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Did Harry Reid Steal Nevada?
A serious investigation into potential vote fraud needs to be launched immediately in Nevada, after incumbent Harry Reid beat Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle by a clear five points, despite pre-election polls showing Angle four points ahead, amidst suspicious evidence of vote flipping and other dirty tricks on behalf of the Reid campaign last week that were dubbed “criminal” by Angle’s campaign attorney.

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Schultz Urges Boehner To Protect Obama From Impeachment, Just As Pelosi Did With Bush
As the election results came in Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz just wanted to know if soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) would move to impeach President Barack Obama.

GOP likely to urge Obama officials not to shred documents

US Politicians Put China in Crosshair
US-based global corporations have been shifting their business to China and off-shoring millions of jobs to the region due to their extremely low worker wages. Americans are already pre-disposed to blaming China because of the media and political jargon. US politicians have been conveniently been shifting blame for unemployment from themselves to China with political ads during the current midterm election season.

Rand Paul Promises To Challenge GOP Establishment
On the same day that he swept to victory in the Kentucky Senate race, Rand Paul immediately contradicted doubters who warned that he would compromise and begin to support neo-con political policies by promising to challenge the GOP establishment while also working to cut the bloated US defense budget.

EXCLUSIVE: Witness: Same New Black Panther; Same Polling Place; Same Polling Threat!
Jerry Jackson, the same New Black Panther member who intimidated voters in 2008 back at the same polling station, allegedly instructs voter to vote straight Democrat, then proceeds to threaten same voter.

America’s yuan big problem
Former Reagan Administration official Paul Craig Roberts writes, “now that a few Democrats and the remnants of the AFL-CIO are waking up to the destructive impact of jobs off shoring on the US economy and millions of American lives”.

Glenn Beck: Federal Reserve “May Help Us” By Printing Money
AIG Dips Into Bailout Fund Again, This Time to Repay New York Fed

Al-Qaeda Videos (Produced By Pentagon) Used As Backdoor To Internet Censorship
A British government minister has urged the US to order American websites hosting al-Qaida videos to remove them.

How the 2010 election results will affect health care and health freedom
In what appears to be a broad backlash against Obama-era policies, U.S. voters swept Republicans into office in record numbers in last night’s election. As of this writing, Republicans had clearly taken the House but failed to win a majority in the Senate. This effectively ends the Democratic super-majority alignment among the House, Senate and White House.

War Is Sold Just Like Soda or Toothpaste
White House chief of Staff Andrew Card famously said – in explaining why the Bush administration delayed until September 2002 to make its case for war in Iraq: “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.”

Chemtrails – The List of Patents For Stratosperic Arial Spraying Programs!
For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of ‘chemtrails’, please take a minute to read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear folks.

The Fed No Longer Cares About Hiding The Fact It Is Killing The Dollar
A number of prominent figures within the financial world are warning that a second round of quantitative easing, expected to be announced today by the Federal Reserve, will have disastrous consequences for the US dollar and the global economy.

Can Establishment Republicans Tame the Tea Party Fire?
Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who famously quipped “we need to pass the bill so we can see what is in it,” is no longer speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. On Tuesday, American voters swept out the Democrat majority and replaced it with a fresh crop of Republicans. Ohio Republican John Boehner will now become the third most powerful person in the government.

DeMint: Establishment Will Try To Buy Off Tea Party Candidates

Saxo Bank Joins Chorus Of Voices Calling For End Of The Federal Reserve
Following the recent surge in Fed critics, including Gross, Buffett, Grantham, and most other self-respecting economists, Saxo Bank’s John J. Hardy shares the most recent, and very scathing, critique of the Fed, which essentially calls for the end of the US central bank, saying the days of the Fed are now numbered.

‘Greenest President Ever’ trip to India has a carbon footprint bigger than the citizens of many US cities
Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, wrote in January 2010 on the Huffington Post that President Barack Obama was “The Greenest President Ever“. Weeellll….maybe not. You see, today we have these headlines…

MSNBC Statists Fearmonger About Rand Paul Causing “Worldwide Depression”
MSNBC statists, including Olbermann and Maddow, are noticeably crestfallen at Rand Paul’s victory, yet despite the election being over they continue to relentlessly attack him, this time by fearmongering about his views on lowering the US debt and ludicrously threatening that Rand Paul alone could cause a “worldwide depression” and global anarchy, with governments collapsing left, right and center.

Rand Paul: ‘We’ve Come to Take Our Government Back!’
WSJ: Rand Paul victory ‘sends Fed critic to Senate’
Boehner to Obama: ‘Change Course’
Rand Paul Promises Fiscal Sanity
Ron Paul Wins Easy Re-Election to U.S. House

The Federal Reserve Is Holding A Conference On Jekyll Island To Celebrate 100 Years Of Dominating America
The Federal Reserve is going back to Jekyll Island to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the infamous 1910 Jekyll Island meeting that spawned the draft legislation that would ultimately create the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Goodbye Pontiac – Yet Another Sign Of How Rapidly America Is Being Deindustrialized
On October 31st, 2010 Pontiac officially died. After 84 years and approximately 40 million vehicles sold, the Pontiac brand is no more.

Halloween Hangover: Ehrlich, Holdren, Hansen Unretracted
In the name of science, Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and James Hansen (et al.) have made doom-and-gloom predictions about business-as-usual in an attempt to shock humanity into immediate legislative action and lifestyle changes.

Greece suspends foreign airmail service after attacks
Greece has suspended international airmail for 48 hours after more than 10 suspicious packages were sent to targets in Greece and across Europe.

S.Korea navy fires warnings shots at N.Korea fishing boat
South Korea’s navy fired warning shots Wednesday to drive back a North Korean boat which was fishing illegally in southern waters amid high tension along the Yellow Sea border, military officials said.

New speed camera can catch drivers committing five offences at once
A speed camera designed to catch motorists committing up to five offences at the same time could be heading to Britain’s roads.



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