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As Predicted, India Links Mumbai Attacks With Pakistan
As we predicted would happen in our early report yesterday, Indian government authorities are now blaming Pakistan for being behind the ongoing attacks in Mumbai, providing a perfect pretext for expanded U.S. military aggression against a country that is also a target for President elect Barack Obama.

• Sophisticated Attacks, but Al Qaeda Link Disputed
Mumbai attacks: Jumble of tactics and targets seems to indicate a homegrown Indian outfit
Citizen journalists told to stop using Twitter to update on Bombay attacks
FM: No Israelis in Mumbai Hospitals
Red Alert: Possible Geopolitical Consequences of the Mumbai Attacks
Mumbai Attacks Blamed On Al-Qaeda As Pretext For U.S. Military Response
Mossad behind the mass terror attack in Mumbai, India?
Bombay terror attacks: Did the Foreign Office fail to read the signs?
Mumbai: PM blames ‘outsiders’
Some hostages freed in Mumbai siege

Saying Cheese For More Effective Border Security
Facial recognition systems perform some very challenging tasks such as checking an individual’s photo against a database of known or suspected criminals.

Britain can’t afford ID cards
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Experts Warn of Food Shortages
The headline of an article on Bloomberg warns “Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots”.

Bangladesh has More Money Than The USA!
World stocks hit 2-week highs

Superman and Freedom
If man is really free, how can we account for his inability to fly, to travel through time, to leap across the ocean, for not being omniscient or omnipotent? In short, wouldn’t man have to be more like Superman to actually be free? Man is constrained in some ways, isn’t he? Is man really free then?

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MySpace Hoax Verdict Means YOU Could Go to Prison for Not Reading “Terms of Service”
Let's get the obvious out of the way: Lori Drew is a wicked, wicked woman who impersonated a 16-year-old boy in order to torment a teenage girl (Megan Meier) who killed herself after the fictitious boy broke up with her on MySpace.'

Mumbai Attacks To Be Linked To Obama Target Pakistan?
Coordinated attacks across Mumbai, India’s financial capital, which have killed up to a hundred people and injured hundreds more, are likely to be blamed on a terrorist organization linked to the Pakistani ISI, providing further justification for controversial U.S. bombings inside Pakistani territory and heightened rhetoric against Pakistan on behalf of President elect Barack Obama.

The fight against EU superstate comes to final battle in Czech Rep.
Perhaps some in U.S. would be interested in briliant arguments president Vaclav Klaus used yesterday against Lisbon Treaty (the clone of failed euroconstitution) before Czech Constitutional Court.

Robotics expert builds android twin to study the soul
A Japanese inventor’s latest creation is a robot double of himself.

Security Blanket: Western Democracy and the Strategy of Tension
The idea that a democratic government would deliberately create fake “extremist groups” then send them out to foment violence and terrorism — in order to discredit legitimate opposition to elite rule and to “justify” authoritarian powers — has long been derided in “serious” circles as that worst of modern heresies: “conspiracy theory.”

Microsoft Corporation Censors 9/11 Dissent
NY warns of possible al Qaeda attack
Michael Chertoff says False-flag Terrorism an Imaginary Threat - Philly 9/11 Truth

Iraqi Lawmakers Extend Agreement With U.S. Military for 3 Years
The Iraqi Parliament on Thursday approved a security pact that charts the way for the U.S. military to end its presence in Iraq eight years after the invasion by a U.S.-led coalition led to the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Four Killed in Blast Near U.S. Embassy in Kabul
Russia to complete Iran nuclear plant in 2009 -Tass
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Merkel criticises US over crisis
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, turned the tables on her international critics on Wednesday by accusing the US and other governments of making “cheap money” a central tool of their economic management, thus planting the seeds of a similar crisis in five years.

Citigroup bailout slammed by New Yorkers
As Loan Rates Fall, Borrowers Seek ‘Taste of the Bailout Pie’
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How Will Bernanke Fit Into Obama’s Economic Plans?
As President-elect Barack Obama continues to name members of his economic team, it raises the question of where Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke fits into the plan.

Russia building ‘Berlin Wall’ in Georgia: FM
Georgian Foreign Minister Eka Tkeshelashvili said Wednesday that Russian forces were erecting a “Berlin Wall” as part of a campaign to cut off rebel regions from the rest of the country.

Russia-Venezuela talks bring energy, military agreements
Iran reports rocket launch amid tension

U.S. will not balance budget by 2012: White House
The U.S. government will not reach its goal of balancing the federal budget by 2012 because of the response to the global financial crisis, the White House said on Wednesday.

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Turley: By Refusing To Pardon Torture Officials, Bush Is Allowing Democrats To Repair His Legacy
Last night on MSNBC Rachel Maddow highlighted a report from the Wall Street Journal that said that President Bush is unlikely to pardon any officials involved in engineering or executing the Bush administration’s torture program.

Expert: Tenet, Gonzales, Rumsfeld could get ‘preemptive pardons’

Terrorists could strike Britain by infecting country with bird flu
Terrorists could strike Britain by infecting the country with bird flu or Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a leading group of security experts has warned.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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