Last Updated: Monday, Oct 03, 2011 19:20 BST 'Occupy Wall Street' Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself
There's no better way of deciding an outcome than owning both sides of the debate. That's why the Wall Street-owned Obama administration must be licking its lips at the fact that 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters have been conned into advocating new tax policies backed by billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates that will do nothing to touch Wall Street, but everything to sink what's left of the American middle class.

Americans Are Protesting for the Same Reasons Arabs Are Protesting: Corruption, Unemployment and Rising Food Prices
Protesters Target Fed, As Well As Wall Street
Mood at Occupy Wall Street Increasingly Anti-Police

Protectionism beckons as leaders push world into Depression
The self-correction mechanism is jammed.

European stocks and euro dive on Greece fears
Europe Must Fight Back Against US-UK Speculative Attacks
Gold rises for third day after Greece rocks markets

Obama Admin Refuses To Offer ANY Proof Anwar Al Awlaki Was Involved In Terrorist Activity
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refuses to concede that assassinating American citizens is a somewhat questionable practice.

Al-Awlaki sibling claims Anwar is still alive
An unconstitutional killing: Obama’s killing of Awlaki violates American principles

Hole in the sky: Europe, Canada and Russia at risk as continent-sized ‘second hole’ in ozone layer opens over the Arctic
The ozone loss over the Arctic was so severe this year that for the first time a ‘hole’ in the ozone layer, similar to the one over the Antarctic, appeared.

Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack 'Occupy Wall Street'
The leftist juggernaut, a Democratic Party front which vehemently backed Obama's 2008 election campaign, is set to hijack the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests this week, which is pretty ironic given the fact that the Obama administration was a creation of Wall Street itself.

Blaming Wall Street Is Wrong
Occupy Wall Street Hijacked by Special Interests – Alex Jones Emergency Broadcast
Uh Oh: 90 Percent Of Americans Rate Economic Conditions In The U.S. As “Poor”
Occupy Wall Street: Mass Economic Riots Are Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same
Educating #OccupyWallStreet Protesters: The 5 Essential Facts
Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op Designed to Destroy Efforts to End the Fed
Daily Bell Helps Blow Up Wall Street Protest Via Drudge, Prison Planet and Google

Cameron defies EU referendum push and insists: I think we should stay in
The Prime Minister said he did want to claw back powers from Brussels.

MSNBC Panelist: Chris Christie ‘Less Obviously Racist’ Than Rest Of GOP Candidates
The rest of the MSNBC panelists responded with snickers to the comment.

TSA Pats Down Breast Cancer Survivor Even After Getting Scanned
Was there really no other way of going about this?

The Myth of Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness
At the forefront of the debate is the use of Thimerosal.

Where Is The #OWS Demand To End The Fed?
No serious economic protest can ignore the monolithic role of the Federal Reserve

Democrats and Establishment Unions Plan to Hijack OWS This Week

Spiegel Editorial Slams Obama For Telling Europeans ‘To Emulate His Failed Strategy’
As Washington pushes harder for a bold resolution to the euro debt crisis, the conflict has turned into this: Germany versus the U.S.

Zero Bonuses At Goldman?

Newspapers to disappear by 2040: UN agency chief
“In the United States, it will end in 2017,”

GOP Mega-Donor Koch Brothers’ Company Tied To Global Criminal Misdeeds In Bombshell Article
The 6,800-word article is the result of an investigation involving 14 reporters spanning from Tehran to Detroit.

Death blow to GMOs? California ballot initiative calls for mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods
This is the pathway to victory against GMOs!

The Day America Died: The only Future for Americans is a Nightmare
Any American citizen who is moved into the threat category has no rights and can be executed without trial or evidence.

President Barack Obama Is The Epitome of The 21st Century Schizoid Man
There are so many videos on YouTube that show Obama’s history of flip-flopping.

Reuters Propagandist: US State Department Cables = Truth
Despite setbacks, Wikileaks still trying to foist US agenda on distant lands.

British documentary uses fake video game footage to allege connection between Gaddafi and IRA
ABC News in Australia reports that ITV has apologized for using footage from the video simulation game Arma II.

Greece To Miss Budget Deficit Targets, As Usual, While Qatar Prepares A Bailout Pennies-For-Gold Swap

Beware of pretenders supplied by the establishment to “save us” from collapsing system.

A “great haircut” to kick-start growth

School bans children from putting up their hands in class – and tells pupils to do a ‘Fonz’ thumbs up instead
Headteacher Cheryle Adams insisted that the more positive hand signal had a ‘calming’ effect on the eight- and nine-year-old children.

Denmark introduces world’s first food fat tax
Denmark has introduced what is believed to be the world’s first fat tax – a surcharge on foods that are high in saturated fat.

CIA’s Global Warming Center A National Security Secret
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), operates a special center dedicated to global warming.


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