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Britain: Arrest Without Committing a Crime, No Juries

The government is considering new tough anti-terrorism laws to prevent an al Qaeda attack including plans to target suspects even if they have not committed an offence, Home Secretary David Blunkett will say today.

>> Gov.'s World Tour May Be a Presidential Campaign Trail

>> Bush Pulls Top Bodyguard From Scuffle

>> Death Toll at 53 in China Plane Crash

>> Air Force Coach to Remove Christian Banner

>> Arab Media Reporting 25 American Soldiers Die in Car Bomb Attack

>> Flight imbound to Washington from France Diverted

>> Rules of War Are Ignored in Iraq, Says Red Cross

>> Iraq sets election day

>> House Republican revolt hands Bush surprise defeat on intelligence overhaul

>> French 'decapitated' protestors

>> Rumsfeld showing no signs of leaving

>> Officials: CIA memo not an order to 'back Bush'

>> Los Angeles Talk Show Hosts Find Killing American Troops Funny

>> Head of Movement to Amend Constitution For Schwarzenegger Soft-Peddles Arnold's Nazi Links, Drug Use, Sexual Harrassment

>> Tens of Thousands of Votes Lost, Stolen, Miscounted

>> When fascism comes . . .

>> CIA shake-up too much like a political purge

>> On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operations

I'm White


>> Cops Taser 14-Year-Old Who Wouldn't Drop Game Boy

>> School official asks police to stop Tasers

>> Lawmakers Say Intelligence Bill Not Dead

>> Fear is the key as Blair apes Bush's victory plan

>> Anti-terror laws 'may go further'

>> Britain joins EU army

>> Anti-Bush protest at a trade summit in Chile turns violent

>> Police get power to search pupils at random for knives

>> US 'Star Wars' missiles will be in Europe in five years

>> Iran promises to suspend uranium enrichment

>> Pakistani PM expects "substantive dialogue" on Kashmir with India

>> U.S. Stands by Powell Comments on Iran Nuke Threat

>> MI6 agents drafted in to improve Gaza security

>> N.Korea Says Kim Portrait Reports a 'U.S. Plot'

>> Somebody's watching

>> "Smart Dust" may soon be watching you

>> Pilot program testing mileage tax

>> In Texas, 28,000 students test e-tagging system

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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'We could monitor you anywhere on Earth'

VeriChip says its microchip implants could save your life if you're kidnapped or rushed to hospital. But would it spell an end to privacy?

Have Evangelicals Abandoned Their Christian Convictions?

Whenever an elected official convinces the evangelical community that he or she is a Christian, the Religious Right will give that person unyielding support.

Now white people want to ape the culture that is destroying blacks.

>> Hello Alberto!

>> Fallujah

>> The Enemy Is Individuality

Bush warns Iran and North Korea

US President George W Bush is stepping up pressure on North Korea and Iran to abandon their nuclear weapons programmes.

Bush Renews Open Border Drive

President Bush renewed his support Sunday for changes to U.S. immigration law that would allow undocumented laborers to work legally.
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