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Last Updated: Tuesday 29th November, 2005, 04:01 GMT

American Police State: The Frog Has Cooked
Miami police have announced that they will be conducting random sieges of buildings, checking ID's, riding trains and buses and carrying out "shock and awe" tactics. The Miami model is the benchmark for the new American police state.

Should Marine Ritual Abuse Surprise Us?

The Ministry Of Defence has described these events captured on film last May as "a bit of fun that got out of hand". Where have we heard that before? Were they "just letting off steam" as Rush Limbaugh would say?

Video': Contractors Randomly Shoot Iraqi Drivers Dead
Alex Jones made the comment on his radio show today that this is nothing new. Alex remembers seeing regular troops randomly mowing down Iraqis as they fell dead out of their cars on the highway. This was casually shown on Fox News during the invasion of Baghdad.



Miami police to check ID's
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US attempted to plant WMD
Buchanan: More indictments
Met 'welcomes' Menezes inquiry
French quizzed on Di's death
US concerned by Spanish military sales to Venezuela
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The Grave Threat of the Bush Administration: It will be diverting to watch the propagandists at Fox "news" flip-flop with the White House line and explain that now is the time to cut and run after all.

Red, White, and Blue Dawn: Depicting a near-future Soviet invasion of the United States, the film followed the struggle of a group of young Coloradans against the forces of occupation.

Ludicrous al-Qaeda Plot to Kill Saddam Judge: In 1990, Osama bin Laden called for jihad against Saddam and asked the Saudi government for permission to send jihadists to Iraq to overthrow the dictator.

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