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New 'Behaviometrics' Technology Allows Government To Know What You're Thinking
Amidst reports that Saif al-Adel, otherwise known as Muhammad Ibrahim Makkawi, has been appointed the new al Qaeda leader, a man claiming to be the real Makkawi insists that he has nothing to do with al Qaeda and describes 9/11 as a “fabrication”.

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TSA Does What It Does Best: Terrorizes Americans
The TSA was at the centre of another unnecessary panic late last week when the agency failed to notify police that it was conducting a drill involving a man attempting to get a bomb through security lines.

Officials Exploit Indy 500 to Roll Out New Alert System
Indiana, the state now infamous for trashing the Fourth Amendment, has rolled out its own version of the Department of Homeland Security’s cell phone alert system.

Tariq Ali: Whenever West intervenes, it’s a disaster
In the past few hours, the U.S. confirmed it’s imposing sanctions on Syria’s president for human rights abuses, following the violent crackdowns on anti-government protesters. The measures are the first to target President Assad personally.

The Stunning Explanation For The French Media’s Shameful Defense Of Strauss-Kahn
A subplot to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair has been the relative lack of outrage towards the former IMF chief emanating from French elites and French media.

Fake Osama House?
In April 2011, the US military reportedly made a full scale replica of the ‘Osama compound’.

China Central Bank Lays It Down: “New IMF Leadership Should Reflect New World Order”
There’s a funny thing about the New World Order: it eventually gets too big and bites the hand the feeds it.

The Truth About Silver: There’s Tons Of Real Demand, And We’re Not Close To A Bubble

Bill Clinton Calls For Internet 'Ministry of Truth'
Mr Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton, a man who knowingly lied to the nation on live television at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, has called for the creation of an Internet 'ministry of truth' style organization that would be run by the federal government or the UN to address "misinformation and rumors floating on the Internet."

War’s necessary! US defense contractors ‘raking in the dough’
America may be being dragged down by record debt and unemployment filtering throughout the economy – but there’s one industry that’s bucking the trend. It’s a boom time for arms manufacturers right now, and they’re branding themselves as saviours of the job market. RT’s Kaelyn Forde reports on how Americans have little choice but to go gunning for work.

The Unspoken Mission: The Deliberate Disintegration of America
Authoritarian globalism, not terrorism, is the biggest threat America and the Western world faces. Terrorism is an invented distraction to keep the police and military guards occupied, and a government trick whose purpose is to scare the people into giving up their natural rights and accept the total government takeover of their lives and society.

A Higher Cost of Living and A Weaker Economy The Reality
The problems in the euro zone continue to multiply. Greece, Portugal and Ireland are dominating the news at least in Europe, as America is mostly shut out by the controlled media. The events in the euro zone are every bit as important as those regarding US problems.

Japanese Economy Collapses: Q1 GDP Drops At Double Consensus Rate, Epic Nominal Plunge Of -5.2%
Peter Schiff: “We’re selling our souls to the devil”

And Now… J.P. Morgan’s Hunt for Afghan Gold
J.P. Morgan bankers, who just happen to be former British SAS members, are working with the U.S. military and its puppet Afghan regime to set up mining operations throughout Afghanistan.

May 21 doomsday warnings come to New York City
A small group of Christian fundamentalists tried to warn New Yorkers that the world is going to end soon. The followers of Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping believe the Second Coming of Christ is this Saturday.

O’REILLY: The Internet Is To Blame For Schwarzenegger’s Downfall
It had nothing to do with his rampant womanizing. It was the bloggers what done it. O’Reilly compares Arnold to the founding fathers.

H.J. Res. 62: Amending The Constitution To End States Rights?
Sounds like a great deal . . . right? Wrong! The states already have the right to repeal Federal laws and regulations. It is called nullification under the 10th Amendment.

Christopher Busby: The Negative Health Effects of Low-Dose Radiation from Fukushima
Christopher Busby, a British scientist researching the negative health effects of low-dose ionizing radiation, makes an appearance to talk about the critical situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Radiation level at No.3 reactor water intake rises

“Mr Transparency” Obama Refuses New Kent State Investigation
The Obama administration has blocked fresh attempts to bring important new evidence to light in the case of the National Guard Kent State shootings, a harrowing national tragedy that killed four protesting students on May 4th 1970.

Robert Gates, Mike Mullen To Bin Laden Raid Leakers: Stop Talking
Gossip and unauthorized leaks from U.S. officials, politicians and retired military officers about the highly classified raid to kill Osama bin Laden have jeopardized the ability of special forces to carry out similar operations in the future, said Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Indiana Sheriff: House to House Random Searches Now Possible
With the recent Indiana Supreme court ruling giving police unfettered access to people’s homes, Newton county Sheriff Donald Hartman Sr. believes the ruling makes house to house searches possible.

Weekly Claims See Fall, But Jobs Picture Remains Weak
New U.S. claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, but a rise in the four-week moving average to a six-month high indicated the labor market recovery will remain painfully slow.

University “Campus Watch” Citizen Spy Program Partners With Threat Fusion Center To Report Suspicious Activity
Fusion centers are actually a spawn of the Total Information Awareness program banned by Congress in 2003. It was a program spearheaded by Iran-Contra criminal, John Poindexter, with a logo that left nothing to the imagination about its intentions.

Jury Rejects State Charges against 7/7 Ripple Effect’s Muad’Dib
At 4pm on Thursday 12th May at Southwark Crown Court the jury returned and declared Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill) innocent of attempting to ‘pervert the course of justice’.

Apparently The Secret Service Is Monitoring Fox News
First of all, were you aware the Secret Service had a Twitter account? Just in general that doesn’t seem like the best idea, does it.

Feds Drop All Charges Against 27 Head-Shop Owners They Falsely Accused of Being Terrorist Drug Dealers
First, the Feds accused twenty-seven innocent Americans of supporting terrorism. When that fell through, they accused them of supporting drug dealers. Now, the entire case has collapsed and all charges were dropped.

Solar storms will peak in 2013 and wreak havoc on Earth’s electrical communications, top scientist warns
Solar storms could have ‘devastating effects’ on human technology when they hit a peak in two years’ time, a leading scientist has warned.

Ahmadinejad says West to blame for drought in Iran
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in the Islamic republic, as he inaugurated a dam in a central province.

Fourth Amendment Busting Sneak and Peek Warrants On the Rise
An Albuquerque television news report aired earlier this week reveals a steep increase by the federal government in the use of unconstitutional sneak and peek search warrants.

“Bin Laden’s” Last Audio Tape Praises Globalist-Engineered Faux Revolutions
Al Qaeda has released a posthumous audio tape of Osama bin Laden praising revolutions sweeping the Arab world and urging Muslims to rise up.

Ron Paul: U.S. may try to occupy Pakistan

Which Path to Persia?: Redux
While the “easier” nations of Tunisia and Egypt were picked apart by foreign-funded color revolutions, the global corporate-financier oligarchs knew well in advance nations like Libya, Syria, and Iran would be fundamentally different.

Obama’s Billions To Woo New Middle East Order
Barack Obama is to offer Egypt and Tunisa aid packages worth billions of dollars as he tries to remodel America’s relations with the Arab world.

First Egypt … Now Spain?
Gerald Celente predicted in February that the Middle Eastern and North African protests would spread to Europe.

IMF Chief Resigns After Sex Attack Charges
The IMF chief charged with a sex attack on a hotel maid has resigned from his post ahead of a new bail hearing in New York.

CDC warns Americans to prepare for zombie apocalypse (really)
Although it may seem unbelievable, this is not a satire piece or a joke. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been deeply engaged in the fictions of Swine Flu and other so-called “pandemics,” is now publicly warning Americans to prepare for azombie apocalypse.

Peter Fonda calls Obama ‘f*cking traitor’ over Gulf spill
Peter Fonda launched a four-letter attack on US President Barack Obama at the Cannes film festival on Wednesday, calling him a traitor over the handling of the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill.




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