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Rights a Victim of Terror War, U.S. Judge Says

A detainee at an internment camp near Parker, Ariz., during World War II, Tashima, 70, said that he feared history could repeat itself unless courts intervene. "It's happening all over again," he said, blaming the federal courts for failing to assert themselves during that war.

>> Fed Up With Fraud, Arizona Citizens Hit Polls to End Welfare & Vote Scams

>> Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

>> N.C. Computer Loses More Than 4,500 Votes

>> Growing Collection of Vote Fraud links: ATTN Global Media

>> Storm Troopers & Patriots

>> House Dems Seek Election Inquiry

>> Alleges Election Fraud

>> Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House in response to massive voter suppression and corruption

>> A winning team, a new world order

>> Iraq Declares State of Emergency

>> U.S. jets pound Fallujah as assault looms

>> Blair impeachment bid moves on

>> Blair, Bush to Meet as Middle East Issues Loom

>> Arafat has liver failure

>> World Net Daily Poll Shows Arnie Unpopular Choice For President

>> Abortion Remark by G.O.P. Senator Puts Heat on Peers

>> Ashcroft may be first of Cabinet chiefs to leave

>> Why Kerry Conceded Defeat despite Electoral Fraud

>> Henry Kissinger: Now, back to defining a new world order


>> Christians And Conservatives Can Go Back To Sleep Now, Because The Boogey Man Is Gone

Daily Show: International Responses


>> Patriot Act critic urges townspeople to speak out

>> War-protest crowd ranges from babies to "grannies"

>> Va. police beef up ranks with robots

>> Police to continue the use of Tasers

>> Draft agency files notice to request record matching with Department of Education

>> Man Dies After Police Use Stun Gun on Him

>> 57 Arrested in San Francisco Protest

>> Norway shuts down anti-Bush site

>> Iran nuclear stand boosted by China

>> UN nuclear chief rejects charges he has attacked Bush over Iraq

>> Iraq PM pleads for Europe's help

>> Post-election push on N Korea

>> EU Parliament Sets Nov. 18 Vote on Barroso's New EU Commission

>> EU 'triple axis' gangs up on Blair

>> Plane passengers shocked by their x-ray scans

>> School daypack features satellite tracking

>> Activists Slam Homeless Tracking

>> Vendors Push RFID To Consumer Cell Phones

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Licence-plate cameras to trap criminals

IRISH criminals, be warned: your number could soon be up. Gardai are planning to introduce new road cameras capable of scanning licence-plate numbers and matching them to people wanted for crimes.

Hello: You are now living in a fascist empire

What few people in America understand, despite the astute observations of millions of individuals around the world, is that we are living in an empire, and we are no longer living in a democracy.

Post-election responses are in from all over the world--not that 51% of Americans care.

>> Voting Machine

>> Bush-Bin Laden 2004

>> Blindfolds For Bush

Iran Says Provisional Nuke Pact Reached

Iran and European nations reached a provisional agreement over Iran's nuclear program at talks aimed at avoiding a U.N. showdown, but all parties involved still must approve it, Iran's chief negotiator said Sunday.

Private Company Still ‘Controls’ Election Outcome

What this means on Election Day is that ES&S, a private company, manages everything about the voting, from voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes and the final reporting of the results—for 60 million Americans in 47 states.
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