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Occupy Wall Street 'Stands In Solidarity' With Obama Front Group
Fears expressed by some that the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement is being hijacked by the Democratic Party establishment have intensified after the official OWS website announced that it "stands in solidarity" with, a lobbying group for the Wall Street-backed Obama administration.

‘Depression’ Makes Return to Mainstream Lexicon
Only the shade of gloom, it seems, is in question.

Global Debt Crisis: Investing in “Toxic Waste Treasuries” or Gold and Silver?
Why would, almost non-yielding Treasuries, be a safe haven, when the government is broke?

There is No Plan to Fix the Economy!

Michelle Obama’s ‘goodwill tour’ of Africa cost U.S. taxpayers AT LEAST $425,000, watchdog group says
Michelle Obama’s ‘goodwill tour’ of Africa cost taxpayers over $425,000, according to a taxpayer watchdog group.

RealClear Politics Skews Ron Paul’s Poll Numbers
Those double digits have to come out of someone’s else’s totals. Whose? Such questions decide elections. And RealClear is not real clear on this one.

Monster asteroid has a mountain taller than Mount Everest, scientists say
A giant asteroid hurtling through our solar system’s asteroid belt boasts a mountain that makes Everest look like an ant hill, it has been claimed.

Why Are OWS Protesters Repeating White House Talking Points?
Many people have rightly pointed out that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are a diverse bunch with different beliefs, and as such have no single set list of demands. However, the one message that has been embraced by the majority of demonstrators is to "make the rich pay their fair share," which has also been a consistently repeated talking point out of the Obama White House.

Obama to Axe Small Business Programs: Lloyd Chapman Reports
Alex talks with the president and founder of the American Small Business League, Lloyd Chapman, about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Celente: Obama Will Win If Republicans Pick Establishment Candidate
And the next President of the United States will be: teleprompter populist extraordinaire, Barack Obama.

Bank Fees? Let’s Tell The Banksters That We Don’t Want Their Stinking Bank Fees And That We Are Switching Banks
Millions of Americans are about to get stabbed in the back by their banks.

Strange quotes appear in Time: “Peaks of social disturbance such as rebellions, revolutions, and political reforms followed every decline of temperature”
“The number of wars increased by 41% in the Cold Phase.”

Perry Plummets, Cain Surges in Positive Intensity
Rick Perry’s image is suffering, with his Positive Intensity Score among Republicans familiar with him down to 15, and below 20 for the first time.

Panetta Reinforces Threat of “Lone Operators” in Latest Interview With CNN (Video)
In Leon Panetta’s recent interview with CNN, the former CIA director invokes a series of patsy terror attacks.

NJ Police Kill A Man Then Stifle First Amendment – Unleash Riot Police On Crowd Including Children
More Proof America Is A Police State.

Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed
Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul held hearings Tuesday into a recent and rare one off audit of the Federal Reserve’s crisis-response emergency lending programs of 2008.

Washington Post: Opposition to Obama grows — strongly
Four in 10 Americans “strongly” disapprove of how President Obama is handling his job as president.

Up to $266 Billion Needed for Europe Banks: IMF
“There has been a lot of talk about French banks, but … the problem is very widespread,”.

Video: Riot police storm Athens metro during strike demo
Riot police stormed into the Athens metro Wednesday chasing after protesters demonstrating against ongoing austerity measures.

Claim: US drone strike kills six in Somalia
At least six people have been killed after the US military used a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle in southern Somalia near the border with Kenya, Press TV reported.

Bernanke Discusses Occupy Wall Street I Don’t Blame Them For Protesting
“They blame, with some justification, the financial sector with getting us into this mess,”

Fast And Furious: 22 Shocking Facts About The Scandal That Could Bring Down The Obama Administration
Could Fast and Furious be the scandal that brings down the Obama administration?

Tens of millions of Florida bees mysteriously drop dead in one day, beekeepers blame pesticides
Authorities have already ruled out disease, including the infamous “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD).

Breast cancer patient gets a TSA pat-down, TSA gets a smackdown
Another Transportation Security Administration pat-down gone wrong is in the news again.

Saudi police open fire on civilians as protests gain momentum
Pro-democracy protests which swept the Arab world earlier in the year have erupted in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Russia & China veto UN resolution on sanctions against Syria
The European-backed draft called on Damascus to end its crackdown on protesters, or face “targeted measures”.

Investors In Asia Are Clearly Freaking Out About Something
The action in Korea is pretty remarkably bad.

US Starts New Fiscal Year With $14.837 Trillion In Debt, $142 Billion Increase In Two Days

Dissecting the OWS List of Demands

The official OWS website posted the “demands” of a supporter a few days ago.

Romney: Wall Street Protests ‘Class Warfare’

Alex Reviews His Checkpoint Video
Back in the studio, Alex reviews the video reports he filed while on the road earlier in the week.

Shy children now candidates for dangerous psychiatric drugs
New guidelines for mental illness turn shyness in children from a personality trait into a mental disorder that warrants drug treatment.

27 Years: No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from Prescription Drugs

Many ‘natural’ foods are loaded with GMOs
Even vegetarian products have been infiltrated by this cancer-causing “Trojan horse.”

Scientific studies conclude GMO feed causes organ disruption in animals
The GM soybean and corn varieties used in the feeding trials “constitute 83% of the commercialized GMOs” that are currently consumed by billions of people.


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