Last Updated: Friday, Nov 25, 2011 17:56 GMT
Arab State Urges Citizens To Leave Syria
Tensions flare as Arab League ultimatum passes deadline.

Next Propaganda Phase: UN Says Syria Tortures Children

Syrian troops die in ‘terrorist’ attack
Syria’s military said today that 10 of its personnel were killed in “terrorist” attack.

Syria unrest: Arab League observer ultimatum passes

Rebel army calls for air strikes on Syria
Free Syrian Army chief Riyadh al-Asaad called for foreign air strikes on “strategic targets” in Syria to speed up the fall of the regime.

‘Attack Syria – get Iran & Hezbollah for free!’

Iran Believes US Presidential Elections Will Prevent Attack
Analysis of potential attack plans published on supreme leader’s website.

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Perry: Communist China ‘Destined for the Ash Heap of History’ – 35,000 Abortions Every Day There
Rick Perry said that China was “destined for the ash heap of history” because of its immoral government.

Senator Lieberman Urges Google to Increase Censorship of Anti-West Blogs
U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman sent a letter (PDF) to Google urging them to censor anti-west, violent jihadist content on their Blogger platform.

NED & Freedom House are run by Warmongering Imperialists

European Bailout Time Of Death: EFSF Cut In Half Due To “Market Conditions”
The dramatic spike in borrowing costs for Italy since the summit is likely to force the European Financial Stability Facility to sweeten the deal offered to investors.

Stocks Extend Longest Drop Since 2008 on Debt

Earth highly unlikely to suffer severe warming – new science
We’re looking at just a couple of degrees with double CO2.

BBC’s Kirby admission to Phil Jones on “impartiality”

‘Occupy’-Inspired Campaign Urges Boycott of Black Friday
Occupy Wall Street-inspired protesters are eyeing a new target.

While Their Country Collapses, Americans Squabble Over $2 Waffle Makers
Fighting over cheap junk – what makes people behave like this?

Black Friday turns ugly at Los Angeles Wal-Mart: Shopper pepper sprays crowd to get deal, 20 injured

Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web
Criminals who commit offences online and cyber bullies will be banned from the internet.

Currency Wars – Russia Officially Adds 19.5 Tonnes of Gold Reserves in October Alone
Central banks are expanding reserves for the first time in a generation.

European Banks Frantically Trying To Dump $7 Trillion Of Crap Assets — But No One Will Buy Them

Suffolk Co. NY to hear proposal to ban chemtrails
New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air.

Media Lies Used to Provide a Pretext for Another “Humanitarian War”
Human rights organisation, as well as the UN, countless peaceful civilians have been killed by the Syrian forces.

Pepe Escobar: US missiles around Russia is Bay of Pigs all over again

Soros Celebrates the Fall of Tunisia
More globalist self-aggrandizing as Soros awards foreign-funded sedition for a job well-done.

Libyan Rebels Fought the Globalists’ War

US or Europe? Which Fiscal Time Bomb Will Explode First?
Whose fuse is shorter?

Behold The New Anschluss: ECB’s Paramo – “Prepare To Give Up Significant Sovereignty”

Thousands of Egyptians flock to Tahrir Square for largest anti-military protest
Tens of thousands of Egyptians flocked to Cairo’s Tahrir Square to prepare for the biggest day of protests in a week of violence.

Anders Behring Breivik’s calls to police are made public

5-Year-Old Handcuffed, Charged With Battery On Officer
Boy Cuffed With Zip Ties On Hands, Feet.

Implantable Microchips and Cyborgs are No Longer Conspiracy Theories


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