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Rick Perry Debate Meltdown Could Help Ron Paul
Rick Perry’s sensational meltdown during last night’s CNBC debate in Michigan could not only serve to doom his entire presidential campaign, it could also help Ron Paul cement his position as a top tier challenger to Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.

CNBC Cans Debate Poll Because Ron Paul Was Leading
Be Honest CNBC-You Are Biased Against Ron Paul

Russia ‘ready to build new reactors’ in Iran
Russia is ready to build more nuclear reactors in Iran, its nuclear chief Sergei Kiriyenko said Thursday despite renewed fears that Tehran is seeking to produce nuclear weapons.

Phone hacking: James Murdoch ‘will not rule out closing The Sun’

UK Foreign Office: Israel Expected To Attack Iran Next Month
Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities as soon as next month, according to a British Foreign Office official quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper, raising the prospect of a new crisis in the region before Christmas.

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Police Bludgeon Peaceful Occupy UC Berkeley Protesters with Batons
U.S. police in riot gear have clashed with student protesters at the University of California, Berkeley, after they refused to dismantle their camp.

Baxter, same company that unleashed tainted avian flu vaccines, recalls 300,000 flu vaccines for serious adverse reaction
Baxter Healthcare Corp. has announced it is recalling roughly 300,000 doses of its Preflucel influenza vaccine.

EU Warns Of ‘Deep, Prolonged Recession’
The European Union Thursday slashed its growth forecast for the 27-nation bloc in the coming year.

Report: France & Germany Begin Talks To Break Up Eurozone
A Financial Nightmare For Italy: The Yield Curve For Italian Bonds Is Turning Upside Down
Farage to EU: ‘I Want You All Fired’

European Crisis Explained
A breakdown of the European debt situation, starting with Greece and consuming the entire continent.

Restaurant Removes Toxic Fluoride: Infowars Nightly News Report
Austin restaurant Removes Toxic fluoride from drinking water it serves customers.

Fracking Industry Executives Suggest Military PSYOP Techniques to Peers for Dealing with Public
The comments were recorded by an environmental activist, who passed along audio files to CNBC.

Navy vet faces eviction for flying Old Glory?
You might have thought the issue of free speech was settled long ago after the Revolutionary War – but that is wrong.

U.S. Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing
On 5 November an earthquake measuring 5.6 rattled Oklahoma and was felt as far away as Illinois.

Member of Family Closely Linked to Eugenics Movement Makes Film Promoting, Among Other Things, Free Energy Technology from Aliens
Let’s take a look at the person behind this project.

Americans Are Now Living In a Society That Rivals Orwell’s 1984
Winston Smith’s Oceania has nothing on 2011 America.

Establishment Media Describes Police Beating OWS Protesters as “Nudging”
Berkeley students beaten for trying to establish OWS encampment.

“America Better Damn WAKE UP!” Jesse Ventura On His Lawsuit Against The TSA Being Thrown Out
Jesse Ventura talks to Judge Napolitano about his fight against the TSA.

Progressives Want Ron Paul to Apologize for Calling Obama Elected Dictator
Obama writes off American people as “dysfunctional.”

“The President Wants To Know If He Can Wipe Out The News!”

Eurozone Failure Could Send Shockwaves Around World Akin to Soviet Union
The failure of the Eurozone and the European monetary union looks increasingly likely.

Europe Recovery Rally Fizzles As French Bund Spreads Hit Record On Fresh Downgrade Rumor

Libya: The Lies That Launched Another War
Hugh Roberts’ new article in the London Review of Books is the best story I have yet read about the war of regime change in Libya.

Noriega: Chávez cancer progressing faster than expected

Oops: Rick Perry Virtually Ends His Own Presidential Campaign With Major Debate Gaffe
1 minute 40 seconds into this clip is where Rick Perry’s presidential chances flash crash.

CNBC Debate – Ron Paul Highlights 11/9/2011

Major Wars and Suppression of American Freedoms Planned BEFORE 9/11
Many things which we’ve been told have only happened recently actually started a long time ago.

Paul Craig Roberts: Military Works for The 1/%
Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts joins the program to discuss the unfolding European economic disaster.

Khamenei warns U.S., Israel against attack on atom sites
Iran’s Supreme Leader warned the United States and Israel on Thursday not to launch any military action.

Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent

Threat to China: Will Corporatists in U.S. Government Move Forward to Assist Big Oil in Vietnam Discovery?
ExxonMobil has announced a “potentially significant” gas discovery off the coast of Vietnam.

Remains of war dead dumped in landfill
The Dover Air Force Base mortuary for years disposed of portions of troops’ remains by cremating them and dumping the ashes in a Virginia landfill.

Americans Riot….Over Firing Of Football Coach
Crowds toppled a television news van.

Major Earth Changes Coming? Earthquakes Are Becoming Much More Frequent And Much More Powerful
Are earthquakes becoming more frequent and more powerful?



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