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Ex-CIA Spook Dewhurst Sabotaged Anti-TSA Bill For Obama Administration
The man who was instrumental in working with the federal government to sabotage a bill that would have made TSA grope downs a felony in the state of Texas was Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a former CIA agent and establishment insider considered to be the wealthiest man in Texas politics.

Libyan gold rush followed end to sanctions
Some of the world’s most sophisticated banks and investment firms rushed to do business with Moammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya after the United States rescinded the country’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism five years ago, according to an internal financial document obtained by The Washington Post.

Libya’s Gaddafi makes new ceasefire offer

Clashes in Georgia
Thousands of protestors have lashed out in Georgia against President Mikheil Saakashvili this week, and now demonstrations are leading to violence and arrests.

TEPCO investigates possible new leak
TEPCO will investigate the possibility of radioactive water leaking from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, while the Japanese Coast Guard continues to search for bodies. Nick Rowlands reports.

Rage Against The TSA: Protesters Storm Texas Capitol
Alex Jones' spontaneous decision calling on Texans to protest the government's egregious threat of a federal blockade if the Texas Senate passed an anti-TSA groping bill resulted in hundreds of protesters storming the Capitol in Austin yesterday afternoon.

Radio Host Storms Texas Capitol Over TSA Bill
Texans Take to Capitol, Demand Representatives Resist TSA Tyranny
Anti-TSA protesters storm through Capitol halls
Hundreds rally at Texas state capitol building to protest TSA threat to blockade Texas airports
Senate stirs pot with TSA groping bill, sanctuary cities
Congressman On Recent Flight: TSA Patted Down Child, Little Old Lady; Ignored Man In Arab Garb
TSA To Texas: Do It Our Way, or Drop Dead
In ruthless act of economic warfare, TSA threatens to make Texas a no-fly zone
Patrick blames Dewhurst for death of ‘anti-groping’ bill

Report: Over Two Thousand Six Hundred Activists Arrested in US Protests
Since President Obama was inaugurated, there have been over two thousand six hundred arrests of activists protesting in the US. Research shows over 670 people have been arrested in protests inside the US already in 2011, over 1290 were arrested in 2010, and 665 arrested in 2009.

Fukushima Reactor 1 Drywell Reading Hits All Time High 204 Sieverts/Hour
Remember Fukushima, the worst nuclear catastrophe in the last 20 or so years which soon will surpass Chernobyl in total radioactive emissions into the environment?

Chinese City Hit By Three Explosions
Three explosions in the southeastern Chinese city of Fuzhou killed two people and injured six, the official Xinhua News agency said. An unemployed person suspected of triggering the blasts was killed in the blasts.

The Anglo-American Military Axis: West Backs Holy Alliance For Control Of Arab World And Persian Gulf
The standard-bearers of Anglo-American imperialism in the current epoch, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, met in London on May 25 to discuss the world’s two ongoing wars of aggression, those in Afghanistan and Libya, both under the command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization dominated by Washington and London.

Sen. Rand Paul responds to accusation of supporting terrorists
Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) said in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday that questioning the constitutionality of the PATRIOT Act was not equivalent to supporting terrorists.

EPA RadNet radiation monitoring system exposed as poorly-maintained, improperly-calibrated failure
Following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011, many Americans turned to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) RadNet monitoring system for up-to-date information about radiation levels in the US.

European Union may ban plastic shopping bags
Following other California cities, including San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Barbara, Long Beach City Council is on the verge of enacting a citywide ban on plastic bags. Now, the European Union may follow suit.

Greenpeace warns of radioactive sea life off Japan
Environmental group Greenpeace warned Thursday that marine life it tested more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) off Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant showed radiation far above legal limits.

Climate Scientists Don’t Like Freedom of Information Laws
Freedom of information laws are being misused to harass scientists and should be re-examined by the government, according to the president of the Royal Society.

Privacy Group Sues Big Sis Over Secretive Mobile Body Scanners
Previously released Federal documents show that the Department of Homeland Security is actively moving to install radiation firing naked body scanners in all manner of public places, beyond the nation’s airports. However, the agency is refusing to release further details on the program.

Oregon Senator Reveals Secret Government Surveillance Grid

In an interview with Wired, Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, adds yet more confirmation to what many of us have known for years – the government has built a secret surveillance structure far more portentous and dangerous than anything devised by the PATRIOT Act now up for renewal.

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The Fed Does It Again: $80 Billion Secretive “Bank Subsidy” Program Uncovered, Providing Bank Loans At 0.01% Interest
Bloomberg’s Bob Ivry breaks news that between March and December 2008 the Fed operated a previously undisclosed lending program, whose terms were nothing short of a subsidy to banks.

US military warned of S.Korea, Japan cost overruns
A US government report warned Wednesday that the Pentagon was likely underestimating billions of dollars in costs for a controversial restructuring of bases in South Korea and Japan.

Consolidating US Money Power: The Four Horsemen of Global Banking
If you want to know where the true power center of the world lies, follow the money – cui bono. According to Global Finance magazine, as of 2010 the world’s five biggest banks are all based in Rothschild fiefdoms UK and France.

GATA urges Paul to probe Fed’s gold swaps; he tells CNBC he will
Now Get Ready To Suck Another $100 Billion Per Quarter Out Of The Economy

FBI investing in invasiveness of activists
According to the FBI, people scrawling with sidewalk chalk and even those attending documentary screenings of controversial films can pose a threat to Homeland Security.

Audit Report: Obama Administration Handed Out $24 Billion in Stimulus Money to Tax Cheats
Lawmakers from both parties are calling for a fix to prevent tax cheating companies from getting federal contracts in light of a government investigation that found $24 billion in stimulus act funds went to companies owing $757 million in unpaid taxes.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: We target government conspiracies, not governments
In a behind the scenes interview tape between WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and PBS Frontline’s Martin Smith, Assange claims that WikiLeaks’ mission is not to destroy the U.S. government, but to expose government cover-ups.

Research bees stolen from scientists trying to test effects of pesticides
A $3.3 million research project into colony collapse disorder (CCD), the phenomenon of honeybees mysteriously dying in droves, lost thousands of its test bees to thieves. Researchers at the Center for Neurosciences at Dundee University in Scotland, reported that the British black bees, contained in four hives, were taken on the morning of Sunday, May 8, 2011.

US to store passenger data for 15 years
The personal data of millions of passengers who fly between the US and Europe, including credit card details, phone numbers and home addresses, may be stored by the US department of homeland security for 15 years, according to a draft agreement between Washington and Brussels leaked to the Guardian.

Welcome To Hyperinflation Hell: Following Currency Devaluation, Belarus Economy Implodes, Sets Blueprint For Developed World Future
“A ‘91-style meltdown is almost inevitable.” So says Alexei Moiseev, chief economist at VTB Capital, the investment-banking arm of Russia’s second-largest lender, discussing the imminent economic catastrophe that is sure to engulf Belarus following the surprise devaluation of the country’s currency by over 50%, which we announced on Monday.

20 Questions To Ask Anyone Foolish Enough To Believe The Economic Crisis Is Over
If you listen to Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama and the mainstream media long enough, and if you didn’t know any better, you might be tempted to think that the economic crisis is long gone and that we are in the midst of a burgeoning economic recovery.




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