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Occupy World St.: From NYC to Everywhere
All over the globe people are rising up and demanding their rights in a worldwide rally of discontent.

More Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street Protest (Video)

Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome
What was initially planned as a peaceful “Occupy Rome” protest turned into a violent demonstration in the Italian capital.

Ron Paul Takes Third in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll
Rep. Ron Paul continues his string of strong poll finishes with a third place finish in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely Republican voters.

US military denies decision to quit Iraq after 2011
The Pentagon denied reports Saturday that the US military has given up on plans to keep several thousand troops in Iraq after a year-end deadline.

Gaddafi loyalists hold out in last desperate resistance at Sirte, as families flee When war came to the Libyan coastal city of Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi’s birthplace, Fajla Sidi Bey made the sort of choice that poor people have to make in a conflict.

Newt Gingrich raises $808,000 for presidential bid, $1 Million in debt
He ended the period with roughly $350,000 cash on hand, having spent over $770,000, his campaign said.

NYPD Criminals Arrest Protesters For Trying To Close Their Citibank Accounts
The NYPD, a so called police force, has arrested over 20 protesters who attempted to close their Citibank accounts.

Louisiana prohibits residents from using cash when buying, selling secondhand goods
If you buy or sell secondhand goods and live in the state of Louisiana, you can no longer use legal tender to complete such transactions.

Media hoax exposed- Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign
TIME, USA Today, MSNBC, NPR, CTV, the LA Times and numerous other mainstream media outlets have all been running a juvenile hoax over the last week.

Globalist Warlord Obama Moves to Expand Africom Reach
Sends letter to Congress announcing he is dispatching troops to Uganda.

Nobel Peace Prize-President quietly opens 8th US battlefront
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Guess Who REALLY Planned The Occupy Wall Street Millionaires March
Some pretty established New York groups that span across the state, and they have some powerful people behind them.

Move On Tries to Take Over Occupy Wall Street Protests
Police Punch Woman Protester In the Face

NATO ‘Helicopter attack kills nine’ in Pakistan
There is confusion about attacks that took place in the early hours of the morning near Pakistan’s South Waziristan capital

Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War
Unelected corporate-funded policy makers constitute the greatest threat to US national security.

To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data

Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements
The American Nazi Party likes what it sees.

Will Our Nation Experience Another Kent State?
Today in America, we are facing a similar battle.

The Megabanks are trying to prevent bank runs in the United States (Video)
Megabanks around the world are reeling from their customers removing their capital and closing their accounts.

Breaking Down The Western Wall of Taboo And Denial
There is a strange and fascinating thing happening right now.

Economists: End Or Drastically Downsize the Fed
Economists Want to End – Or Drastically Downsize – the Fed

Bill Gross Sends Out Big Apology To Investors, And Then Declares That The Economy Is Doomed
He sees no growth or inflation ahead — essentially an economy that’s doomed.

Obama plans to turn anti-Wall Street anger on Mitt Romney, Republicans
President Obama and his team have decided to turn public anger at Wall Street into a central tenet of their reelection strategy.

US Policy Toward Iran One-Way Ticket to War
Policy Wonk Plays Dumb Over Role in Iranian Escalation.

The nonsensical alleged Iranian plot and the end of all reason
Some U.S. officials question response to Iran plot

US seeks support for action against Iran central bank
The United States is seeking international support for fresh sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran.

First Great War of The 21st Century is Here! with Gerald Celente
Renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente about the false flag op and the move toward World War Three.

Israel: A History of Self-Inflicted Genocide & Terrorism with Steve Pieczenik
Former State Department official Steve Pieczenik returns with more commentary on the bogus Iranian terror attack.

Wall Street Protesters Arrested as Park Occupation Continues in New York
Fourteen protesters in lower Manhattan were arrested.

Official: Drone attack kills Al-Awlaki’s son in Yemen
The attacks, carried out in the Shabwa district, killed seven suspected militants, the defense ministry said.


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