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Obama’s healthcare bill clears first Senate hurdle
Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill cleared a crucial hurdle last night when the Democrats secured the 60 votes needed in the US Senate allowing debate to begin on 30 November.

Lessons from Saturday’s vote
Call Your Senator, Demand Debate On HR 3590
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Cuba: military exercise braces island for US attack
Nearly 50 years after a botched US-directed invasion of Cuba, the communist nation said Saturday it is holding a military exercise next week to boost preparedness against any future US attack.

Forced labour and rape, the new face of slavery in America
In the Midwestern heartland, police are encountering a new social evil: trafficking, often involving women and children who are forced to work as prostitutes or unpaid labour; and the outcomes can be brutal.

New EU President Rompuy announces 2009 as “first year of global governance”
The new EU President, Herman Van Rompuy, has proclaimed 2009 as the “first year of global governance.”

Signs That Swine Flu Has Peaked
Although federal health officials decline to use the word “peaked,” the current wave of swine flu appears to have done so in the United States.

Fox News Poll: Worries About Safety of Swine Flu Vaccine Persist
Batch of H1N1 vaccine recalled for severe reactions

Questions Regarding The Fort Hood Massacre
By now, virtually everyone has read and reread the copious news accounts of the terrible shooting a few weeks ago at Fort Hood, Texas. This column will not attempt to add new details to what is already a highly scrutinized tragedy.

Is America Finally Starting to Stand Up To Wall Street?
Are the American people finally starting to stand up to Wall Street?

The Truth Behind China’s Currency Peg

END THE FED! SUNDAY Nov 22 – Nationwide Action Day
Get involved in ending The Fed Tomorrow!

Another Extremist Conspiracy Theory? The Elite’s Own Statements
Who’s the extremist? The Malthusian calling for world government to scale down human population or the one reporting on it?

Herman Van Rompuy: Europe’s first president to push for ‘Euro tax’
Herman Van Rompuy, Europe’s first president, is to join forces with the European Commission to push for sweeping new tax raising powers for Brussels.

Inhofe to Boxer – We Won, You Lost, Now Get a Life!
“This whole debate over global warming, I’m glad it’s done, it’s over, we won, you lost, get a life.”

Stolen e-mails reveal venomous feelings toward climate skeptics

Iraq report: Secret plans for war, no plans for peace
In the bitter aftermath of the Iraq invasion, Tony Blair was many times accused of sending British troops to war on a deceit.

The Road to Copenhagen part III: A “Planetary Regime” in the Making
The machine of mass media is working overdrive now that the Copenhagen summit is approaching. All major media outlets have by now obviously received their talking-points which have an strangely similar ring about them all across the board.

Wells Fargo Says It Doesn’t Have to Reserve Against Its Off-Balance Sheet Residential Exposure Because the FHA (Meaning the Taxpayers) Will Pay For It
A “conforming loan” is one that meets lending guidelines, including loan amounts as set by the government sponsored enterprises, such as Fannie as or Freddie.

Shadow Banking Topology

Britain’s new Internet law — as bad as everyone’s been saying, and worse. Much, much worse
The British government has brought down its long-awaited Digital Economy Bill, and it’s perfectly useless and terrible.

Some U.S. holiday terror?
Okay, call me crazy, paranoid, even “a conspiracy theorist.” Egads! But I heard it first on the news this morning. Then it flashed across my computer screen this afternoon in a story from the Washington Post.

U.S. Enlists Allies in New Surge
The Obama administration is in advanced talks with its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies for a coordinated rollout of a new Afghan war strategy, which U.S. officials hope will include a commitment by European allies to send several thousand additional troops.

Iran to launch largest aerial defense maneuver
Iran is scheduled to launch a large-scale joint aerial defense maneuver in an attempt to prepare itself for any potential attack against the country.

Ahmadinejad rejects threats, embraces talks


Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


July 13 - Gregory Seabrooke - $100
June 24 - David Kwon - $50
June 11 - Peter Keeley - $10
June 11 - James Gathings - $10
May 25 - Stefan Lisander - $200
May 15 - Barry John Bennett - $15


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