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Disgruntled Israeli Intelligence Chiefs Try To Stop Attack On Iran
The barrage of news concerning preparations for an attack on Iran came as a result of leaks made by disgruntled former Israeli intelligence chiefs who are trying to prevent the attack and remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office, according to reports.

Paper: Netanyahu Believes Mossad Insiders Leaked Iran Attack Plans
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Anarchist Vandals Taint Oakland OWS General Strike
Police have long record of using agents provocateurs to disrupt and discredit political movements.

Bernanke says Occupy Wall Street misunderstands Fed

REPORT: Greek Bailout Referendum Has Been Scrapped

The AP is reporting that, according to sources, the bailout referendum has been scrapped.

Ron Paul Fever at Zuccotti Park
I hear many names bandied about in Zuccotti Park, and not just at the fringes.

Ventura: Americans Should Riot If Ron Paul Excluded From Debates
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told the Alex Jones Show that Americans should riot in the streets if Ron Paul is excluded from the presidential debates if, as many expect, he ends up being the Libertarian Party candidate following the conclusion of the Republican nomination.

Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make – 14 New Ways That The Government Is Watching You
If you live in the United States today, you need to understand that your privacy is being constantly eroded.

NYPD Holds College Student in Jail for Three Days Because She Wasn’t Carrying ID

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears
Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning.

The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979
“If you lift up Khomeini’s beard, you will find Made In England written under his chin.”

US: no comment on ‘buzz’ of Israeli strike on Iran
The United States declined Wednesday to respond to “buzz” or “rumors” in Israel.

Haaretz poll: Israelis evenly split over attacking Iran

Greece gets ultimatum: accept austerity plan or forgo extra bailout cash
Greece will get no more money from the European Union and International Monetary Fund until its people have voted to accept the austerity measures.

‘Let Eurozone collapse! Greeks, get out now!’
Papandreou on Brink as Government Loses Majority

Raw Milk Freedom Riders – The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized
Protesters for food freedom drive to the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland in actions directed against FDA regulation.

Homeland Security streetlights include surveillance cameras and loud speakers
As part of a federally funded project, public street lights will soon have the ability to record conversations.

Fukushima: “Far From Any Stable Shutdown”
Radioactive xenon has been detected at the Fukushima nuclear plant, indicating that nuclear reactions are still occurring.

Occupy Wall Street Seeks Global Warming/UN Accord
Adbusters is calling for a global decentralized protest movement that will focus on, of all things, global warming.

Really? TSA Says It Will Study Body Scanner Radiation Risks
TSA head John Pistole told a Senate homeland security committee hearing Wednesday that the agency will conduct its own research into the safety risks associated with full body scanners currently in use in almost all major airports in the U.S.

IAEA Report Concludes Iran Making Nukes
“The facts will make any other conclusion implausible.”

US drone raids kill over 120 in 2 days
At least 127 people have been killed in separate US assassination drone strikes in Somalia and Pakistan.

“Intellistreets” Street Lights: Big Brother Intrusion
The devices are also set to aid the Department of Homeland Security by displaying “security announcements.”

Former Governor Ventura Talks Paul/Ventura Ticket
Ventura said Ron Paul is handling his run “brilliantly” and he is the only candidate that makes sense.

Bookmaker bets Greece will exit euro by end of 2012
Bookmaker William Hill offered odds of 4/6 Thursday that Greece will cease to use the euro by the end of 2012.

SAS squads based in riverside bunker for London Olympics
SAS squads will be based in a secret riverside bunker by the Thames for the London Olympics to combat terrorist threats more effectively.

Report: US topsoil contains levels of radioactive cesium up to 10,000 percent higher than previously believed
Few in the mainstream media are talking about it these days.

Get in line or get out of the eurozone, EU tells Greeks as Cameron warns of ‘global storm’ threat to Britain’s economy
Greece woke up this morning to a deepening crisis as its finance minister broke ranks with Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Max Keiser Goes Off on Greek Analyst: Calls Him a “Terrorist Sympathizer”
Global stock markets have plunged over Greece’s shock announcement that it would hold a referendum on an EU bailout deal.

The Next Stage of the European Debt Crisis; Towards Global Financial Collapse?

15 Trillion Dollars In Debt, 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps And Zero Solutions On The Horizon
How does a country end up 15 trillion dollars in debt?

Ventura: Safety is Called Freedom
Alex talks with former Minnesota governor, Navy SEAL veteran, and television and radio host Jesse Ventura.

America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam
The United States government and military revels in death and pornographic intimidation.

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: Preparing for The Final Battle
Alex talks with the founder, main songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Megadeth, Dave Mustaine.

Idiotic Black Bloc Anarchist Provocateurs Turn ‘Occupy Oakland’ Violent
During the Oakland General Strike on November 2nd, 2011.


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