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‘Occupy’ Agitators Sabotage First Amendment
A new video from the 'Occupy DC' event in Washington betrays how leftist agitators are busy trying to drown out any message that doesn't correlate with their collectivist "consensus," as the First Amendment is sabotaged when a freelance journalist is blocked from filming a public protest.

It’s Official: Obama Has Embraced Occupy Wall Street
White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe embraced the Occupy Wall Street protests on behalf of President Barack Obama.

Kanye West Joins Occupy Wall Street In Gold Chains, Givenchy Plaid & Balmain Jeans
Apparently people really didn’t mind having the famous 1%-ers around for a bit.

OWS Protester From Viral Video Answers Critics
Chris, other wise known as “CptnMidnite” answers some questions and refers to a viral video of him posted on YouTube a week earlier.

Ron Paul on FOX Business News
The Congressman explains his position on the free market and capitalism.

Gold Support at 144 Day Moving Average at $1,603; Chinese Gold Demand “Extremely Strong”
The 144 day moving average has provided strong support for gold in recent years and may again prove a valuable technical aid.

9/11 Truth Subliminal In Unrelated London Evening Standard article
Its not the article itself, but notice anything strange about the cartoon?

Hansen’s admission – “skeptics are winning”
Yet sceptics are the ones without any MSM support. So where do they get this idea?

VeriSign Demands Power To Kill "Abusive" Websites
The global authority over all .com domain names, VeriSign, is demanding the power to terminate websites deemed "abusive" when ordered to by government without a court order or any kind of oversight whatsoever.

California governor protects warrantless cellphone searches
A court ruling in California allowed police to search cellphones in certain instances without a warrant.

US crime predicting technology tests draw Minority Report comparisons

German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide ‘snowball’
Germany is pushing behind the scenes for a “hard” default in Greece.

LOL – This Stock Market Rally Is For Suckers
Even The CEOs On Obama’s Job Creation Panel Are Shipping Jobs Out Of The United States

Shackled U.S. citizen faces 15 years in jail after admitting online insult to Thai royal family
A shackled U.S. citizen pleaded guilty today to charges of defaming Thailand’s royal family.

Japanese scientist unveils ‘thinking’ robot
Robots that learn from experience and can solve novel problems.

Jerry Brown legalizes 12-year-old children giving ‘consent’ to Gardasil vaccine injections, but bans tanning beds for those under 18
Insanity prevailed in California once again today.

Afghanistan opium production set to rise 61%: UN
Opium production in Afghanistan is set to rise by nearly two-thirds this year.

Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department

Obama Starts a Civil War on Drugs
The Obama Administration wants to shut down pot dispensaries in California.

Paul Maintains Top Tier Status In New Hampshire, Perry Plummets
Congressman Ron Paul has been placed third in the latest telling poll to emerge from the traditional first primary state of New Hampshire, while Rick Perry could only tie for fifth, seeing his numbers plummet to just 4%.

Alex Jones Mainstreamed But ‘PUBLIC’ Central Banking Gets Too Much Attention
Alex Jones and Occupy Wall Street both protested in front of the Dallas Fed on Friday and the result was unusual: Mainstream news coverage.

ROUBINI: The Recession Is Guaranteed, The Only Question Now Is How Bad It Will Be
Nouriel Roubini sees bad times ahead for the economy.

EU says eurozone needs ‘permanent’ austerity
The EU warned Tuesday that the eurozone requires permanent tough austerity measures.

Military Counter-Coup In Egypt? Prime Minister Hands In Resignation Of Government?
That revolution sure was fun while it lasted.

Next Stop is Pakistan
Pakistan is next on the target list of nations that will soon be feeling the military muscle of the United States.

German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide ‘snowball’
Germany is pushing behind the scenes for a “hard” default in Greece.

Obama Aides Seek to Frame GOP Debate on the Economy
There is a coordinated effort by the president’s team to counter tonight’s Republican message on the economy.

Ron Paul: Who Else is on Obama’s Secret Kill List?
Last week’s assassination of two American citizens, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, is an outrage and a criminal act carried out by the President and his administration.

The murder of Americans: Existence of secret kill lists now admitted by lawless White House

End to Fed: ‘US to see more violence as protests spread’
Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested since the campaign began last month.

Zombie training? OWS Atlanta turns into collective hypnosis ‘one voice’ weirdness
Occupy Wall Street protesters are undergoing collectivist zombie training in Atlanta.

Big Lies, Big Banks, And Big Profits: Where 9/11 Truth & Occupy Wall Street Converge

Occupy Wall Street Has Some Bad News For The Rich Residents Of The Upper East Side
Tomorrow, Occupy Wall Street protesters will leave Zuccotti Park at 11 AM and head to the Upper East Side to see how “the 1%” live.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Who Supports Wall Street Protests SLAMS the Federal Reserve
Ben & Jerry’s backs Occupy Wall Street

Two Political Parties For The Prices Of $1,188,644,055
Both parties are owned and run by Wall Street.

Federal agents arrest prominent ‘quackbuster’ skeptic; anti-health crowd exposed as fraud
Certain websites whose primary purpose is to vilify nutritional medicine and alternative health practices are apparently owned and operated by a cabal of deranged, and just plain evil “pseudo-skeptics,”

Head of Security at San Antonio Fed Admits Institution is Private
Private bankster operation has long masqueraded as a federal agency.

51% Don’t Want Second Term For President Obama

Immortal Technique Warns OWS About Elite Infiltrating Movement (Video)
Immortal Technique, hip hop artist and political activist, speaks out about the movement.


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