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Police defend current weapons

The recent death of a Boston Red Sox fan from a pepper spray pellet shot was extremely rare, area law enforcement officers said, adding they plan to continue use of similar weapons.

>> Staged Election: Several Republicans Win by Exact Same Amount of Votes

>> Whitewash: Bloggers Said to Blame for Bad Poll Info

>> Zogby concedes mistake

>> B'nai Brith official says Israeli state-sponsored terrorism justified

>> How Bush Refused Offers to Handover Bin Laden

>> Abbas visiting Arafat as health deteriorates

>> Mossad Suspected Of Systematically Killing 310 Iraqi Scientists

>> Website claims Al Jazeera has at least one unreleased Bin Laden tape, possibly two

>> Election 2004 Vote Fraud

>> Kerry concedes, Bush wins second term

>> Ex-Policeman Took Part in Beslan School Siege — Paper

>> A Mandate for War

>> The World Becomes Even More Bizarre

>> Don't Be American

Bush-Bin Laden 2004


>> 211 Congress members tried to fund coerced abortions in China

>> Liberal MP Compares Putin With Hitler

>> Journalist Arrested After Photographing Voting Lines

>> Navy seal: CIA beat Iraqis in Abu Ghraib

>> The Power of Nightmares Part II

>> Defense stocks surge after Bush win

>> Pakistan Protecting bin Laden

>> Bin Laden Spotted by Indian Air Force

>> Bush Win Sends Oil Near $51 a Barrel

>> Hungary to withdraw troops from Iraq by March 2005: prime minister

>> Russia to Sign Nuclear Deal With Iran in December — Report

>> Militants Claim Iraqi Officer Beheading

>> Truman Show becomes a reality

>> Investors ride approval of an implantable chip

>> Cost of ID card and passport rises to £85

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Germany's Metro begins shipping RFID products

Twenty suppliers have begun shipping their products on pallets marked with RFID (radio frequency identification) chips to more than 270 stores operated by Germany's Metro.

Regardless of which candidate won, America's darkest days are ahead

Regardless of the outcome of this election, 49% of this country now feels a burning hatred for 51% of this country, and vice-versa.
You knew it was all over when Bush added Bin Laden to his ticket.

>> Blindfolds For Bush

>> The Final Days

>> Jon Stewart Tells CNN Crossfire: You're Hurting America

US forces start bombing Fallujah rebels

US forces have stepped up pressure on suspected rebel targets in Falluja late on Wednesday, using AC-130 aircraft and tanks to strike eastern and north-western areas of the city, witnesses said.

Enter, Mr. Blackwell: Was He Bush's Trump Card In Ohio?

It was Blackwell who supposedly told Andy Card that there were not enough provisional ballots on tap to make up the difference between Kerry's count and a possible victory for Kerry. In other words, no need to actually tally those provisional ballots.
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