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CNN Reports Growing Outrage Against Porno Scanners
The Drudge Report,, Prison, and the alternative media have forced CNN and the corporate media to cover this issue.

Airport ‘pat-downs’ cause growing passenger backlash
‘Naked scanners’: Lobbyists join the war on terror
Hero Pilot Opposes Naked Body Scanners
Airport security: Government in our pants
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U.S. Pushes China for Yuan Appreciation Before Hu’s January Visit to Obama
The U.S. called on China to let the yuan rise before President Hu Jintao’s planned January trip to Washington, setting a deadline for results after Group of 20 leaders failed to reach a broad agreement on currencies.

Obama’s Claiming More Power Over Americans Than King George III, Says Virginia Attorney General
The federal government has been forced to respond to the accelerating backlash against new TSA measures which have outraged the nation, with TSA Administrator John Pistole and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano set to meet today with executives from the travel industry and heads of pilot associations.

Naked body scanners may be dangerous: scientists
US scientists warned Friday that the full-body, graphic-image X-ray scanners that are being used to screen passengers and airline crews at airports around the country may be unsafe.

Germany Was Right When It Called Our Financial Policy “Clueless”
It’s never a good thing when another country calls your financial policy clueless. It’s particularly bad if that other country is one of the world’s leading economies, and if it also happens to be right.

Opposition to U.S. trial likely to keep mastermind of 9/11 attacks in detention
Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, will probably remain in military detention without trial for the foreseeable future, according to Obama administration officials.

Ed Schultz: How About a ‘Decency’ Law That Controls What You Can and Can’t Say
A treasure trove of race hysteria and totalitarianism.

School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
13-year-old Cody Alicea rides with an American flag on the back of his bike. He says he does this to be patriotic and to honor veterans, like his own grandfather, Robert. He’s had the flag on his bike for two months but Monday, was told to take it down.

Electronic Privacy Information Center sues TSA over naked body scanner privacy violations
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is proceeding with a lawsuit against the TSA over its use of naked body scanners. Filed in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, EPIC’s lawsuit asks for the courts to halt the US government’s use of naked body scanners altogether.

CBS News: Obama’s G-20 Performance an ‘Embarrassing Disappointment’
President Obama arrived at the G-20 economic summit confident that his free trade agreement with South Korea was in the bag. But as Chip Reid reports, the president walked away empty-handed after South Korea refused to open its market to U.S. automobiles.

Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan
KABUL- President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday that the United States must reduce the visibility and intensity of its military operations in Afghanistan and end the increased U.S. Special Operations forces night raids that aggravate Afghans and could exacerbate the Taliban insurgency.

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says
A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad.

The Economy Will Not Recover Until the Economic Criminals are Prosecuted, and There Are Real Investigations Into 9/11 and Other Government Failures
Trust is essential for a stable economy; Trust is currently at an all-time low; Launching criminal prosecutions and real investigations is one of the main prerequisites for an economic recovery.

Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered as he could not have taken overdose
Police have been urged to start a murder inquiry into Dr David Kelly’s death following further allegations that he did not commit suicide.

The climate change scare is dying, but do our MPs notice?
Nothing more poignantly reflects the collapse of the great global warming scare than the decision of the Chicago Carbon Exchange, the largest in the world, to stop trading in “carbon” – buying and selling the right of businesses to continue emitting CO2.

Bernanke’s worst nightmare: Ron Paul
Ben Bernanke has had his hands full since his first day on the job as Federal Reserve chairman nearly five years ago. It’s about to get even tougher.

Texas officials covered up dangerously radioactive tap water for decades
For more than 20 years, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under-reported the amount of radiation found in drinking water provided by communities all across Texas. As a result, health risks to people consuming the water have been underestimated in many water systems where radioactive contaminants are present.

Here’s How to Stop Market Manipulation and Show Too Big To Fail Banks Like JP Morgan Who Is Boss
Leading economists and financial experts say that our economy cannot recover until the too big to fails are broken up.



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