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Was Fort Hood Killer On Psychotropic Drugs?
Despite the fact that Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan was a psychiatrist, the media has failed to even raise the question of whether he was taking psychotropic drugs before he gunned down over a dozen of his colleagues during yesterday's tragic rampage, a hefty indictment of how the establishment rushes to blame politics, religion, gun rights, or any other factor for mass shootings in order to hide the direct link between such massacres and the use of anti-depressant drugs.

Just Like 9/11 Patsies, Qurans Immediately Discovered After Hasan Shooting
Fort Hood Shooter Information Not Adding Up
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

How Safe Is Your Safe-Deposit Box?
A “Good Morning America” investigation found some states aggressively seize property that isn’t really unclaimed and then use the money — your money — to balance their budgets.

Unemployment in U.S. Jumps to 10.2%, Payrolls Fall

Apple testing RFID-enabled iPhone?
A highly reliable source has informed me that Apple has built some prototypes of the next gen iPhone with an RFID reader built in and they have seen it in action.

Everything About Nidal Malik Hasan Screams "Patsy"
The Empire strikes back - right when when public support for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan sinks to all time lows, an anti-war Islamic extremist with links to suicide bombers goes on a shooting rampage at a U.S. army base, reinvigorating support for the war on terror and demonizing opposition to it as anti-American extremism. The scam would be believable if it wasn't so perfectly staged.

Why Does The U.S. Have An Empire In Asia?
The US government is now so totally under the thumbs of organized interest groups that “our” government can no longer respond to the concerns of the American people who elect the president and the members of the House and Senate.

As of yesterday, The Feds Changed the Rules
Something profound just happened to the way the Federal Reserve (Treasury et al) and the Bank of England are going to distribute national debt. What better place to but debt but a bullied domestic bank. Eventually the Federal Reserve/Treasury/Executive bank will force all domestic savings into zero return Treasury instruments. This is the only place where debt can be placed at this time.

Reed Apologizes for Glass Steagall Repeal, Building Citigroup

What’s really in that burger? E.coli and chicken feces both allowed by USDA
There are 14 billion hamburgers consumed each year in the United States alone. The people who eat those burgers, though, have little knowledge of what’s actually in them.

All schoolchildren may be vaccinated against swine flu
All healthy schoolchildren may be vaccinated against swine flu, the Department of Health revealed today, as it issued guidance on how to help pregnant women who catch the infection.

Students Have An Allergic Reaction To H1N1 Vaccination

H1N1 vaccines too little, too late; most people already exposed and immune
The Big Pharma frenzy over H1N1 vaccines has turned into a circus of hilarious medical quackery thanks to the fact that by the time the vaccines are available, most people will have already been exposed to the virus.

Remarks by Czech President Václav Klaus on Cap-and-Trade
Yesterday the Washington Times hosted a briefing, “Advancing the Global Debate over Climate Change Policy,” at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. The event featured four panels, one each for lobbyists, members of think tanks, Members of Congress, and foreign policy experts.

How Salacious Media Coverage Glorifies And Encourages Mass Shootings
The following video is satirical but it raises many good points about how salacious media coverage of mass shooting events actively encourages future mass shooting tragedies. This is especially relevant in light of today’s shootings in Orlando.

What Happened To The Accomplice Shooters?
Fox hosts want ’special screenings’ for Muslims in military

Two killed, six injured in Orlando shooting
Two people were killed and six injured by a gunman who opened fire in a high-rise office building in Orlando, Florida on Friday, local media reported.

Obama’s Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

Ukraine: Vaccine Ban Blamed For Sweeping Epidemic
The severity of the mystery epidemic in Ukraine has been blamed on a ban on flu vaccines that was imposed in September after a series of deaths, mostly of children, who had received the shot at government health clinics.

Swine-Flu Panic in Ukraine: Crisis or Political Ploy?
Ukraine’s flu outbreak shows signs of slowing

Vaccines for the rich! Wall Street gets H1N1 vaccine bailout while school children told to wait
News has now leaked that investment firms Goldman Sachs and Citigroup both received preferential H1N1 swine flu vaccines even while local clinics that treat school children had no supply.

Chomsky Confronted on 9/11
A 9/11 activist recently confronted Noam Chomsky on his previous, well-publicized disparaging remarks about 9/11 truth.

Web post by Fort Hood gunman Major Nidal Malik Hasan could shed light on motives
Investigators trying to understand why a US army psychiatrist launched into a shooting spree on a military base in Texas will be poring over an internet posting he is thought to have made comparing the sacrifice of Islamist suicide bombers and American military heroes.

Muslims fear backlash in wake of Fort Hood massacre
Counter-terror plans will be revised to reflect Fort Hood and Afghan attacks
Ft. Hood Massacre: Mass murderer vs. Terrorist vs. “American Muslim”

The Government is Patching the Barn Door Instead of Catching the Escaped Horses
If all of the horses are already out of the barn, fussing about how to patch the door to fill in a few cracks isn’t really very helpful.

Our terrorists
Once upon a time, the CIA trained, financed and supported Osama bin Laden and his mujahidin networks in Afghanistan to repel the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

ElBaradei: Inspectors found nothing worrying in Iran
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief says that UN inspectors have found “nothing to be worried about” in Iran’s latest nuclear facility.

Now Is the Time for Americans To Be Relentless
Americans should be experiencing “déjà vu all over again” as Congress prepares for another weekend incursion into their rights via another two-thousand page bill that must be voted on before anyone has had a chance to read it.

Ron Paul Undecided On 2012 Presidential Run
Following speculation by CNN and the L.A. Times last week that Ron Paul could be about to make an early announcement on a 2012 presidential bid, the Texas Congressman told the Alex Jones Show today that he was still undecided on whether to run.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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