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Jesse Ventura Questions Obama’s Narrative Of Bin Laden Raid
Former Navy SEAL and Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura has questioned Barack Obama’s official narrative regarding the raid on Osama Bin Laden, telling the Alex Jones Show of his suspicions that Osama died years ago, and expressing disbelief that the man seen flicking between TV channels in the video released by the White House Saturday was actually Bin Laden.

AP Files FOIA Request For Bin Laden Evidence

Taliban attack US base in Afghanistan
Taliban militants say they have launched a missile attack on the biggest US-led military base in the troubled western Afghanistan.

A List Of Lists We Should Expect After Bin Laden Hoax
One of the more disturbing developments to come from the cache of intelligence material seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound were some “ramblings,” that were “nothing new” about an “aspirational” plan to maybe attack trains that travel 500 MPH, a speed no train on earth can achieve.

US refuses to apologize to Pakistan over Osama bin Laden raid
New US strike kills 4 in Pakistan

Taser safety studies significantly biased from ties to manufacturer
Taser safety studies may be biased due to researchers’ ties to the electrical stun guns’ manufacturer, Taser International Inc., according to cardiologists at the University of California, San Francisco.

E-totalitarianism at Google
Google Inc.’s “Don’t Be Evil” slogan is seductive but misleading. It is the lowest business ethics standard ever devised, excusing everything Google does short of evil. Google isn’t evil – but neither is it ethical.

Amtrak Backs Schumer Proposal For "No Ride List"
Following New York Senator Chuck Schumer's call for a "no ride list" that would mimic the notoriously sweeping, oppressive and ineffective "no fly list," Amtrak has publicly backed the idea, which would officially create a Soviet-style internal passport for American citizens and make the presence of TSA workers conducting grope downs at train stations ubiquitous.

Ron Paul: Why Didn’t We Kill Osama Rather Than Invading Afghanistan and Iraq?
It is tragic that it took ten years, trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of American casualties and many thousands of innocent lives to achieve our mission of killing one evil person.

Why democracy is failing America
Democracy is the worst form of government, Sir Winston Churchill once said… except for every other form of government. In other words, all forms of government are atrociously bad, and democracy may merely be the least bad of the bunch.

U.S. Government Used COMMUNIST Torture Techniques Specifically Designed to Produce FALSE Confessions

Christian Church Burnings Are Happening All Over The World And The U.S. Media Is Deadly Silent About It
Did you know that hundreds of church burnings have taken place all over the globe so far in 2011? For a large percentage of those of you that are reading this article, this is the first that you have heard of it.

Outrage at screening of dying Princess Diana photo: Cannes documentary to show graphic picture for first time
A shocking paparazzi photograph of a dying Princess Diana is to be screened for the first time in a documentary about her fatal crash.

Citizen Journalist Arrested for Video Taping Cop
Some questions are being raised in Wahpeton about illegal searches and seizures. A 17-year old aspiring journalist was video taped being arrested for what he claims no reason, or probable cause then posted the video online.

Secret State’s Domestic Spying on the Rise
Despite last week’s “termination” of America’sbête noire, Osama bin Laden, the reputed “emir” and old “new Hitler” of the Afghan-Arab database of disposable Western intelligence assets known as al-Qaeda, Secrecy News reports an uptick in domestic spying.

Radioactive mountain tops
Several Japanese are crying out about what is going on in Japan.Hirose Takashiis telling us that, “The nuclear power plants in Japan are aging rapidly; like cyborgs, they are barely kept in operation by a continuous replacement of parts.

Texas Senate approves bill to allow guns on college campuses
The Texas Senate on Monday passed a measure that would make the Lone Star State the second after Utah to specifically allow guns on college campuses.

TSA Defends Pat Down Of Baby: Stroller Set Off Explosives Alarm
The TSA has defended the actions of two of it’s agents who were photographed conducting a full body pat down on an eight-month old baby at Kansas City International Airport yesterday, saying they were adhering to procedure.

Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor ‘leaning’
A small group of evacuees have briefly been allowed inside the exclusion zone around Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

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Fear-based Terror Alerts to Become Mandatory On Cell Phones
It’s not enough the government and its corporate media propaganda tool commandeer the television and radio with phony terror alerts and incessant nonsense about Muslim miscreants who are inspired by FBI agents provocateurs to talk about terrorism.

Football stadiums being used as prisons after mass arrests follow weekend of government violence in Syria
The Syrian government is using football stadiums as makeshift prisons after security forces dragged hundreds of residents from their homes.

New Poll Has Bad News For Obama And The Economy
On the more important issue of the economy, things aren’t looking good.

Obama Ready to Roll Out New Amnesty Carpet for Illegals

Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state
A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.

John Stewart Tells Ron Paul To “Compromise Libertarian Principles”
“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart offered advice to Texas Rep. Ron Paul Monday night, saying the potential Republican presidential candidate should “compromise his principles.”

Americans Are Living In 1984
The White House’s “death of bin Laden” story has come apart at the seams. Will it make any difference that before 48 hours had passed the story had changed so much that it no longer bore any resemblance to President Obama’s Sunday evening broadcast and has lost all credibility?

‘US-China oil conflict behind Libya war’

The US has waged the Western coalition’s war on Libya in an attempt to evict China from the oil-rich areas of the North African country, a former US Treasury official says.

Libyan Capital Rocked By New Blasts
Boat of 600 Libyans sinks after NATO ‘ignores SOS calls’

Don’t Buy A House In 2011 Before You Read These 20 Wacky Statistics About The U.S. Real Estate Crisis
Unless you have been asleep or hiding under a rock for the past five years, you already know that we are experiencing the worst real estate crisis that the U.S. has ever seen.

Residents allowed short visit in Japan’s evacuation zone
About 100 residents, who had been evacuated from an area close to Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, were allowed to return home Tuesday for a short visit to gather belongings.

Obama Gives Up the Fake “Hope and Change” Act … And Adopts the Neocon FEAR Playbook
I voted for Obama, hoping that he would change things away from the Neocon fear-based politics to something better.

So About That Speculative, And Undisputed, Silver Bubble…
Lately, everyone and their grandmother speaks with 100% conviction that over the past week what happened in the silver market was nothing but a speculative bubble popping.

Dollar to Yo-Yo Back Up on Faux Euro Troubles
Head Of Eurogroup Admits To Lying About “Secret Greek Meeting” Out Of Fears For Market Collapse – “When It Becomes Serious, You Have To Lie”

Psychopharmaceutical industry seeks world of dispassionate sheeple (sheep-people)
People who obediently follow the herd, never markedly sad, angry or excited; children who play quietly and never annoy or talk out of turn – this is the object of the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industries. And when anyone steps out of line, the answer is simple: stamp them “abnormal” and give them a pill.




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