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Obama Admin Continues To Protect Bush Torture Criminals; Denies Photos Show Rape
The White House and the Pentagon have ridiculously denied the facts of their own internal military investigation by claiming that photos taken at Abu Ghraib and other detention facilities do not show prison guards raping women and children, in a continuation of the Obama administration's zealous mission to protect the perpetrators of the Bush torture program who broke national and international law.

Cops Stop Ambulance On Way To Hospital And Fight With EMT
A scuffle between two highway patrol officers and an EMT was captured on video after the police pulled over an ambulance on route to the hospital.

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US, Koreas prepare for peninsula war
South Korean and US troops go on higher alert amid Pyongyang’s threats of ‘a powerful strike’ and growing fears of a full-scale war in the peninsula.

U.S., South Korea Raise Military Alert on North

Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint
A Singapore cancer patient was held for four hours by immigration officials in the United States when they could not detect his fingerprints — which had apparently disappeared because of a drug he was taking.

Google book scan plan raises European hackles
Google’s ongoing effort to create a vast digital library is set to come under fire at the EU from countries who fear it will violate copyright and stymie competition.

Oz telecoms minister backtracks on mandatory Internet censorship proposals
After all the macho posturing and endlessly-repeated bloodly-minded determination to ignore outraged public opinion, the Australian government is now suddenly back-tracking on its much-vaunted and virulently-criticised plan to pass legislation that would impose Orwellian levels of censorship on the Internet browsing habits of its citizens, writes Martyn Warwick.

U.S. Military Investigator Confirms Women and Children Were Raped At Abu Ghraib
It only took five years, but the mainstream media has finally acknowledged the truth behind why certain photos and videos from the infamous Abu Ghraib prison camp have been blocked from public release - they show U.S. soldiers and other prison guards raping female detainees as well as children.

World sitting on ‘powder keg’: Amnesty
The world is sitting on a “powder keg” of social unrest, which risks exploding as human rights are eroded by the global economic slowdown, Amnesty International warned.

More Terror Plot Patsies? FBI Raids Chicago Apartments
On Friday, the FBI, Chicago Police, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided two apartment complexes in Chicago. “A spokesperson for the FBI confirms a search warrant was executed at the building as part of an ongoing investigation,” reports Fox News.

Active and retired top military brass met to discuss what really happened on 9/11
WMR has learned from a well-informed source that in the months after the 9/11 attacks, a group of retired and active duty military officers, with ranks as high as general, met in an informal and hush-hush working group to discuss what actually occurred on September 11, 2001.

Must-see Anti-green TV: ABC’s ‘Goode Family’
Don’t miss the premier of the first anti-green, animated TV series, the “Goode Family,” tonight on ABC at 9:00pm. Here’s what the Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin has to say about the show.

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re Living in a Medical Police State
Are Americans really living in a medical police state? The recent news with Daniel Hauser and his family’s fight over chemotherapy seems to indicate so. Here are ten ways to recognize whether you’re living under the oppressive tyranny of a medical police state.

U.S. Weighs Single Agency to Regulate Banking Industry
Senior administration officials are considering the creation of a single agency to regulate the banking industry, replacing a patchwork of agencies that failed to prevent banks from falling into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, sources said.

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Eco-Nanny Pelosi: ‘Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is in China touting eco-friindly living and climate initiatives.

The Obama Youth Corps/ The Wave
Excellent video highlighting the danger of today’s “youth corps” movements.

Review of Government Secrecy Ordered
President Obama directed his national security adviser and senior Cabinet officials yesterday to examine whether the government keeps too much information secret.

Geithner to meet top Chinese leaders
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will meet with President Hu Jintao to discuss expansion of ties and current economic turmoil during his trip to Beijing on June 1-2, officials said Wednesday.

New Investor Worry: Treasury Selloff Spiking Interest Rates
Media Myth: Networks Ignore Trillion Dollar Price Tag of Climate Cap Bill

China finding it harder to support NKorea: analysts
China has long been the main ally of North Korea, but as it assumes a greater role in international affairs, Beijing will find it more difficult to defend the isolated regime, analysts say.

N. Korean nuclear blast probably less powerful than hoped for: Yale scholar

Australian government admits less than 32% of secret censorship list is related to underage images
The Australian government told a Senate estimates hearing this week that less than 32% of the country’s secret internet censorship list is related to underage images.

Attendees of Climate Conference Enjoyed Copenhagen Prostitutes
The global climate challenge may have been on the daytime agenda during the recent World Business Summit climate conference in Copenhagen, but in the evenings many businessmen, politicians and civil servants are reported to have availed themselves of the capital’s prostitutes.

The ‘Water Cure’ for Mancow Disease
It took all of six seconds to exorcise the unearned and unwarranted self-regard that had possessed Chicago rant radio personality Erich “Mancow” Muller: All that was necessary was a brief application of the “water cure,” a torture protocol now commonly referred to as “waterboarding.”

Heat-resistant Corals Ignore Climate Change Threats
Among the many catastrophes that are to befall our world due to global warming, the imminent demise of coral reefs is one of the worst. According to climate change proponents, as waters warm the ocean’s reefs will bleach out and die, leaving the seas aquatic deserts, devoid of life.

Jury acquits cop in Yonkers body-slam case
A Yonkers cop accused of brutalizing a home health aide inside a city restaurant was acquitted this afternoon of violating the woman’s civil rights.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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