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Brzezinski Decries “Global Political Awakening” During CFR Speech
At a recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission and regular Bilderberg attendee Zbigniew Brzezinski warned that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.

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Mexican President Rebukes U.S. Law at White House: Arizona Immigration Law ‘Is Forcing Our People to Face Discrimination’
Mexican President Felipe Calderon took the unusual step Wednesday morning of criticizing an American law while visiting the White House, saying cooperation is needed to fix the US-Mexican immigration issue but “such laws as the Arizona law that is forcing our people to face discrimination. If we are divided, we cannot overcome these problems.”

Bangkok Burning: Thai Protesters Set Fire to Landmark Buildings During Deadly Gunbattles
As they retreated, protesters set fire to the country’s stock exchange and a number of buildings including a major shopping mall, two banks, a movie theater and a television station.

Bayless Tweets Censored by White House
The chef’s tweets abruptly stopped Tuesday after the White House reportedly put the kibosh on the news blasts, according to the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet.

Rand Paul Savages Obama's Catastrophic "Green Economy"
After trouncing his neo-con opponent comprehensively in the Kentucky Senate primary, Rand Paul savaged the man-made global warming scam for what it truly represents - an attack on the middle class and the industrialized world, as he warned President Obama and his sycophants, "we've come to take our government back".

Rand Paul: Perfect storm, people want change
RTs Dina Gusovsky is in Kentucky to find out what she can about Rand Paul’s, son of Congressmen Ron Paul, senate campaign and the pivotal primary elections that are taking place.

Rand Paul’s win could be bad news for Republicans

Rigi: US, Israel paid for assassination
Captured Jundallah leader Abdolmalek Rigi has said that while in Morocco, suspected Israeli or US agents had given him a list of people to assassinate in Tehran.

From Safe Republic to Unsafe Empire
It is the best of times for the American Empire. The United States bestrides the planet as an unrivalled colossus.

The Global Economy Is Now Out Of Control

Yes this is it! We have crossed the Rubicon and events in the world economy are now likely to unfold in a totally uncontrollable fashion.

Germany’s Merkel Says Euro Is in Danger
Jim Cramer Announces His Place On The Gold Bandwagon, Says European Leaders Fear Lehman II
Futures Down, Markets Tank Around The World, Euro Ready To Break $1.21
Canada campaigns against global bank tax
Wednesday Trading Session Set To Be “The Most Volatile In Living Memory” Warns Telegraph, Plunge In Bunds Expected

Special interrogating team formed to question Faisal Shahzad
White House terrorism adviser John Brennan said Tuesday a special team of investigators has begun interrogating Faisal Shahzad, top suspect of the failed Times Square bombing.

UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA
UC Berkeley is adding something a little different this year in its welcome package — cotton swabs for a DNA sample.

TSA Agent Accused of Stealing Cash from Wheelchair-Bound Woman
A Transportation Security Administration agent has been arrested for allegedly stealing $400 dollars from a wheelchair bound passenger as she passed through a security checkpoint at Newark Airport.

BPA plastics chemical damages intestines, study shows
The widespread toxin bisphenol-A (BPA) damages the intestines and may lead to a painful condition known as leaky gut syndrome, according to a study conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Agronomic Research researchers in Toulouse, France, and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences.

DNC Chairman: Rand Paul Is A Far Right “Extreme Candidate”
Washington incumbents are displaying just how ignorant they are of the feelings of American voters by rounding on independent, anti-establishment and tea party candidates. They are beyond foolish if they still truly believe that candidates such as Rand Paul represent a fringe minority.

Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s ‘Green’ Policies — the Basis for Obama’s — an Economic Disaster
Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal assessment produced by Spain’s Zapatero administration. The assessment confirms the key charges previously made by non-governmental Spanish experts in a damning report exposing the catastrophic economic failure of Spain’s “green economy” initiatives.

Global Cooling? Four Gorillas Killed by Extreme Cold Weather in Rwanda, New Times Reports

U.S. Coast Guard Threatens CBS Reporters With Arrest For Filming BP Oil Spill
Kelly Cobiella reports that a CBS News team was threatened with arrest by Coast Guard officials in the Gulf of Mexico who said they were acting under the authority of British Petroleum.

Questions Surround Bailout Of Bank With Obama Ties
Some of the nation’s largest banks have agreed to contribute enough money to save Chicago-based ShoreBank, the community lender with strong ties to the Obama administration, FOX Business has learned.

Snake Oil Salesman Obama Peddles Worthless Wall Street Reform

Market Talk: Greek Finance Minister Says Separation From EU May Be Considered, Greek Gov’t Categorically Denies
Market talk for now. With the ECB holding the bulk of Greek debt now courtesy of shadow monetization of Greek debt held by French, German and Italian banks, and the imminent default of Greece the second it leaves the eurozone, this should be a massively EUR negative development, as forexlive points out. Which is why we are rather confused by the straight up kneejerk reaction in the EURUSD.

Roubini: Japan Could Easily Be Next

‘Naked’ scanners may increase cancer risk
US scientists are warning that radiation from controversial full-body airport scanners has been dangerously underestimated and could lead to an increased risk of skin cancer – particularly in children.

Author Daniel Estulin to Shed Light on Bilderbergs with Historic Presentation at European Parliament
International best-selling author Daniel Estulin will make an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament on June 1st, 2010 at its headquarters in Brussels.

11 Signs That The U.S. Government Has Become An Overgrown Monstrosity That Almost Every American Is Dependent Upon For Economic Survival
Today, the number of Americans who are able to financially survive without any reliance on the U.S. government whatsoever is declining at a staggering rate.

Tarpley: Iran nuclear swap deal a defeat for US policy of isolation
Iran’s deal to ship its’ uranium to Turkey, while insisting on continuing to enrich nuclear fuel, is getting a mixed response globally.

Only morons, cheats and liars still believe in Man-Made Global Warming
Well of course I would write a headline like that having just spent the last three days in Chicago at the Heartland Institute’s 4th International Conference on Climate Change.

Leading Global Warming Skeptic Lindzen: Time to Abandon the ‘Skeptic’ Label
If you listened to Barack Obama back during the 2008 presidential campaign, you may recall him explaining that words matter. According to leading climate scientist and M.I.T. professor Richard Lindzen, there is a good bit of wisdom in that, as it pertains to the debate about global warming.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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