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US Government Contractor Claims “Al-Qaeda” Has Confirmed Bin Laden Fairytale
One of the groups behind the endless fake Bin Laden tapes and a contractor for the US government tells us that “Al-Qaeda” has confirmed the death of Osama. Although Bin Laden has been dead since 2001, the fact the US government are having to use the notorious SITE organization to prop up the crumbling Bin Laden fable that was manufactured on Sunday night shows how desperate the White House has become inits bid to sell the public on more terror fearmongering.

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McRecovery Continues to Erode American Middle Class
The Federal Reserve designed 2008 economic takedown is now claiming millions of victims. It is eroding the middle class and slowly turning the United States into a second rank country working its way toward third world status.

US Unemployment Rises To 9 Per Cent
Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone

"Shock" CNN Poll: Ron Paul Has Best Chance Of Beating Obama
Our November 2010 prediction that only Ron Paul amongst the roster of likely Republican candidates had a realistic chance of beating Barack Obama in 2012 has been borne out by what the media are describing as a "shock CNN poll" that shows the Texas Congressman leading his GOP rivals in a hypothetical run off against Obama.

Ron Paul Moneybomb Reaches $1Mil
Fox News generates post-debate buzz around Herman Cain, Federal Reserve insider; obscures Ron Paul
Ron Paul Snubs Hannity’s After Debate Party

The Growing Coverup: Osama and “The Big Lie”
The Obama administration and the corporate media are concocting an ever-more elaborate and spectacular theater around the “heroic” murder of the CIA intelligence myth/CIA asset Osama bin Laden. Not content to simply to exploit the 9/11 atrocity for political gain, the administration is heaping new layers of lie and cover-up to the original crime.

Day of the Dead: The Hit Man as Hero
Feds Issue Terror Advisory to Justify Police State, Distract From Osama Fable
Osama down. Gaddafi next?
U.S. drone strike in Yemen is first since 2002

China bans crime shows and soap operas to make way for ‘Red’ TV
Television bosses across China have been ordered to clear their schedules and broadcast improving ‘Red’ television as the country gears up to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party this July.

Oil & gold slump sparks commodity crash fear
Italy will host the next major international meeting on Libya. Leaders from NATO and the Arab league will gather this Thursday to plan the political transition following the departure or ousting of Libyan leader Mamuamar Gaddafi.

If It Is Time To Sell Gold Then Why Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold Like Crazy?
And So It Continues: Another 92 Thousand Ounces In Physical Silver Withdrawn From Comex Despite Historic Paper Collapse

Big Brother Gov’t Seeks to Tax and Track All Drivers
“Oh, say can you see…the land of the fee, and home of the slave?” Americansreally better wake up before it’s too late. Perhaps it already is.

New study: Nations requiring the most vaccines tend to have the worst infant mortality rates
A new study, published in Human and Experimental Toxicology (…), a peer-reviewed journal indexed by the National Library of Medicine, found that nations with higher (worse) infant mortality rates tend to give their infants more vaccine doses.

The Cost of Bin Laden: $3 Trillion Over 15 Years
What do we have to show for that tab? Two wars that continue to occupy 150,000 troops and tie up a quarter of our defense budget; a bloated homeland-security apparatus that has at times pushed the bounds of civil liberty.

Red Alert: Help Stop False Flag Terror
US kills eight in Pakistan drone attack

Muslims Brainwashed By MI5 Agent Choudry Reinforce Pro-War Propaganda By Rioting In London
A child of three could see through this scam. Muslims brainwashed by extremist preachers on the MI5 payroll – people like Anjem Choudry and Abu Hamza, are told to riot in London and threaten retailiation attacks for the death of Bin Laden. This not only reinforces the Bin Laden fable, but it also allows the media to whip up anti-Arab sentiment amongst British and American citizens by bombarding them with images of screaming Muslim extremists.

Torture Nation: Enhancing the Move Toward Totalitarianism

Osama Bin Laden: The Movie
The recent fanfare on May 1st 2011 from the screenwriters in the mainstream media over the US government’s announcement of the US Navy SEALs’ killing of Osama bin Laden reminds us once again how mainstream journalism requires Orwell’s memory hole in order to function. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve been told bin Laden is dead.

Bin Had

Alex Jones: Terrorism’s Big Dirty Secret
Alex Jones exposes the biggest hoax of all behind the threat of terrorism and the idea that Americans should give up their freedoms only to live cowering in fear.

Your Monthly Gasoline Bill: $368
Round-trip airfare from New York to Los Angeles. More than a dozen dinners for two at Applebee’s. Two 16 GB iPod nanos. These are just a few of the things you could have bought if you weren’t spending $368.09 a month on gasoline.

Americans Gone Wild
Gerald Celente is known to love to make the following statement: “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose – they lose it.” Sadly, Celente is exactly right about this.

What If Bush Did It? A Nation Celebrates What It is Told
In a dramatic late-night appearance in the White House press room, President George W. Bush announced that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction had been found in a secret stronghold near the Syrian border.

Staged Al Qaeda Rail Attack Plot To Be Used To Further Implement TSA At “Soft” Spots Nationwide?
Just days after the staged media spectacle of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the corporate media and the Department of Homeland Security have released intelligence that claims that Al Qaeda is considering attacking U.S. railroads on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks.

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik Says America Needs A Second American Revolution
America needs a new peaceful revolution says Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and a serious expert in the hidden world of government psyops.

The Worst Mississippi River Flood Ever?
Please pray for those living along the Mississippi River. They are going to need it. The tornadoes that just ripped through the southeast U.S. are being called one of the worst natural disasters in American history, and now the flooding along the Mississippi River may top the damage done by those tornadoes.

Nuclear plant workers release unknown amount of radioactive tritium into Mississippi River

Colonel Wilkerson: “Let Me Waterboard Donald Rumsfeld and Then We’ll See If He Says It’s Torture or Not!”
Don Rumsfeld came out again and said waterboarding isn’t torture.

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