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Egypt’s Secret Police Renames Itself “Homeland Security”
Notorious human rights abusers draw inspiration from US authorities.

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‘Gaddafi son knows too much, will be silenced’
Political analyst and author Adrian Salbuchi says Saif al-Islam will be silenced by either the Hague or the National Transitional Council.

Exposed: US press ‘freedom’
Independent journalist Sam Husseini did something that is alien to United States corporate media culture. He behaved as an actual journalist.

Wall Street down 2 percent on global debt concerns
A U.S. congressional committee was expected to concede defeat in its bid to lower the deficit.

Officers Put on Leave After Pepper Spraying Protesters
University chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi, said Sunday that she would insist that the investigation be completed in 30 days.

If There Is a Run on the Banks, Know Who To Blame
Following our coverage last week of the fallout from the collapse of MF Global, Gerald Celente appeared on the Alex Jones Show numerous times to warn listeners that the only way to really ensure their money was protected was to withdraw it all from banks and financial institutions without delay.

Police State Watch: Curling Up In a Ball to Avoid Police Violence May Be Considered “Active Resistance” … Justifying the Use of MORE FORCE, Including Baton Strikes
In a Police State Like Modern America, Even Peaceful Resistance Is Considered Violence and Cause for Even More Brutality.

UN Sign At The Grand Canyon
Alex went to the Grand Canyon visitor center to film a United Nations marker at the site.

Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over The United States
Most Americans still believe that our weather patterns are 100% natural and that our government has absolutely no control over the weather.

The “Free Syria Army”: Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists
The “Free Syria Army” is literally an army of militant extremists.

Israel shuts down dovish radio station
Communications Ministry demands an end to broadcasts, claiming that “Kol Hashalom” is a pirate station.

Thrill Is Gone? Matthews Turns On Obama; ‘I Hear Stories That You Would Not Believe’
In an explosive interview on MSNBC, Chris Matthews has harsh criticism for President Obama and his team of advisers.

DARPA Wants to Collect ‘Physiological Signals’ at a Distance and Through Walls
“There is a need to remotely detect, collect, and evaluate physiological signals of interest.”

EU bans naked body scanners because of cancer risk, US continues to coerce travelers through them
The European Commission has issued new guidelines for the use of naked body scanners at European airports.

David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street
Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change New York at Occupy Wall Street – Excellent Interview.

Three-minute presentation given by local resident convinces several Rolla, Mo., officials to end water fluoridation
Sometimes all it takes is a single individual to instigate positive change.

Egypt’s Brutal Military Junta is Supported by the Obama Administration
No ‘humanitarian intervention’ necessary.

NYT Tries to Blame Political Film for White House Shooting
Christians also warned to avoid criticizing Obama after alleged shooter called him the “anti-Christ.”

NYC ‘Lone Wolf’ is Just Another Patsy Entrapped by a Paid Informant

Despite EU Ban, UK Makes Radiation-Firing Body Scanners Compulsory
Backscatter machines remain in use. No “opt out” option. ‘No scan, no fly’ policy intact.

Credit Suisse Goes For Broke: Predicts End Of Euro, Escalating Bank Runs On “Strongest European Banks”
“We seem to have entered the last days of the euro as we currently know it.”

Scientists Weaponize Deadly Bird Flu, Consider Releasing Results Necessary to Create Bioweapon
It sounds like something out of a bizarre science fiction comic book.

Ex-inspector rejects IAEA Iran bomb claim
A former inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repudiated its major new claim.

U.S. to name Iran area of “money laundering concern”
Report: Dozens of U.S. spies captured in Lebanon and Iran
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards dare Israel to attack

Videos: Ron Paul Campaigns In Iowa
Following his surge in the polls, Ron Paul was on the road in Iowa this past weekend, making several stops to speak to enthusiastic audiences.

Ron Paul blames ‘flawed’ US policies for 9/11

Big Six Pesticide Manufacturers to Face Human Rights Tribunal
The tribunal will hear expert testimony from medical doctors, scientists, and lawyers in order to prove the charges against the chemical giants.

GRAPHIC: Video of brutal crackdown on Tahrir Sq protesters in Cairo
Britain will have to abandon the pound and join the single currency “faster than people think”, Germany’s finance minister has said.

American Police Are So Brutal that the Egyptian Military Is Justifying Its Murder of Tahrir Square Protesters By Pointing to the Crackdown on Occupy Wall Street

New York Cops Arrest “Osama Hussein” in Bomb Plot
Arrest plays into al-Qaeda lone wolf narrative hyped by Obama earlier this year.

Epic Failure: The Supercommittee Was A Super Joke
Does anyone need any additional evidence that our political system is completely broken?

America’s Treasonous Media: The Voice of Peace And Freedom Is Kooky And Fringe
The source of America’s political, economic and foreign policy crises is its print and television media.

In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration
This means the EU does not even recognize the therapeutic ability of water to reverse chronic dehydration.

Occupy EU: Eurocrats storm offices for more cuts
Across the European Union – the ongoing debt crisis has sparked an upheaval in the bloc’s political landscape.

Buffett Doubts Euro Survival; Says System Is Flawed


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