Last Updated: Saturday, Nov 26, 2011 15:04 GMT
Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial
NDAA detention provision would turn America into a “battlefield”.

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Police Brutally Body Slam Grandpa For Shopping
Witnesses said the man wasn’t trying to steal anything.

Black Friday Violence Worse Than Ever As American Consumers Fight Over Deals Like Crazed Animals

Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP, Secret Sciences & High Tech Mind Control
Dr. Begich talks about many controversial science experiments.

‘RoboCop’ guards to patrol South Korean prisons

BASF tries (again) to push ‘Frankenpotatoes’ on Europe
Europeans have made it abundantly clear time and time again that they want nothing to do with genetically-modified organisms

Grand Canyon Pamphlet Teaches Kids to Report on Their Parents
The stasi snitch society accelerates.

Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices That Governments, Police, Big Corporations And Stalkers Can Use To Easily Track Your Movements

9 Final Ways The Bankster Occupied U.S. Government Is Waging War Against America
The Ways The Bankster Occupied U.S. Government Is Waging War Against America

How to Start a (Wall Street-backed) Revolution

Venezuela Gets First Shipment Of Physical Gold Today
Bloomberg has reported that Venezuela will receive the first shipment of gold reserves being repatriated from U.S., Canadian and European banks.

Arab State Urges Citizens To Leave Syria
Tensions flare as Arab League ultimatum passes deadline.

Next Propaganda Phase: UN Says Syria Tortures Children

Nigel Farage: EU Dictatorship Dominated by Germany Replaces Elected Leaders
Neil Cavuto talks to Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD Group in the European Parliament.

Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

Bankers Have Seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over
Who will rule the New Europe? Obviously, the private European banks and Goldman Sachs.

Iran general threatens retaliation against Israel nuclear sites
An Iranian general on Saturday threatened retaliation against Israel if any of its nuclear or security sites are attacked.

‘NATO strike revenge for Pakistan crackdown on CIA assets’

Egyptian Protesters: US Stooge “ElBaradei for President”
Egypt’s “revolutionaries” prove again the unfathomable fraud that is the “Arab Spring.”

‘New Egyptian PM asks protesters for two-month extension’

Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels
Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya’s new authorities on Friday.

Portland, Me., officials consider allowing raw milk sales at farmers markets – as long vendors include official CDC propaganda
Maine is one of ten US states that currently recognizes the freedom of individuals to buy and sell raw milk at the farm and retail level.

Why Did The Fed Inject Banks With A Record Amount Of “Other” Cash In The Past Week?
What was it that caused US banks to demand a record amount of effectively under the table cash from the Fed?

Congress Conspires with “Fed” Banksters to Create Endless Interest-Bearing Debt

While Their Country Collapses, Americans Squabble Over $2 Waffle Makers
Fighting over cheap junk – what makes people behave like this?

Black Friday turns ugly at Los Angeles Wal-Mart: Shopper pepper sprays crowd to get deal, 20 injured


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