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White House Hires 'Terminator' To 'Squash Negative Stories' About Obama
I n a bid to 'squash negative stories' about Barack Obama that appear on the Internet, the White House has hired a dedicated propagandist whose role will be to savage people who tell "lies" about the President, in a chilling throwback to how prosecutors threatened people with jail time during the 2008 campaign if they criticized Obama.

Government Internet Takeover Continues Apace
Moves to place restrictions and controls on the internet by Western governments are gathering pace, with the US setting the standard as the Department of Homeland Security seized yet more domain names over the weekend and shut down several websites under the guise of piracy and copyright regulations.

Obamas arrive at Buckingham Palace
Pomp and ceremony as the US President and First Lady have been welcomed by the Queen and His Royal Virus the Duke of Edinburgh.

Cellphones may harm memory, pregnancy, brain cells — in rats, mice and rabbits. Maybe.
Steady exposure to the electromagnetic radiation given off by cellphones during use may disrupt fetal development, disturb memory and weaken the barrier that protects the brain from environmental toxins, says a welter of new research being presented this week in Istanbul, Turkey.

Researchers Say New Studies Confirm Cell Phone Hazards

Senators Leahy, Paul propose expanded oversight of PATRIOT Act
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced an amendment to the PATRIOT Act on Monday that attempts to safeguard American’s civil liberties by increasing oversight of government surveillance powers.

Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate
Jerome Corsi has told a Cincinnati radio station that he is preparing to file criminal charges against the White House for producing a fraudulent birth certificate, as the controversial author of Where's the Birth Certificate? closes in on the people within Obama's inner circle he claims were behind the hoax.

Report: Intelligence Unit Told Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden
The report, titled “Review of Joint Forces Intelligence Command Response to 9/11 Commission,” was declassified last year, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Steven Aftergood at the Federation of American Scientists.

‘Heaviest Night Yet’ Of Airstrikes In Tripoli
At least 18 loud explosions have been heard in the Libyan capital in what appears to be the heaviest night of bombing since Nato’s campaign against Colonel Gaddafi began.

NATO aircraft pound Tripoli; government says 3 dead, 150 injured
Libya: British attack helicopters to be deployed
Blast kills four US troops in Afghanistan
Taliban raid triggers Pakistan shockwave

Careful What You Wish For! A Warning to Politicians, Police and the Military: You’re Building a Prison For Us all
These days it seems difficult to comprehend for many ordinary people why the world seems steeped in chaos, both financial and militaristic.

David Stockman: “Both Parties And The White House Are Advocating A US Default”
Last week David Stockman was on Tom Keene, making the usual media rounds (sometimes we marvel at his patience and endurance), as one of the few voices of fiscal prudence available to TV producers who seek to hold a balanced debate on the topic of US insolvency.

Two D.C. transit cops tackle man in wheelchair
Video uploaded Sunday showed two Washington D.C. transit cops taking down a man in a wheelchair.

Are american children to be used in medical experiments to test anthrax vaccine?
The highly controversial and potentially lethal anthrax vaccine may be tested on US children if the federal government gets its way.

Fructose: what is it, and why is it in everything?
We all know fructose is some type of sweetener, we see it listed on so many food labels: ketchup, soft-drinks, energy drinks, cereals, cookies, breads, crackers, ice creams, canned soups, and more. And most of us think fructose has something to do with fruits. So in some way it’s okay; it’s just some sweetener thing derived from natural fruit sugar.

Gallup: 61 Percent Say All or Most Abortions Should Be Illegal
Sixty-one percent of American adults—including some who describe themselves as “pro-choice”—told Gallup in a survey conducted May 5-8 that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances.

Alex Jones On TSA Groping at High School Prom, Other Public Places
The feds will mandate next month that all new cars be fitted with a black box, according to news reports. So-called black boxes record information about speed, seat belt use and brake application.

Feds to Mandate Black Box on all New Cars
The feds will mandate next month that all new cars be fitted with a black box, according to news reports. So-called black boxes record information about speed, seat belt use and brake application.

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70,000 more should evacuate after Fukushima: Watchdog
Seventy thousand people living beyond the 20-kilometre no-go zone around Fukushima should be evacuated because of radioactivity deposited by the crippled nuclear plant, a watchdog said.

Outrage as Japan lifts radiation limit for kids
Japan’s TEPCO admits further nuclear reactor meltdowns

US senators introduce Iran sanctions bill
A nuclear-armed Iran would be a nightmare scenario marking the death knell of the Arab-Israeli peace process and global non-proliferation efforts, experts said Monday as US lawmakers sought tighter sanctions.

Having private parts is not probable cause for TSA to grope or body scan you
While Texas pushes to outlaw TSA groping, EPIC files a lawsuit against Homeland Security for withholding documents about expanding the use of mobile body scanners into crowds of moving people.

People Could Have Planted Bombs In the World Trade Center Without Anyone Noticing
This essay does not argue that bombs brought down the Twin Towers or World Trade Building 7. It simply addresses the often-made argument that no one could have planted explosives without people noticing.

Fed’s Duke: “America’s Poor Have To Make A Choice Between Paying Their Gas And Their Mortgage”
And another pearl of wisdom from the Fed’s uberthinkers, in this case Elizabeth Duke: “the recent increase in gasoline prices has affected consumer choices in housing and other purchases, big and small.

Protecting Us from Our Freedoms
As night follows day, you can count on Congress to serve as loyal servants and willing accomplices of our out-of-control National Security State.

Stop Raising the Debt Ceiling
The federal government once again has reached the limit of its legal ability to borrow money, meaning it cannot issue new Treasury debt without action by Congress to increase the debt ceiling limit.

Two Nuclear Reactors Were Damaged by the Earthquake, BEFORE the Tsunami Hit … and the Entire Nuclear Reactor Design Is Flawed
Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen just confirmed that some of the Japanese nuclear reactors were severely damaged even before the tsunami hit.

Invisible Volcanic Ash Cloud or Visible Chemtrails? Seeing is Believing as the Public Need to Take a Deep Breath and Get Themselves Grounded in Reality!
Volcanoes have been around since the birth of Planet Earth and have continued to erupt on a regular basis through the millennia; certainly well before and after the invention of the aeroplane.

Co-Founder Of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts, “There Is Probably More Democracy In China Than There Is In The West”
Throughout the west we think we have democracy, we hold ourselves up high, we demonize China, we talk about the mafia state of Russia, we talk about the Arabs and so on, but where is the democracy here?”

Does America have a Culture?

NSA Collects as Much Data as Is Stored in the Entire Library of Congress Every Six Hours [???]
I try to avoid the black/grey/white propaganda narratives surrounding the alleged Bin Laden assassination. The whole thing is so absurd that it’s just impossible for me to take it seriously at all.

The Decline of the Millionaire
Last week we blogged about John Law, an infamous character that helped France find and lose illusory wealth in the span of a few short bubble years. During his infamous heyday, a new term came about—one that described the amount of wealth that was floating around.




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