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Americans Are Now Living In a Society That Rivals Orwell’s 1984
Winston Smith’s Oceania has nothing on 2011 America.

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Who Is Alex Jones? Coast to Coast AM Interview With George Noory
Alternative media activist Alex Jones shared his personal history, and how he became consumed with exposing the forces controlling world events, and working to preserve personal freedoms.

Iranian army general: Dimona nuclear site could be targeted if Israel attacks Iran
An Iranian army general warned Israel that any attack against Iranian nuclear sites would not only be met with the “destruction” of Israel, but would invite a reaction that spread beyond the Middle East.

Rogers: "100% Chance Of Crisis Worse Than 2008," Italy Implodes
Veteran investor Jim Rogers warned this morning that there is a "100% chance" the world is facing a financial crisis worse than 2008, as Italy was plunged into chaos on the back of soaring bond yields which now make the country's huge debt unsustainable, mandating yet another EU bailout.

Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: “Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return”
Arrivederci Berlusconi

15 Statistics Which Prove That The U.S. Economy Is In Much Worse Shape Than Most Americans Think
Yes, most Americans realize that the economy is not doing well right now, but most of them also believe that this is just a “temporary” downturn.

The New Eugenics from the Looney Left
I wonder how well telling half the American populace that they are genetically/psychologically/mentally inferior will communicate?

Fed up! McCain predicts rise of third political party
Senator John McCain predicted on Tuesday a third political party will emerge.

Third-world America: Michigan city cuts power, removes street lights due to inability to pay electric bill
Some see this cutting of essential public services as a sign of the nation’s progressive decline towards becoming a type of third-world country.

Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out
It was only a few years ago that if you labeled fluoride as a dangerous substance, you would be laughed at and scorned.

Shock finding: More than 75 percent of all ‘honey’ sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all
Just because those cute little bear-shaped bottles at the grocery store say “honey” on them does not necessarily mean that they actually contain honey.

Levin: U.S. Has Become A ‘Post-Constitutional Gov’t’ Heading For ‘Utopian Tyranny’
“a Post-Constitutional government” heading into tyranny.

More States Accept VIPR Teams: Infowars Nightly News
The effort by the DHS and the TSA to expand their operations beyond airports continues.

Poll: Ron Paul 3rd Party Bid Could Transform 2012 Election
Paul/Ventura ticket would pose greater threat than Ross Perot’s 1992 campaign.

Ron Paul Second Only To Romney In Obama Match Up

Washington Post Advocates Mandatory EAS Alerts For Internet, Phones
Could it be possible for the Google logo to turn into an alert message?

Markets Are Melting In Response To Italy Implosion
Everyone is panicking. The Dow is off over 220, and the banks are getting smashed.

Visualizing Where The Pain Is: Summary Of Biggest Exposures To Italy

Gold Will Hit $2,400 Bubble: Jim Rogers
Gold has many years left on its bull run, but the precious metal will eventually reach a bubble, famed investor Jim Rogers told CNBC Wednesday.

Gold Over EUR 1,300 – On Way to ‘Infinity’ on Eurozone Contagion?

Herman Cain is a monster, says second woman
Karen Kraushaar, a US Treasury spokesman, was revealed as one of two women to have received five–figure payouts from the National Restaurant Association after complaining about Mr Cain in the 1990s.

Big Banks Plead with Customers Not to Move Their Money
Yes, The Big Banks DO Care If We Move Our Money.

Alex Jones: ‘Zuckerberg and Schmidt stole our privacy’
Authorities could be granted permission to secretly track global positioning system devices on everyday Americans.

Activist Keith Haley: FEMA Forcing ‘Flood Insurance’ on Low Income Americans
The federal government takeover of private property accelerates.

Using Fake Intelligence to Justify War on Iran
Threats directed against Iran have been ongoing for the last eight years.

‘Quiet’ Arab coalition supports attack on Iran
Experts say Mideast leaders are afraid to publicly support Iran attack, be branded as traitors siding with “Zionist entity.”

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi says Iranian bomb only exists in US policymakers’ heads

Pepe Escobar: Iran would be an excellent new field for predatory capitalism
The IAEA released a report claiming Iran conducted computer modeling that would only be relevant to nuclear weapons.

Iran moved nuclear material to bunker: U.N. watchdog

Obama’s New ‘Christmas Tree Tax’
Obama’s Agriculture Department today announced that it will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees.

Why a Dollar & Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed


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