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Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, Exposed Fuel Rods; Media Shrugs
Despite the bombshell revelation that fuel rods at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant have been fully exposed since the early days of the disaster, that reactor number 1 is officially in meltdown, along with news that reactor 4 is on the verge of collapse, the corporate media is largely disinterested in the story amidst continued fearmongering about terror attacks and endless coverage of the Bin Laden carnival act.

DHS Claims al-Qaeda May Replicate Fukushima Disaster

Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Bush Didn’t Want to Get Bin Laden
Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Wednesday that President George W. Bush wasn’t interested in bringing Osama bin Laden to justice.

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Japanese Officials Admit That Fukushima Suffered Nuclear Meltdown
One of the reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant did suffer a nuclear meltdown, Japanese officials admitted for the first time today, describing a pool of molten fuel at the bottom of the reactor’s containment vessel.

Tepco: Fukushima Fuel Rods Are Fully Exposed

If the Illuminati were to make an initiation video, it may look a little like this. This is deliciously chilling, but hauntingly accurate.

Top Doctor Confirms Bin Laden Had Marfan Syndrome
An MSNBC hit piece that attempts to debunk Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik's assertion that Osama Bin Laden died from Marfan syndrome in 2001 unwittingly provides corroboration from a top Cornell doctor who first made similar statements in an interview with Salon magazine two months after 9/11.

Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov’t Lie
Alex Jones debunks the legacy of lies that fill the pages of the phony War on Terror narrative– killing bin Laden, 9/11, Iraq, all of it– in a special video address. This “war” which has consumed our society is nothing more than a dramatized narrative meant to frighten the simple, captive public into accepting greater societal control.

Members Of Congress See Photos Of Osama Bin Laden’s Body

WikiLeaks Will Fine You $20 Million If You Leak What You Leak
WikiLeaks is making leakers sign an agreement that says that what they’re leaking belongs to WikiLeaks and if they leak it elsewhere they may get fined up to $20 million, Wired reports after having seen a copy of the contract.

Libya: state TV airs footage of Col Gaddafi
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi moved to quash intense speculation that he had been injured or killed by Nato bombs on Wednesday as rebels celebrated their first significant advance in weeks of fighting.

The God Within: Science vs. Consciousness (Video)
This mini-documentary by Mike Adams the Health Ranger exposes the false philosophy underpinning most of modern science.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: ‘Right to health care’ is slavery
Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul said during a Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing Wednesday that those who believe in a right to healthcare actually believe in slavery.

Historic Mississippi River flood destroying millions of farmland acres with polluted, pesticide-ridden flood waters
As record-breaking Mississippi River flood waters crested this morning near Memphis, Tenn., many other towns and cities along the river are awaiting record-breaking flood levels expected to arrive later this week and early next week.

Ron Paul Introduces Bill To Protect Raw Milk Sellers
Statement Introducing Unpasteurized Milk Bill, HR 1830.

South Carolina challenges upcoming federal ban on incandescent light bulbs
Federal plans to outlaw common incandescent light bulbs in favor of mercury-laden compact fluorescents over the course of the next three years may not end up applying to South Carolinians.

UN-Welcome: ‘Super State’ agenda fears
European MPs have called for the Union to have a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. Critics of the initiative say that the EU rarely speaks with one voice and has enough problems at home to solve, without this. RT’s Daniel Bushell has more from Brussels.

5 Simple Ways to Eat Like a Human
What could be more important than what we put into our bodies? Yeah, yeah that’s how all these preachy “health” posts begin. But really, stop and think about what you eat and absorb, and ask yourself on the most basic level if it is fit for a human being.

BREAKING: Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Candidacy Friday Morning on ABC Good Morning America 7 am ET
Ron Paul is set to officially launch his presidential campaign Friday morning, a Paul source told POLITICO. The Texas congressman will make his announcement from New Hampshire during the 7:00 a.m. hour of ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Control Freak Society: Government To Monitor School Lunches With Cameras
Several schools in San Antonio are being provided with government grants to install surveillance equipment in cafeterias as part of a government funded project to monitor every morsel of food that the children eat.

Brave New World: Babies To Be Given Anti-Obesity Drugs in the Womb

Big Brother, is the Red Squad Back to Chicago?
RT’s Anastasia Churkina travels to Chicago to discover what this means for privacy in America, considering the city’s darkest chapters of history when the Red Squad — special police squads — unlawfully spied on citizens who were politically unfavorable.

VISA launching ‘digital wallet’ for U.S. banks

NATO Air Strikes hit Gaddafi Compound in Tripoli
NATO air strikes hit Muammar Gaddafi’s compound Thursday, hours after the Libyan leader was shown on television for the first time since another aerial attack killed his son nearly two weeks ago.

25 Cent Gas Price Spike In D.C. Prompts Criminal Investigation
Some local gas stations raised prices overnight, in some cases by as much as 20 cents. Maryland’s AG is looking into the issue.

Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?

Intellectual Lobotomy of America: Mother Injects 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox
CPS will harass parents for feeding their kids healthy organic food, but don’t seem to care about cases like this.

Globalists’ Pakistan War Plan
In a 2007 article from the London Guardian titled, “Bush handed blueprint to seize Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal,” it is stated that fears of destabilization inside Pakistan might prompt the United States to occupy Islamabad and the provinces of Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan in an attempt to secure Pakistan’s nuclear warheads.

The West Is Trapped In Its Own Propaganda
One of the wishes that readers often express to me came true today (May 11). I was on the mainstream media. It was a program with a worldwide reach – the BBC World Service. There were others on the program as well, and the topic was Hillary Clinton’s remarks (May 10) about the lack of democracy and human rights in China.

Tepco: Fukushima Fuel Rods Are Fully Exposed
Tokyo Electric Power Co. said fuel rods are fully exposed in the No. 1 reactor at its stricken Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, setting back the utility’s plan to resolve the crisis.

Government Emergency Messages On Your Cellphone: Valuable Information, or an Attempt to Scare You Into Submission?
As I explained Monday, the Neoconservatives used fear to scare people into submission. Obama used the emotions of “hope” and “change” to rally his base, but has now largely abandoned those themes in favor of fear.

20 Facts About Child Hunger And Child Poverty That Will Break Your Heart
Did you know that nearly half of the 44 million Americans that are on food stamps today are children? Did you know that more than a fifth of all U.S. children are living in poverty and that a fourth of all U.S. children are enrolled in the food stamp program?

America Is Rapidly Bleeding Wealth And Jobs: 28 Statistics About The Gutting Of The U.S. Economy That Will Blow Your Mind
The Financial Powers That Be Are In A Trap of Their Own Making

Greek Police Brutality Caught On Tape

This won’t sit too well with the GCLU. We are, in fact hearing, that there is already a protest organized to protest police brutality, which will culminate with more cops beating the austerty out of more protesters, and so forth at an exponential pace.

Missionaries of Debt: ‘We help them to help themselves’
Watch full episode 146 of Keiser Report on Thursday. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on collectivist top down tyranny running our monetary system. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Eric Sprott about precious metals, the ever increasing margin requirements and the ever decreasing dollar.

How the US government will seize your retirement account




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