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Underwear Bomber Guilty Plea Shields Government Complicity
Reversal means identity of “well-dressed man” will remain unknown.

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Ron Paul Highlights – Bloomberg/Washington Post GOP Debate
All of Ron Paul’s answers from last night’s Republican debate.

Hansen Misses By Two Orders Of Magnitude
Hansen claimed this week that bad weather almost never used to happen.

Putin: US feeding off global dollar monopoly
Pushing through energy deals and boosting cooperation with the aim of balancing out the economic and political dominance of the West.

Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie
Establishment favorite and former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during last night's Republican debate when he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proven false within hours by Ron Paul's campaign team.

Obama: “None Of Us Make It On Our Own” Without Government Help
“All those great Internet businesses wouldn’t have succeeded unless somebody had invested in the government research that helped to create the Internet.”

Ron Paul to Herman Cain at Bloomberg Debate: “Spoken Like a True Insider!
Paul accurately explains that Greenspan is personally responsible for the largest artificial bubbles ever perpetrated on the American economy.

Michael Savage Praises and Agrees with Ron Paul on al-Awlaki Assassination

China Goes To TradeCon 2, Warns Currency Bill Will “Inevitably Lead To Serious Damage In China-US Trade Relations”
Save this press release for the archives.

Spanish MP to sue FBI for using his face in al-Qaida ‘most wanted’ photos
Spanish MP Gaspar Llamazares has had enough and says he plans to sue the FBI.

‘US drones fly from secret Kenya bases’
US drones are flown to southern Somalia from secret US bases in neighboring Kenya, Press TV reports, quoting a Somali official.

Cain defends 9-9-9 plan as not ‘off a pizza box’
Herman Cain defended the economic team behind his 9-9-9 tax plan but still refused to name his economic advisers.

Protest Organizer: ‘Within Two Weeks of Obama’s Inauguration We Knew We Might as Well Have Another Bush in There’
Other protestors have been congregating on D.C.’s Freedom Plaza gathered at the Hart Senate building.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure openly denies science by claiming BPA exposure has no connection to breast cancer, insists chemical is safe
BPA, which is found in plastics, can liners, store receipts, and other consumer products, is linked to breast cancer and other diseases.

Will U.S. Exploit Dubious Terror Case and Attack Iran?
Another case of a clueless patsy entrapped by the U.S. government.

Iran rejects ‘vulgar’ US plot allegation

Everyone Missed It, But China Has ALREADY Retaliated For Last Night’s Big Currency Vote In The Senate
Last night, the Senate passed a bill that would impose tariffs on currency manipulators like China.

Futures Soar On…US-Chinese Trade War?

Put A Fork In It: Greece Effectively Shuts Down As Finance Ministry To Begin 9 Day Strike
Remember the country that started it all yet was “so small nobody should worry about it.”

Geopolitical Risk in Middle East and China Currency and Trade War Risk Supporting Gold

Occupy L.A. Speaker: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals
Citizen journalist Ringo captured this speaker at the Occupy Los Angeles camp.

Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme
Britain’s tax authorities have given Goldman Sachs an unusual and generous Christmas present, leaked documents reveal.

Lord Mockton: End of Democracy in England
Lord Monckton discusses the tyrannical over reach of the EU.

Buckle Up: America Is Getting Very Angry And The Protests Are Going To Become Much More Frightening
The Occupy Wall Street protests and the rise of the Tea Party movement have both changed America, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

Leftist Cult Group Blocks Adams Kokesh from Filming!
Alex talks with activist and talk radio host Adam Kokesh about the DC Occupy movement.

Crazed Marxist Accuses Tea Partier of Racism & Violence, Then Gets Racist and Violent

You Know That Your City Has Become A Hellhole When….
All across America there are cities and towns that were once prosperous and beautiful that are being transformed into absolute hellholes.

Md. TSA Agent Charged With Child Porn
A Transportation Security Administration security officer is out on bail after he was arrested and charged with child pornography.

Marc Faber To America: “Listen You Lazy Bugger, You Need To Tighten Your Belts, You Need To Work More For Lower Salaries”
Wall Street’s monstrous increase is merely a smokescreen by government to allow it to operate in its shadows.

Soros Calls For Eurozone Treasury

Ron Paul Talks Occupy Wall St. On The Dylan Ratigan Show
Ron Paul and Dylan Ratigan, help bring up the real issues!

Occupy Boston: Police beat war veterans, 100 arrested
There have been reports of police beating war veterans during a peaceful protest in the U.S. city of Boston.

Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation
It takes a special kind of humility for a medical professional to admit that something he or she was taught in medical school, and has long since clung to as fact, is actually false.


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