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Russia Arms Syria With Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack
Warns it will not tolerate western powers crossing a “red line”.

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Public Relations Campaign for Military Intervention in Syria Begins
French foreign minister says “humanitarian zone” must be established in Syria.

While Blood Flows, Arab League Call Their Meeting In Cairo To Discuss… Syria?

Air passenger who famously stripped to her bikini in TSA protest returns to LA a year later… and guess what, peels off again
It’s been a year since Californian holidaymaker Corinne Theile first stripped down to her bikini at Los Angeles International Airport in protest of ‘invasive’ security screening.

What’s killing America? U.S. ranks 28th in life expectancy (lower than Chile and Greece) while it pays the MOST for health care

Risk Tumbles In Retaliation For Merkel Stubbornness
Both ES and European markets are now well below yesterday’s lows as EURUSD also turns red and sovereign spreads start to break wider (and bear flatten) again

US Warship Moves To Syrian Coast as Tensions Mount
The aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush has moved to the Syrian coast amidst reports that a no fly zone is about to be imposed over the country as the U.S. Embassy in Damascus orders its citizens to leave "immediately," while France has proposed a formal NATO military intervention.

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The Russian Bear Is Back, The Soviet Union Is Being Revived And The Cold War Is Not Over
If you believe that the United States is the “sole superpower” in the world, then you really need to read the rest of this article.

GOP foreign policy debate proves Ron Paul is the only candidate with a remote grasp of the Constitution
The foreign policy debate for the GOP candidates hoping for a nomination to run against Barack Obama in 2012 was far from impressive, to say the least.

The Global Economy is in Big Trouble
The global economy is heading for a massive amount of trouble in the months ahead.

EU Demands Right To Dictate National Budgets
Monetizing Wont Solve European Economic Affairs
Max Keiser on Europe’s Brave New Debt
Germany Sells 150,000 Troy Ounces Of Gold In October… But Not Why You Think

Disgruntled motorists BLOW UP fourteen parking meters in protest at charges
Vandals armed with explosives have launched a dangerous campaign of blowing up parking meters in a historic market town.

U.S. Supreme Court may allow the government to track phones without a warrant
The upcoming Supreme Court decision on Antoine Jones’ GPS case could have a drastic and disturbing impact on the privacy of every American citizen.

Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate
Three themes are emerging from the newly released emails.

Aaron Dykes Covers Transhumanism on Infowars Nightly News
Aaron talks about what the scientific controllers have planned for our future.

Disabled Man Tasered To Death For Falling Off Bike
Would not stop for cops so they used a stun gun on him.

Police Taser Man Nine Times For Carrying Toy Gun In Briefcase Bought As Gift For His Son

Mysterious white goo repeatedly found blanketing cancer-stricken Turkish city, chemtrails to blame?
Residents have been looking for answers concerning a mysterious substance.

‘Green’ debacle: Tens of thousands of abandoned wind turbines now litter American landscape

Iran Arrests 12 CIA Agents ‘Planning Attacks’
IRNA state media quoted an influential politician as saying that the agents were working in collusion with Israel.

Karzai charges NATO with killing seven civilians

Lieberman Wants Google to Take Down Jihadist Content from Blogger
Lieberman has asked Google to step-up its efforts to crack-down on jihadist content.

Quake rattles Japan’s Fukushima region
An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale struck early on Thursday in Japan’s Fukushima province.

Blowing Off Some Steam 115 (Obama Deception, Alex Jones, Super Committee)
Blowing off some steam about the news.

Libyan Rebels Imprison 7,000 In “Reign of Terror”
The detention of 7,000 people in prisons and camps by the anti-Gaddafi forces is not surprising.

Supermandia and the most supersilly Climategate rebuttal ever
I just got a nauseating email release from The Daily Climate.

Brandon Smith: SPLC Labels Montana Patriots as “Extremist”
The SPLC is once again characterizing patriots as “extremists”.

Stewart Rhodes: Sherrifs fed up with Federal Interference
The State Department is again trying to demonize “conspiracy theorists”.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Iranian Bomb
All the evidence suggests that Iran does not have a nuclear bomb.

Escobar: No war with Iran before 2012 elections
The Roads To War And Economic Collapse

North Korea threatens ‘sea of fire’ as South conducts large-scale military drills
North Korea has threatened to turn Seoul’s presidential office into a “sea of fire,”

Border Brutality: NATO tear-gasses Serbs in Kosovo
NATO troops in northern Kosovo have fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of local Serbs resisting the dismantling of a barricade near Mitrovitsa.

Turkey Time with ‘Fireman Mike’
Mike Adams has a little fun on the Eve of Thanksgiving.

“I Will Never Do Business In The United States Of America Again”
Two-Out-Of-Three Americans (66%) Believe the Federal Government Has Not Been Aggressive Enough In Pursuing Criminal Behavior By Wall Street Bankers.


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