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Obama Ready To “Rule” According to Transition Team Leader
Valerie Jarrett, Co-Chair of the Obama transition team, appeared on Meet the Press this weekend and used the phrase in describing the working model for the transition between the Bush administration and the new Obama regime.

Obama Mania
Agenda disappears from Obama Web site
Continuity Trumps Change
Brzezinski: Obama may be tested
No British troops for Obama ’surge’
Obama’s ‘Hate Bill’ Steals Right to Free Speech
Rahm Emanuel: attack dog, policy wonk, committed Jew
Obama transition team stresses ‘bipartisan’ aims
Planning under way for Obama national holiday
Obama set to push ‘big bang’ reform package

ACLU presses Denver to investigate events surrounding DNC arrests
The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado is renewing a call to the City and County of Denver’s Independent Monitor Richard Rosenthal to investigate events surrounding the actions of metro Denver police and possible agents provocateurs at a demonstration on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.

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De Menezes shot after suspect photos arrived late
The innocent Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, was shot dead after pictures of the real terror suspect arrived too late, an inquest heard today.

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Obama Website Scrubs Mandatory Community Service Call
Following a controversy over language that appeared on Barack Obama’s official website suggesting that Americans would be mandated to complete up to 100 hours of community service as part of a national service program, the original text has been memory-holed and replaced with a more sanitized version.

CFR president predicts coups, genocide and terrorism to test Obama
Obama, Gun Control and the Cache
Getting Angrier and Ron Paul’s Cures
White House Gears Up For Bush-Obama Talks

Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours
“Australian PM Kevin Rudd - “Nuke strike would make 9/11 insignificant” and other weird warnings”

Russia’s President Medvedev proposes to re-democratize his country
NKorea warns of ‘ultra-hardline’ steps against Japan
Warning of new bin Laden attack

Truly inconvenient truths about climate change being ignored
Last month I witnessed something shocking. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was giving a talk at the University of NSW.

The Sun Shows Signs of Life

Government to Grant AIG New, Larger Bailout
The federal government today announced an expanded effort to bail out American International Group, including a partial government takeover of the company, as the troubled insurance giant disclosed massive losses over the past three months.

Fed Bailing Out World’s Banks
Fannie Mae Posts Record $29 Billion Quarterly Loss

CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply
Makers of Crestor now claim that people with normal cholesterol are also at risk for heart attack. Their study shows that if this group has a high level of hsCRP they lower their risk for heart attacks and arterial disease.

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Project For A New American Century 2.0
Matt Duss reports, “It looks like Bill Kristol may be making good on his threat to revive the Project for the New American Century.

Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse?
The October 2008 financial meltdown is not the result of a cyclical economic phenomenon. It is the deliberate result of US government policy instrumented through the Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board.

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans
Gordon Brown calls for new world order
Wall Street Could Slash 70,000 Jobs: Report

MPs seek to censor the media
Britain’s security agencies and police would be given unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, under proposals being discussed in Whitehall.

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We Must Push For Prosecution of Bush
I've previously argued that - now that Obama has been elected - there is no excuse not to try Bush, Cheney and the gang for war crimes committed in Iraq, war crimes committed with torture, and crimes involving spying on Americans and 9/11.

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs
A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death.

US military conducts a dozen secret strikes in four years: report
US special forces have conducted about a dozen secret operations against Al-Qaeda and other Islamic militants in Pakistan, Syria and other countries under broad war-waging authority given them by the administration of President George W. Bush, The New York Times reported on its website.

‘Bush OK’d intel operations in Iran’

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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