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MF Global Looted Customers’ Accounts Via Internal Bank Run
Big players got warning ahead of time that financial broker was set to collapse.

Occupy JP Morgan

Supposed Deflation In October Blows Door For QE3 Wide Open
The decoupling theme for dummies continues to be alive and well.

Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands
Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres.

DHS-Linked Group Trains Citizens Their "Best Pal" Could Be a Terrorist
American citizens are being trained that their best friend or their closest neighbor could be a terrorist in 'Community Awareness Program' classes sponsored by the same DHS-linked non-profit group which was behind the infamous "Recognizing the Eight Signs of Terrorism" video, a PSA that suggested buying gold was a suspicious activity.

Radiation Spreads to France
France´s nuclear watchdog on Tuesday said it had detected traces of radioactive iodine in the air last week.

Hillary Clinton and the New American (Pacific) Century
Secret no more, US moves openly to block the rise of China.

Reality Check: Practical Protestors and Extremist Elites
Bloomberg — has swept in to crush a small protest movement that dared question the legitimacy and efficacy of the ruling oligarchy.

Real Tough Men In America And Israel Are Against An Attack On Iran
Why has masculinity and male toughness been hijacked in America and the West by chicken hawks and weaklings like neoconservatives?

Middle Class Areas Shrink As Income Gap Grows, New Report Finds
The portion of American families living in middle-income neighborhoods has declined significantly since 1970.

Nigel Farage offering a “Quarter Million Dollar” Solution to the Euro
Congress Shocked To Find That Being CEO Of A Bankrupt Company Is The New Killing It
Russian Central Bank Buys 100 Tons of Gold

The Pedophile Culture: Alex Jones Tuesday Edition
Alex breaks down the pedophile rings all across america and can’t believe just how far america has truly fallen.

Supreme Court Justice Breyer warns of ‘Orwellian’ government
The federal government is supportive of allowing law enforcement agencies to use GPS tracking of individuals without a warrant.

Land in parts of Japan ‘too radioactive to farm’
Farmland in parts of Japan is no longer safe because of high levels of radiation in the soil.

CDC admits not a single person has died from consuming raw milk products in 11 years
This may come as a shock to some who, because of all the propaganda about the alleged dangers of raw milk, are convinced otherwise.

Following Iowa Surge, Ron Paul Polls Second In New Hampshire
Congressman also only GOP candidate to lead Obama among Independent voters.

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TX Sheriff’s Office to Deploy Drone to Watch US Citizens
It can clearly read a license plate from an elevation of twelve hundred feet.

TSA Puts Off Safety Study of X-ray Body Scanners

As France Recalls Ambassador Is A Syrian “Liberation” Imminent
Time for some geopolitical uncertainty to add to Europe’s bond yield inferno.

Netanyahu Makes Unprecedented Iran Statement to Israeli Parliament

Obama visit: Australia agrees US Marine deployment plan
Australia has agreed to host a full US Marine task force in the coming years.

Secret Service Says Bullet Hit White House
The Secret Service says a bullet hit an exterior window of the White House.

DC Shooting Suspect Could Be Threat to Obama, Police Say

It’s Worse Than Insider Trading!
Congress is a organized criminal group!

Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest
National Coordination Goes Against Protection of Local Accountability.

Alex Addresses Icke, Ventura Meltdown
Alex Jones addresses tension Between Jesse Ventura and David Icke.

Young girl left unable to talk or walk, sleeps 23 hours a day after getting Cervarix vaccine for HPV
Much of the attention concerning the dangers of getting vaccinated for human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer has been focused on Merck & Co.’s Gardasil.

‘Snatch Squads’ Caught On Camera At London Student Rally
A YouTube video shot during the November 9 student rally in London allegedly shows plainclothes police acting as agents provocateurs.

Chinese man sets himself on fire in Tiananmen Square
Thought to be the first act of self-immolation at the scene of the 1989 pro-democracy protests for more than a decade.

Weighing in at 30,000 pounds, a new bomb for US
The US Air Force has a new 30,000-pound bomb in its arsenal designed to penetrate targets buried deep underground, a spokesman said Tuesday.

IISS: Syria’s Opposition Is Armed
Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists.

Occupy Protesters Retake Zuccotti Park
Protesters retake Zuccotti Park from the NYPD officers who occupied it throughout the day.

Smoking in cars should be banned: doctors
Smoking in private cars should be banned to protect children and the elderly, the British Medical Association has said.


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