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Woman Who Had 2nd Baby To Protest China One Child Policy Tortured In 'Re-Education Camp'

"HRIC's sources say camp police bound Mao's wrists and ankles with leather straps, and then proceeded to pull her limbs in separate directions, while demanding that she acknowledge wrongdoing."

>> US Aiding Zarqawi Terrorists To Prevent Shia Power Base?

>> Economic 'Armageddon' predicted

>> Ukraine on brink of 'civil war'

>> Pro-western candidate Yushchenko poisoned?

>> Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School

>> Ruble Hits 4-Year High Versus Dollar

>> Doctor: Exhume Arafat's body

>> US high school locked down after stabbings

>> Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians

>> Dollar Sinks to New Low Against Euro

>> Judge rejects swift Ohio recount

>> AG nominee member of La Raza

>> Ukraine Commission Declares Yanukovych Winner

>> Revolution in Ukraine

>> El Al to fit anti-missile system

>> US Marines Open Letters with Caution

>> Militants Film Explosion of US Tank in Mosul (VIDEO)

>> No child left unmedicated

>> The Education President Strikes Again

>> The Incredible Presidential Hulk

>> If You Can't Read the Signs, Get Off the Road

>> War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

Dollar's A Joke


>> CIA Researching Automated Chat Room Spying

>> 'British 9/11' Alert Looks Increasingly Like It Was Faked For Political Effect

>> Judge calls for UK DNA database

>> UK Government To Make Every Offence Arrestable

>> Attempt to stop mandatory mental screening fails

>> Hain accused of playing politics with terror

>> Congress Funds Mandatory Psychological Tests for Kids

>> U.S. aware of Venezuelan coup plot in '02, CIA documents show

>> Israel rebuffs Syrian peace overture

>> Bush demands thousands more spies for CIA

>> Airlines Cough Up Passenger Data

>> Homeland Security ads urge parents to talk terrorism

>> China, Say Hi To The Eye In The Sky

>> RFID Ushering in Age of Sensors

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Blunkett’s sinister plan to create a database state

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett will be attacking our civil liberties even more ferociously over the coming months. And his proposed identity card scheme lies at the centre of these attacks.

The Consequences Of Surrendering Liberty To Government Security

His story is a warning for what the rest of us face if Congress enacts National ID card legislation that is now on a fast track to passing as the result of massive pressure to fully implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. Listen carefully, America. This is your future.

Bush finds it funny.

>> Animal Farm

>> New American Century

>> I'm White

CIA confirms North Korea nuclear test threat

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has confirmed North Korea threatened to test its long-range nuclear weapons, the Kyodo news agency said Wednesday.

Clear Channel cedes responsibility for ‘Bush: Our leader’ billboard to local market

It appeared to confirm that Clear Channel did indeed place the billboard in question, which carries a smiling photograph of President George W. Bush with his name and the words “Our leader.”
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