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Out Of The Ashes Of The Collapse Of The Eurozone Will A “United States Of Europe” Arise?
Stick a fork in it, the eurozone as we know it is done. That's the message we're hearing from every media outlet and talking head this morning. But whether the EU survives in its current incarnation or takes on a new form, the agenda remains the same, the evisceration of all national sovereignty and the centralization of power into a dictatorial federal superstate.

Eurozone split ‘would destroy single market’
Fears Euro Debt Crisis May Spread To France

Cosmic Vampires: Perverse Masonic Initiations of The Nwo with David Icke
Alex talks with English writer, public speaker and former BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, David Icke.

Rick Perry Brain Dead, Penn State Sex Scandal & More: Infowars Nightly News
Alex discusses the important issues of the day on Infowars Nightly News.

London Independent Pens Tired Old “Conspiracy Contagion” Article
Conspiracy theories are “cultural viruses”, the internet is to blame, believers are psychologically challenged, blah blah blah…

Bob Chapman: Surviving The Banker Sociopaths
Alex talks with regular Friday guest Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster.

Banks rob savers in slow motion!

Big Brother alert over surge in ‘citizen spies’ as thousands more volunteer to snoop on neighbours
Councils across the country have recruited thousands of ‘citizen snoopers’ to report ‘environmental crime’.

Resisting Police Desires Is Labeled “Violence” … Even If Police Action Is Unlawful
The police are trying to blame the protesters.

Radiation detected in Czech Republic
The mysterious presence of low-level radiation in the Czech Republic had experts baffled yesterday.

Engineers Knew Fukushima Might Be Unsafe, But Covered It Up … And Now the Extreme Vulnerabilty of NEW U.S. Plants Is Being Covered Up

The U.S. Is Already Attacking Iran Through Terrorist Proxies
CIA admittedly finances groups blamed for bloody attacks aimed at destabilizing Tehran.

Washington considers selling bunker-busting bombs to UAE

Libyan mercenaries arrive in Gaza with Grad multiple rocket launchers
Fifty Libyan Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries arrived in the Gaza Strip from Tripoli last month

Clinton urges China to put pressure on Iran

Yesterday At Occupy: A Suicide, A Murder And Reports Of Tuberculosis
Thursday November 10 was a deadly day for Occupy protests across the country.

Super Globalist to Replace Italy’s Berlusconi
The globalists are making their move and inserting one of their trusted minions: former EU Commissioner Mario Monti.

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11 shocking things you now realize to be true (but you never would have believed just three years ago)
We are living through a time of great awakening.

Putin attacks Britain and US for ‘violating Libya resolution’
“A complete scandal and a complete affront to the international community”.

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

Why World War III: Destroy The Global Economy, Create A Greater Israel, And Establish A Global Authoritarian Government
There is a mistaken belief held by many people that the U.S. government won’t attack Iran or allow Israel to attack.

Obama administration trying to tax our Christmas trees
The economic geniuses in the White House are at it again.

The Obama administration’s human rights hypocrisy continues

Republican hopeful Paul calls for military cuts
“I am sick and tired of foreign welfare,” said Paul.

Dover mortuary landfill dumping: Congressman asked Pentagon about practice in Sept.
A New Jersey congressman wrote directly to Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta two months ago.

Judges Now Grabbing Kids in Divorce Cases
Children five times more likely to die from physical abuse and eleven times more likely to be sexually abused under state “child protection” care.

Federal Crackdown Assured As EAS Alert Fails To Go Nationwide
Feds analyze strange glitches and failures in creepy alert system test.

United Nations Agency Downplays Increased Radiation in Europe
IAEA says higher than normal radiation level in Czech Republic nothing to worry about.

Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer Research Institute Threatens Big Pharma
Mike Adams from, reporting for visits the Burzynski research institute and speaks with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, founder of the research institute and clinic.

Is There No Shame?
Sadly, I am losing hope in our civilization.

FOIA lawsuit reveals FBI collecting biometric information for massive interagency database
Big Brother is on the march in the United States.

China tries to stay in control of the web with new rules for reporters


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