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Feds Admit Water Pump Failure Was Not Cyber Attack
DHS advisor hastily told Washington Post incident was foreign cyber attack.

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Euro on ‘Death Watch’ After Investors Spurn German Bonds
One analyst went so far as to put the currency on a “death watch.”

G20 case reveals ‘largest ever’ police spy operation
Police organizations across the country co-operated to spy on community organizations.

Euro Tumbles As JPM Predicts ECB Rate Cut To 0.50%, “Deep Euro Area Recession”
The ECB may soon have to change its policy of keeping a 1.00% rate floor if JPM is correct.

Report: US & Arab States Set To Impose No Fly Zone Over Syria
Reports out of Kuwait suggest that Arab states are set to impose a no fly zone over Syria with US logistical support, advancing the prospect of a military assault to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under a "humanitarian" pretext.

Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular! has produced an enormous zip file of 5,000 additional emails similar to those released two years ago in November 2009 and coined Climategate.

Russia Warns US, Israel against Attack on Iran
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the US and Israel against an attack on Iran, cautioning that such a move would mean “a very serious mistake”.

America And Israel Will Go From Tough Talk To A Real War Against Iran

Cairo Standing: Tahrir protesters occupy against army
Thousands of Egyptians remain in Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding an immediate end to military rule.

Manipulated U.S. Rates Seesaw Gold Prices
This week, world attention finally shifted away from debt problems in Europe to the unresolved and worsening debt crisis here in the United States.

Dow Futures Off 120, Yields Higher Across Europe, Awful Economic Data, German Bond Auction Flops
25 Bitter And Painful Facts About The Coming Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis That Will Blow Your Mind

State senator calls for independent investigation into UC Davis incident
“Only a truly independent investigation is in order.”

Doctor says government should implement ‘cap and trade’ tax scheme on junk food
Junk food consumption is partly responsible for the rampant disease and obesity epidemic that plagues the US.

BPA spikes 1,200 percent after eating canned soup: study
People who ate canned soup for five days straight saw their urinary levels of the chemical bisphenol A spike 1,200 percent.

Scientist deliberately ‘militarizes’ flu strain in deadly bioterrorism experiment
A European scientist has genetically altered H5N1 to effectively spread between mammals.

Fear Of TSA Harassment Is Killing Thousands of Americans
Travelers taking to highways are exponentially more at risk.

Iran Attack Dominates GOP Debate Sponsored by Neocon Institute
Iran says it will not hesitate to shut down Strait of Hormuz and ground global economy to a halt.

Half of US voters say bomb Iran if sanctions fail

Malls track shoppers’ cell phones on Black Friday
Attention holiday shoppers: your cell phone may be tracked this year.

Medvedev threatens to target U.S. missile shield in Europe if no deal is reached
Russia will target the American missile defense system in Europe if Moscow cannot reach an agreement.

Egyptian Activist: Military Junta Using U.S.-Made Teargas Against Protesters

Merck Pays $950 Million in Criminal Fines and for Falsely Marketing Vioxx
Merck will pay upwards of $950 million as a means of resolving investigations carried out regarding the company’s marketing tactics of their painkiller Vioxx.

Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

Ron Paul Wins Again: Paul Watson Reports – Infowars Nightly News
Ron Paul is leading by a significant margin in Iowa, according to preliminary results of a new TeleResearch poll.

All Ron Paul CNN Foreign Policy Debate Highlights

Obama Heckled For Allowing Police Brutality Against Protesters and Failing to Rein In Banks
Occupy Wall Street Dislikes the Mainstream Democratic and Republican Parties.

10 outlandish things the ‘scientific’ controllers have in mind for you in the near future
What corporate-driven “science” has in mind for the future of humanity is far different from the dreamy utopian landscape that’s been portrayed by the mainstream media.

20 Signs That America Is Going Crazy
Has anyone else noticed that America seems to be going crazy?

DHS Issues Turkey Frying Warning While Frying You with X-Ray Scanners on Biggest Travel Day (Video)
The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning over the dangers of frying your turkey.

TSA Worker Rapes Woman: Paul Watson Reports – Infowars Nightly News

National Press Club bans reporters for tough questions?
Is The National Press club censoring the press?

Infowars Nightly News: MF Global, Computerized Contact Lenses, Climategate 2.0
Key issues of the day covered by Paul Watson on Infowars Nightly News.

Ron Paul’s strength in Iowa shows it’s too soon to write him off
Though he has a large and loyal following, Ron Paul’s positions on key issues sets him apart from many Republicans.

Ron Paul Beats Obama in Iowa: Gary Franchi Reports – Infowars Nightly News


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