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U.S. military official: We are concerned Israel will not warn us before Iran attack
U.S. officials are concerned that Israel will not warn them before taking military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, a senior U.S. military official said Friday.

Loose Cannon: Will Israel attack Iran?
Former Mossad Chief Halevy: Iran Attack ‘Will Impact Region For 100 Years’

REAL Capitalists Move Our Money from Big Banks to Credit Unions
Believe in Free Market Capitalism? Then Move Your Money!

Giuliani Claims Obama Responsible for OWS
More false right versus left theatrics from man billed as a 9/11 hero by establishment.

Occupy Atlanta Video: ‘US cops – shame on you!’

Justice Department seeks to pass rule allowing government officials to lie in response to FOIA requests
A powerful tool that allows ordinary citizens to obtain crucial information from government archives, the US Department of State (DOA) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is under attack.

Genocide: Canada Aboriginal Children Murdered
Kevin Annett discusses how thousands of indigenous children met a mysterious end.

Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels – 19 Statistics About The Poor That Will Absolutely Astound You
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty than they have ever measured before.

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Military option to deal with Iran is nearer: Israel’s Peres
President Shimon Peres added to a debate raging in Israel over whether to attack Iran, when he said on Friday that a military option to stop the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons was nearer.

Syria blasts US for ‘blatant interference’

US sources: Israel ministers who opposed Iran strike are now for it
American sources told Fox television early Sunday, Nov. 6 that all the senior Israeli ministers who were formerly against attacking Iran’s nuclear sites are now for it.

Israel’s Peres warns attack on Iran getting ‘closer’

Attack on Iran: Hitlerian Act of Aggression
Iran poses no threat to US national security.

Netanyahu’s ‘Winston Churchill’ Moment on Iran

Bank Transfer Day Signals Backlash
Customers plan to move their money in protest of new banking fees.

Are RBS And NatWest The First Victims Of “Bank Transfer Day”

Euro-Kaput: ‘Euro could be dead by end-November’
Greek PM George Papandreou is aiming to form a coalition government and push through an international bailout package.

Now the Union Jack is under attack as EU officials try to take us closer to a United States of Europe

Google spider technology now capable of cataloging, archiving comments made through Facebook
The days of internet anonymity are waning as the veil of privacy that used to accompany making comments on articles and blogs is a thing of the past.

Overpopulation Myth, Occupy Mao & More
Alex debunks the overpopulation myth as the planet surpasses 7 billion humans.

5.6 Magnitude Quake Rocks Oklahoma On Day Of Quakes – Nov 6

Video: Ventura Expresses Fury At TSA Court Ruling
Jesse Ventura tells reporters he has no more patriotism left after “cowards” tossed out his case against the TSA.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Skull & Bones, The Order at Yale Revealed
Charlotte Iserbyt breaks down the history of this secret order.


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