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Bombshell: Underwear Bomber Calls Haskell As Defense Witness
Detroit lawyer saw well-dressed man aid Abdulmutallab through security.

Organizer Labels Own Poll Irrelevant After Ron Paul Wins
The principal organizer of the Values Voters Summit derided his own group's straw poll as irrelevant after Ron Paul won, dismissing the results as not being “truly reflective of where values voters stand.”

Schizophrenia? #OccupyWallStreet and love pro-free market, billionaire CEO
Liberals are celebrating the life of Steve Job — a multi-billionaire businessman — at the same time that they’re calling for the death of capitalism.

Thousands plan protest camp in London’s financial centre inspired by ‘Occupy Wall Street’ campaign

Protesters inspired by the growing ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in the U.S are planning to establish a tent city in London’s financial district next weekend.

The invisible surveillance state: DHS and the end of America as we know it
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has grown into an organization that is nothing short of nightmarish.

Afghanistan officials ‘systematically tortured’ detainees, says UN report
Nearly half of prisoners interviewed by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said they had been tortured.

Police ‘threatened’ me for taking pictures of daughter in shopping centre, dad claims
A DAD says he was threatened by police under anti-terror laws – for taking a picture of his wee girl eating ice cream.

NY State Senators Say We’ve Got Too Much Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That
State Senators in NY are going directly after the First Amendment and suggesting that current interpretations are way too broad.

Scientists warn out-of-control three ton telescope is hurtling towards Earth
Earth has been told to brace for a possible satellite collision.

'Occupy' Forms Alliance With Obama Lobby Group
The "official" Occupy Wall Street website has publicly formed an alliance with yet another Obama campaign front group, the New Jersey branch of the American Federation of Teachers, the parent organization of which spent $1.9 million on Obama's 2008 election campaign.

Police Know The Federal Reserve is Private!
Police Departments in two of Texas’s largest cities are aware the Federal Reserve Bank is a private run for profit bank.

Video: Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protester for sleeping outside
Occupy Wall Street Backs a Nationwide Boycott Against Banks
Cain: ‘Why Don’t You Move the Demonstrations to the White House?’
Cain: Occupy Protestors Are ‘Anti-American’
Iran Calls Wall Street Protests ‘American Spring’

US incomes ‘fell more after than during recession’
US household incomes fell more in the two years following the end of the recession than during the downturn itself.

Economist: The Financial System Is Broken And Corrupt

Donald Trump accepts gold bullion (real money) as lease payment from commercial tenant
The return of real money has made a triumphant re-entry into the US economy.

Euro Reckoning Amongst Long Term Threats

Turkey Accused of Killing Kurd Leader – Trying to Trigger Civil War in Syria
Murderous gambit aimed at provoking Kurdish militants – who have until now stayed out of US-backed unrest in Syria.

Head of Security at San Antonio Fed Admits Institution is Private
Private bankster operation has long masqueraded as a federal agency.

51% Don’t Want Second Term For President Obama

World Authority On Anthrax Disputes Government Explanation Of 2001 Attack
Three leading scientists, one a world authority on the composition of Anthrax, have produced a paper that presents evidence that directly calls into question the FBI’s version of events surrounding the 2001 anthrax mail attacks.

Egypt May Be Forced to Seek $3 Billion IMF Loan It Rejected: Arab Credit
Returning to the IMF risks a backlash from the activists who led this year’s revolt.

‘We may need to print even MORE money’, Bank of England economist warns just days after £75billion cashflow is sanctioned
One of the Bank of England’s leading economists has warned it may need to print even more money to bolster the sickly economy.

Think Tank Says Bailout Fund Will Need $6 Trillion And France Will Lose AAA Rating
Where do they plan to get the money, Euro Claus?

‘Time short’ for eurozone, says Cameron
Van Rompuy Delays Planned EU Summit by a Week to Oct. 23

U.S. Government Obtains Secret Court Order for Email Data of WikiLeaks Volunteer
The U.S. government obtained a controversial type of secret court order to force Google Inc. and small internet provider Inc. to turn over information.

Anti-war demonstrators attacked with pepper spray for protesting at tax payer-funded Air and Space Museum (Video)
Among those attacked were roughly 50 members of Veterans For Peace.

Armored Vehicles Plow Into Protesting Christians In Cairo
At least 24 people have been killed in clashes in Cairo Sunday, as Christians angry over a recent church attack, fought with hard-line Muslims and Egyptian security forces.

Cairo riots leave at least 24 dead

Rep. Issa says Fast and Furious subpoenas will be issued soon
Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Issa said that he wants a better understanding of who knew what, when about Operation Fast and Furious.

Pepe Escobar: Gaddafi gold to boost Libya resistance
Fierce fighting for Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte continues in Libya, where revolutionary forces claim they’ve seized the convention centre – the main base of the Colonel’s loyalists.

Break Your Left-Right Conditioning: Alex Jones Sunday Edition
Alex covers the growing movement standing in opposition to the bankers and their cartel masquerading as a federal agency.

Protests: Both Conservatives and Liberals Are Right
A Revolution Beyond Left And Right: Remaking The Political Spectrum in The West

Court documents reveal LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir used infiltration agents, hidden cameras, extreme surveillance to target Rawesome Foods
Examples of government-sponsored terrorism against innocent Americans continue to pour in to NaturalNews.

Brussels bans toys: Party blowers and other stocking fillers are barred in EU safety edict (and prices are set to rise for Christmas)
Christmas stockings look likely to be a little lighter this year because of a new EU edict on toy safety.

BPA levels in humans far higher than previously thought
New studies reveal that levels of BPA are massively higher in humans than previously assumed.


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