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Israel: IDF Troops Who Murdered Innocent People Are 'Brave Heroes'
The government of Israel, aided by many quarters of the international media, is attempting to spin today's deadly IDF assault on a humanitarian aid ship carrying supplies to Gaza as the fault of the murdered activists on board the vessel, ludicrously characterizing machine-gun carrying Israeli troops who killed over a dozen innocent people as the victims of the incident.

Israeli convoy attack viewed critically by Russia
Turkey Issues Stark Warning To Israel Following Aid Attack
Israel envoys summoned across Europe
Fatah official: Israel world’s most despicable country
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Rand Paul Survives Smear Campaign To Maintain Healthy Lead Over Conway
A new national poll shows that Kentucky primary winner Rand Paul still maintains a healthy lead over his Democratic opponent despite a savage corporate media attack campaign that attempted to smear him as a racist, proving that he has survived the contrived, coordinated and vicious demonization plot that was enacted immediately after he defeated his establishment neo-con adversary Trey Grayson.

Off-duty cop pretended to be terrorist gunman in hospital’s unannounced ’safety’ drill
At the St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada this past Monday, a very unusual and terrifying scene took place that left nearly all its participants in shock — both out of fear and genuine bewilderment as to how safety planners could be so stupid.

Arctic Ice Volume Has Increased 25% Since May, 2008
The Navy requires accurate sea ice information for their operations, and has spent a lot of effort over the years studying, measuring, and operating in Arctic ice both above and below, such as they did in the ICEX 2009 exercise.

Los Angeles may require new homes to capture rainwater

The City of Los Angeles is considering a law that would require all new homes and large developments, along with some redevelopments, to harvest all rainwater that falls on site.

Fiat Money And Schemes Collapsing
Goldman Sachs will get a hand slap, the Greek Tragedy continues, signs of growth not real, more market manipulation to report on, never incremental news, a broken system of risk-free trade and return.

The U.S. Economic Collapse Top 20 Countdown

American cage fighter ‘rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil’
A U.S. cage fighter ripped out the heart of his training partner while he was still alive after becoming convinced he was possessed by the devil, it was alleged today.

Gangsterism 2.0: Global Government Gone Wild At G20 in Toronto
Next month, downtown Toronto will morph into a full-scale battlefield, with the front lines clearly defined, as Canadians hit the streets to protest G8/G20 leaders, and to stand in fellowship with the people of the world in the global war for economic and political justice.

WA Beer Hoarders Stock Up Before New June 1 ‘Sin Tax’
The new tax – 28 cents per six-pack – targets major-brand beers, which a majority of people buy.

Copenhagen climate failure blamed on ‘Danish text’
Drip by drip, the full story is emerging of last December’s global diplomatic debacle in Copenhagen, when instead of setting the world on a new low carbon path and tackling climate change, 130 world leaders ended up with a weak deal and no prospect of a binding agreement for another 18 months.

Free-Market Health Care and the Poor
One of the disastrous consequences of having adopted the welfare-state way of life is what it has done to the concept of voluntary charity. Let’s look at Medicare and Medicaid, socialist programs that go to the heart of the economic problems facing our nation.

Israel Forces Fired On Sleeping Civillians Under Cover Of Darkness
While the Israeli government is praising it's soldiers as heroes and saying they were acting in self defence by firing on unarmed civilians in international waters, one group involved with the Freedom Flotilla has a quite different story.

Israel Attacks Unarmed Americans in International Waters
Arab world condemns Gaza aid attack

Gaza Aid Convoy Attack: Israel’s Murderous Sea Piracy a Horrendous Moment of Truth for US Policy
Israel on Saturday rejected as “flawed and hypocritical” a declaration by signatories of a global anti-nuclear arms treaty that urged it to sign the pact and make its atomic facilities subject to U.N. inspections.

Cynthia McKinney Mourns the Dead of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: People of the U.S. and the World Must End Israeli Impunity Now!

Syria, Lebanon say flotilla attack can lead to war
Syrian President Bashar al—Assad and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Monday that Israel’s attack on a flotilla of aid bound for Gaza threatens to ignite a war in the region.

Netanyahu cancels Obama meeting amid raid furore

China warns debt woes threaten global recovery
China warned on Monday that Europe’s struggle to contain ballooning debt posed a risk to global economic growth, raising the specter of a double-dip recession.

Sad milestone: Cost of US wars ‘passes $1 trillion’
The cost of the United States’ wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost taxpayers more than one trillion dollars, a Massachusetts nonprofit said Sunday, marking a grim milestone on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday.

America’s dead in Afghanistan since 2001

Ted Turner: If We Don’t Prepare For Global Warming We’ll Be Extinct
CNN founder Ted Turner said Saturday that if we don’t prepare for global warming, we’ll be extinct.

Israeli troops attack ship carrying aid to Gaza killing 16
Israeli commandos have stormed a flotilla of ships carrying activists and aid supplies to the blockaded Palestinian enclave of Gaza, killing as many as 16 of those on board.

Protests erupt against Gaza aid raid
US singles out Israel, calling for its membership in nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Spanish Voters Will Force The Government To Dissolve Before Major Austerity Measures Can Be Passed
Spain’s ruling Socialist party, led by prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has seen its popular support collapse.

Gulf of Mexico oil leak ‘could increase by a fifth’
The amount of oil leaking from BP’s rupture well in the Gulf of Mexico could increase by up to a fifth while efforts are made to cap it, the White House has said.

Is BP trying to cap the Gulf oil well, or keep it flowing?

World Cup 2010 – South Africa denies high terror threat
South African security officials denied claims in a Sunday newspaper that the country faces a high risk of a terrorist attack during the World Cup it is hosting in less than two weeks.

France warns on credit rating
France admitted on Sunday that keeping its top-notch credit rating would be “a stretch” without some tough budget decisions, following German hints that Berlin may resort to raising taxes to help bring down its deficit.

Watch: LAPD caught kicking cyclist at anti-BP protest
The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an internal investigation after one of its officers was caught on camera apparently kicking a cyclist during a protest against oil giant BP on Friday.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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