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Mall Security Gets Terrorism Training

"If they're carrying a bag, look for that white-knunckle grip," Patrick Chagnon, a Connecticut State Police detective and national counterterrorism instructor, tells the class as the Buckland Hills mall bustles with holiday shoppers carrying bags and boxes of all sizes.

>> Further Evidence Of Mass Graves Of US Soldiers In Iraq

>> Al-Zawahri Vows to Keep Fighting U.S.

>> Experts Call for New World Body to Fight Global Terrorism

>> Ukraine's eastern region to hold referendum on autonomy

>> Hospital in Germany Treats 21,000 GIs

>> Bush assassination allegation begins to crumble

>> Cold Canadian shoulder expected for Bush

>> Seven dead as Blackhawk crashes in Texas: officials

>> Anti-Schwarzenegger Website Gets Support

>> Big Brother TV Show To Make EU Superstate 'Cool'

>> Dollar firms on intervention prospects

>> Ukraine President Endorses New Election

>> EU, NATO warn against break-up of Ukraine

>> Arab Television 'Confirming' General Mark Kimmitt as Killed in Action

>> Bush Nominates Cuban-Born Gutierrez to Commerce

>> US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev

>> The Yushchenko Mythos

>> IMF Sponsored "Democracy" in The Ukraine

>> Are New World Order Proponents Traitors Or Just Misguided?

>> Was Jesus Born on December 25?

>> Christmas Less About Christ, More About Consumerism

>> The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

>> The Bush Air Crash and the Kerry Pay-off

Why Not Just Come Straight Out With It


>> Freedom Of Speech: Use It or Lose It

>> Military recruiters target schools strategically

>> Hope Lies In The Proles

>> Kean Threatens More Terror if no 9/11 Police State Bill

>> Blair presses case for ID cards

>> Airport searches are way out of line

>> Maryland Governor Says He Intended Ban on Reporters to Have 'chilling Effect'

>> US Building Big Army Base Near Iran Border

>> Russia’s secret moves against Iran at IAEA revealed

>> US Official: Taiwan Vulnerable To Chinese Technology Sabotage

>> Russia Successfully Tests Anti-Missile Defense — Minister

>> Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile amid peace moves with India

>> Pensioner refuses PIN - and is told to bank elsewhere

>> Abizaid Calls for Internet Controls

>> Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some

>> Setting protections on human ID chips

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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VeriChip RFID Implants in Mexican Attorney General's Office Overstated

News reports earlier this year indicated 160 employees in the Mexican Attorney General's Office had been implanted with Verichip RFID devices. New information indicates that only 18 individuals received the device, said Katherine Albrecht, Founder and Director of CASPIAN.

Poll Results Aren't the Real Issue: Ukraine and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry

The clash over Ukraine between Presidents Bush and Putin is not one pitting "freedom" vs. "dictatorship," or capitalism vs. something else, as the neocons might have us believe.

One of our readers didn't beat around the Bush with his represetation of what the Orlando Bush billboards really mean for America.

>> OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

>> The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control Of America

>> Care Givers, Care Takers

Bush Prepares For Troop Pullout By 2006

Those close to the administration said the White House envisions the start of a troop pullout in late 2005.

Ukraine: A Falling Out Among Thieves

The bankrolling of the 'pro-Western candidate' Yushchenko can largely be traced back to George Soros, the World Bank and the IMF. He also has widespread support amongst the Neo-Cons, including the Bush administration.
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