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Shocking UN Document Divulges Climate Cult Brainwashing
With the reverberations of climategate still echoing, it has now emerged that children are being greenwashed in public schools by being forced to sing climate cult ditties and hate their parents as part of a United Nations propaganda program aimed at capturing young minds, as the UN itself officially acknowledges the global warming mantra as a new religion.

Attention Lawyers! Make Millions Off Of Climategate Crooks

Search Engines Censoring ClimateGate?
A fantastic article written by Christopher Brooker of the London Telegraph exposing the climate change fraud rocketed to the very top of a Google News search for "global warming," only to disappear hours later.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online
Climate change data dumped
Al Gore confronted on ClimateGate in Chicago
NYT’s Krugman on ClimateGate: ‘Not a Single Smoking Gun in There’
ClimateGate scandal demonstrates intellectual protectionism of modern scientists
Vincent Gray on Climategate: ‘There Was Proof of Fraud All Along’
The Medieval Warm Period – a global phenomenon, unprecedented warming, or unprecedented data manipulation?

Michael Moore: ‘Mr. Obama, you do not know war’
Filmmaker Michael Moore urged President Barack Obama on Monday not to expand the war in Afghanistan, as Washington prepares to announce a surge of US troops in the conflict-torn nation.

Swiss cut minarets down to size
Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on minarets on Sunday, barring construction of the iconic mosque towers in a surprise vote that put Switzerland at the forefront of a European backlash against a growing Muslim population.

Truth Squad: 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses 9-11 Commission could not do its job
WeAreChangeLA’s Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Katy Kurtzman, Bruno Bruhwiler, Dan Noel, and Paul Wittenberger confront 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey about the 9-11 False Flag attack.

Senator Levin Perpetuates Lies About Afghanistan Invasion
Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, went on Face the Nation today and talked about Afghanistan.

The U.S. Could Have Killed Bin Laden in 2001 AND IN 2007

The Power to Tax Is The Power to Destroy
As if in response to last week’s TGIF, Ruth Marcus, Washington Post op-ed writer, tried to make a constitutional case for the individual health insurance mandate that Congress will surely pass before the year is over.

UAE markets suffer heavy losses
Reporter Associated with Bloomberg Lawsuit Against Federal Reserve Dies
What Happens to Citibank’s $8 Billion Loan to Dubai?
US Shoppers Spent Less Over Black Friday: NRF

Mark Dice Tries To Give Away One Ounce Gold Coin To Random People
Following on from his attempt to get people to buy a one ounce gold coin worth over $1150 for just $50, Mark Dice offers to give the coin away for free if they can guess the value to within 25%. The response is another indictment of dumb America.

MSNBC Cancelled Jesse Ventura For His Opposition To War In Iraq
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has revealed that he was effectively silenced for three years by MSNBC when the network cancelled his show in 2003 after learning that Ventura opposed the war in Iraq.

Global Warming Hoax
Global Warming is a Hoax. Christo takes a look at the other massive frauds of this decade that were perpetrated by the Washington and Corporate Establishment and Mainstream Media.

Who Funds The Warmists?
David Archibald on Climategate
Operation: Arrest the Crimatologists

Tea Party Co-Founder: Concept Has Been Hijacked By False Left/Right Paradigm
The co-founder of the modern day Tea Party political protests has slammed imitators of the concept, referring to them as “partisan political perverts”.

U.A.E. Removes Sunday London Times From Newsstands
The Sunday London Times newspaper was removed by authorities from shelves in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday amid intensive reporting of Dubai’s debt problems, an executive at the paper said.

Beijing official urges gold, crude-oil purchases amid pullback

20 Minutes WIth The President Winner
The winner of Charlie Sheen’s 20 minutes with the president competition followed by Charlie Sheen’s comments on the piece.

Saddam tribute station hits Iraq
IRAQIS turning on their televisions this weekend during the Muslim holiday of Eid have been surprised to be greeted by the face of Saddam Hussein.

ADL Criticized For Attack on ‘Paranoid’ Right
Two weeks ago the Anti-Defamation League released a 27-page report “Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies” in which it alleges that there exist a host of conspiracies against President Obama within various levels of the religious/conservative right.

FBI viewed intel provided by ultra-right radio host Hal Turner as ‘irreplaceable’: report

Taxpayers pay £1,600-a-week for family of ex-asylum seekers to live in luxury five-storey home
A Somali family are living in a luxury £1.8million five- storey house in central London funded by the taxpayer.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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