occupy Wall Street protesters support using violence to enforce their ideas, which is somewhat disconcerting given the fact that many of the demonstrators also support concentrating that force into the hands of government to oversee a program of radical wealth redistribution at gunpoint.

Bloomberg: First Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Wall St Protesters’ Tents
After failing to remove occupy Wall Street protesters last week in order to close Zuccotti Park and “carry out cleaning”, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued another thinly veiled warning to those still present and protesting.

Ron Paul Releases the ONLY Presidential Candidate Balanced Budget Proposal
Congressman calls for elimination of TSA and 5 cabinet departments in ‘Plan to Restore America’.

When Obama’s Numbers Start To Tank Here’s The Secret Weapon He’s Going To Rely On
It rhymes with Oblama Blin Bladen.

Cain: My Joke About A Lethal Border Fence Might Be Serious After All
Cain has backpedaled and says he was serious about the plan all along.

US forces ‘massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border’
US forces are massing on the Pakistan border in eastern Afghanistan amid reports of an imminent drone missile offensive.

North Korea Celebrates ‘Fall of Capitalism’
North Korea is feeling smug about its political system.


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