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Police defend current weapons

The recent death of a Boston Red Sox fan from a pepper spray pellet shot was extremely rare, area law enforcement officers said, adding they plan to continue use of similar weapons.

>> Paid Bush supporters cause uproar

>> 'We're Going to Win,' Bush Says

>> Indicators point to a cliffhanger US election: analysts

>> Bush Wins Vote in Tiny N.Hampshire Hamlet

>> Foreign monitors prepare to scrutinize voting in N.C.

>> US extends troops' time in Iraq

>> U.S. Newspapers See Further Readership Declines

>> Wal-Mart plans 10 new stores in China

>> Bush wins Colorado, 41-34 percent, except election hasn’t started yet!

>> Osama's Gift For Bush Backfires in Polls

>> Osama a boost for Bush?

>> Trade Towers Rescue Hero Files 9-11 RICO Suit

>> The Larry King-Cronkite Interview

>> Fight the NWO: Start a Website

>> The Gods Make Crazy

Blindfolds For Bush


>> 211 Congress members tried to fund coerced abortions in China

>> Liberal MP Compares Putin With Hitler

>> Journalist Arrested After Photographing Voting Lines

>> Navy seal: CIA beat Iraqis in Abu Ghraib

>> The Power of Nightmares Part II

>> 50 years of trip-wire weirdness end as US leaves Korean border

>> 'No al-Qaeda hand' in Egypt bombs

>> Speculators Bet on Kerry Win, Oil Falls

>> US prepares to activate missile defence system

>> American and 5 Others Kidnapped in Iraq

>> N Korean vessels enter S Korean waters

>> Nokia adds RFID to latest handsets

>> Applied Digital's Verichip goes prime time

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Some Poplar Bluff parents, students bristle at school ID badges

A new policy at Poplar Bluff High School requiring students to wear identification badges has prompted one parent to withdraw his children and some students to put stickers on their badges protesting the policy.

Osama Bin Laden? Media Ignores Absence of Proof

The mainstream media has presented the latest video of what is said to be Osama bin Laden as if there were no doubt or suspicions about WHO it is in the video.
Put your freedom plugs in your ears.

>> The Final Days

>> Jon Stewart Tells CNN Crossfire: You're Hurting America

>> Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republicans

N Korea warns South on sea spat

North Korea has accused South Korea of "grave provocation" after the South fired warning shots at its vessels.

Bush Wins Staged Skull and Bones Election

The fake Bin Laden tape that Dick Cheney described as 'a little gift' gave Bush just enough to push them over the edge in Florida and Ohio to retain the White House for another four years.
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