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Congress Funds Mandatory Psychological Tests for Kids

One of the nation's leading medical groups, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS), decried a move by the U.S. Senate to join with the House in funding a federal program AAPS says will lead to mandatory psychological testing of every child in America – without the consent of parents.

>> Saddam lives like a king, is served two gourmet meals a day

>> North Korea Says 'Gassing' Allegations Are Smear To Justify War

>> Twentysomethings Trust Fake News Over Mainstream Media

>> Jet got low-altitude warning before Houston crash

>> Dollar hits fresh low against euro

>> Iraq minister brands Al-Jazeera a 'terror channel'

>> Iraqis narrow the search for militant leader

>> Malnutrition Rate Among Iraqi Children Doubles Under US Occupation

>> Hassan wife says tape may not be genuine

>> South Bend Firm's Lab Fired After
Questioning Federal Probe

>> Confusion As US Troops Raid Wrong Homes

>> News Agencies Confirming Mujahideen Control Most of Fallujah

>> Mega-Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward For Scientific Proof WTC Towers Collapsed As Bush Administration Claims

>> Suit seeks Ohio presidential recount

>> Oil Back to $50 on Heating Oil Worries

>> U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq War Tops 9,000

>> US Warns of Punitive Steps if Ukraine Election Dispute Is Not Resolved

>> UN: 150 Sex Abuse Charges in Congo Peacekeeping

>> Updated with video: 1993 'Demolition Man' Movie: Schwarzenegger As President

>> Tower of Infamy


Animal Farm


>> New Freedom Initiative/Manadatory Mental Health Screening of American Children Passes

>> Suicide pigs fly to support Blunkett's War on Terror

>> Security services play down 'terror plot'

>> Lawsuit: NYC Created 'Guantanamo' at RNC

>> Women Upset by Intrusive Airport Frisking

>> Russian troops reported in Ukraine capital

>> US mistreats Iraq civilians: journalist

>> ID card scheme unveiled by Queen

>> Blunkett Denies Queen's Speech Climate of Fear

>> National identity database to be created

>> USA Patriot Act II would make news gathering a crime

>> Mysterious ‘George W. Bush: Our leader’ Clear Channel political public service billboard graces Orlando freeway

>> Bill Could Criminalize Fast-Forwarding DVD Ads, Trailers

>> Japan to make Patriot 3 missiles for domestic deployment

>> More US, Iraqi troops to be deployed in Iraq ahead of election

>> US-led forces in huge offensive near Baghdad

>> China, Say Hi To The Eye In The Sky

>> RFID Ushering in Age of Sensors

>> 'Big brother' cameras won't make schools safer

>> Shhh ... Do You Hear Gunfire?

>> Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Homeland Security ads urge parents to talk terrorism

Between spoonfuls of cereal, a little girl in pajamas looks across the kitchen table and innocently asks her mother some chilling questions: "What if something happens? Should I stay where I am and wait for you?"

A Cemtrail(s) a Day Keeps the Sunshine Away

After spending about an hour or so shopping we walked across the parking lot to our car, and were stunned. There were contrails everywhere! Some crossed over other trails leaving at least three large “X’s” in the sky.

Everyone must have integrity apart from those that say everyone must have integrity.

>> New American Century

>> I'm White

>> Hello Alberto!

Hawks push regime change in N Korea

That the hawks back in Washington are indeed mobilizing became clear on Monday when William Kristol, an influential neo-conservative who also chairs the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), faxed a statement titled "Toward Regime Change in North Korea" to reporters and various "opinion leaders" in the capital.

Arnold Another Reagan? Asks AOL

Notice the poll numbers in favor of Schwarzenegger are increasing as the media lavishes never-ending coverage on the 'Amend for Arnold' campaign.
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