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9 More Ways The U.S. Government Is Waging War Against America
By the “U.S. Government” I mean the globalist traitors and evil banksters who hijacked America in 1913.

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1 Through 30 – The Coming U.S. Financial Crisis By The Numbers
The United States is drowning in a sea of red ink from coast to coast and most Americans have absolutely no idea what is about to happen.

Oakland Police Strike Army Ranger With Nightsticks On His Back, Ribs, Shoulders and Hands, Lacerating His Spleen and Causing Internal Bleeding
Video of the attack has just been released.

US Presidential Elections: GOP Candidates Advocate Torture
At last week’s debate, Republican presidential candidates Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman defended waterboarding. Cain said, “I don’t see it as torture.

Jesse Ventura There’s Only ONE Person I Like At All That’s Ron Paul!

Israel’s Plan to Destroy Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure
Iran to be pitched into Stone Age just like Iraq.

Britain in secret talks with Syrian rebels
Britain has formally opened talks with the Syrian opposition movement.

Clinton says ‘there could be a civil war’ in Syria

Game Simulates Cop Killing: Infowars Nightly News
Aaron breaks down video games that promote cop killling.

Save the Internet and Boycott These Companies
Countless alternative news outlets at risk of being shut down.

Supercommittee failure could trigger US credit downgrade, economists warn
Economists are warning of dire consequences if US politicians fail to make progress this weekend.

Analysis: IMF can no longer avoid bigger role in euro zone
MF Global: Was It A Hit?
DYLAN GRICE: Germany Is Making The Same Mistake That Allowed The Nazis To Come To Power

Second experiment confirms faster-than-light particles
The “positive outcome of the [second] test makes us more confident in the result,”

Sprint Launches Soon To Be Mandatory Emergency Alert Messages
Americans will be forced to receive spurious terror alerts.

Egyptians return to Tahrir Square to protest against military junta
Tens of thousands of Egyptians have returned to Tahrir Square to protest against the military junta, in one of the biggest protests seen in the country since the toppling of Hosni Mubarak.

Ex-Soviet states take first step to ‘Eurasian Union’

Britain ‘will join euro before long’, says German finance minister
Britain will have to abandon the pound and join the single currency “faster than people think”, Germany’s finance minister has said.

The European Debt Crisis: Will the “Weaker” Member States Leave the Euro Zone?
The Coming European Superstate That Germany Plans To Cram Down The Throats Of The Rest Of Europe

The Raping of America: Alex Jones Friday Edition
Alex hosts the show from the road.

Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls

Paul’s ability to mobilize niche groups like home-schoolers may make a big difference.

Supreme Court Blocks Gov. DNA Grab
Collecting and storing every newborn’s blood violates Genetic Privacy Act.

UN Owns National Parks: Infowars Nightly News
Aaron breaks down the United Nations Land Grab Under Clinton Administration.

Cyberattack traced to Russia damages Illinois public water facility
A cyber strike launched from outside the United States hit a public water system in the Midwestern state of Illinois.

Supreme Court Blocks Government Plan To Claim Ownership Of DNA
Collecting and storing every newborn’s blood violates Genetic Privacy Act.

NY Cops Drag Woman By Hair Across Street
OWS protesters chant “shame” at New York cops.

‘Cops use shock & awe tactics to devastate OWS’

Germany Is Preparing To Kick Countries Out Of Eurozone
Germany has become just like China, the more it is pushed to do something the more it will do the opposite.

ECB Riots Begin in Italy as Globalist “Super Mario” Forces Austerity
Occubuy Wall Street

UN, Bill Gates Foundation Push Deadly HPV Shots on Poor Nations Under ‘GAVI Alliance’
A new campaign has been launched by an organization known as the GAVI Alliance to vaccinate up to 2 million women and girls.

Hungary likely source of elevated radioactivity levels: IAEA

Herman Cain: The Whore of Babylon
Herman Cain crossed the Rubicon this week, declaring his distain for the First Amendment.

Suspicion in Iran that Stuxnet caused Revolutionary Guards base explosions
Is the stuxnet computer malworm back on the warpath in Iran?

U.S.-China tension spills over into Asia summit


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