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Debunkers can scoff and chuckle all day long when a celebrity uses their public prominence to talk about 9/11 truth, but when a 20-year decorated CIA veteran says that the evidence points to 9/11 being an inside job, dismissive hand waving and off-the-cuff ad hominem attacks on credibility aren't so easy to justify.


Just 25% of Irish voters support EU Reform Treaty

Brian Haw: “9-11 was an inside job”


Former NFL Star Latest To Question 9/11 Official Story
Is The Dollar's Fall Spiraling Out Of Control?
Memos Prove Rumsfeld Directed Psychological Terror Campaign
Framing The Truth Movement As Terrorists
"War Criminal" Ex-MI6 Head Dearlove Confronted At Event
Ron Paul's Odds Drastically Slashed

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PC World: Deluge of spam may have been sent by someone trying to make Ron Paul look bad by associating him with spamming

Censoring Paul - Why the rEVOLution will not be televised.

'Blank check' seen headed Bush's way, despite Democratic promises to change course in Iraq

Top US legal adviser refuses to rule out 'torture' technique

Al Qaeda is major threat to EU: anti-terror chief

Conyers to file contempt report; says White House has one last chance

Ron Paul: Leader of The Pack

Those Minot Nukes

Gore: Don't give equal time to someone who believes the earth is flat

Former NFL Star Latest To Question 9/11 Official Story

Britons 'squeezed out of workforce by foreigners', says Treasury

CNN: Price of Iraq war 10 times pre-war predictions

Giuliani: I Used ‘Very Aggressive,’ ‘Intensive’ Interrogation Techniques

A Look at Rights Suspended in Pakistan

No evidence of Iranian nuclear-weapons program, experts say

Big Brother UK: Police now hold DNA 'fingerprints' of 4.5m Britons

The Housing Crash, Suburban Sprawl and the Crisis of the American Middle Class

US Takes More Steps Toward War With Iran

Pilot Who Dropped the A-Bomb Didn’t Know Japan Wanted To Surrender

The neocons' crazy dream of World War III

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims


The Alex Jones Report November 5th, 2007



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