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Fresh Protests At Bilderberg - This Time It’s Right Wing Nationalists
AP has reported fresh protests at the Bilderberg meeting near Athens in Greece, this time from right wing Greek nationalists.

Footage Of Communist Protest At Bilderberg
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U.S. uptick doesn’t mean crisis is over, says top economist
A few recent glimmers of economic hope emerging in the United States do not mean the global crisis is over, a top economist who advises US President Barack Obama said Saturday.

Gitmo general told Iraq WMD search team to torture
It’s one thing if, as former Vice President Dick Cheney keeps saying, the United States brutally interrogated people to keep our kids safe from another strike by Osama bin Laden. If folks got tortured to provide a rationale for going to war with Iraq, though, that’s a whole different story.

ACLU: Obama’s revival of tribunals strikes blow to rule of law

Florida officials: 43 children zapped by stun gun during prison tour
According to information released Saturday by the Florida Department of Corrections: During “Take Our Children to Work Day” events at three prison facilities, 43 children were hit with stun guns while others were exposed to tear gas.

CDC swine flu report is ‘gross underestimate’
The Center for Disease Control’s official report of 4,714 cases of confirmed or probable swine flu could be underestimating the impact of the disease by around 45,000 cases, according to the deputy director of the CDC’s influenza division.

Bilderberg Wants Global Department Of Health, Global Treasury
Veteran investigative journalist Jim Tucker has uncovered Bilderberg's 2009 agenda, which includes the plan for a global department of health, a global treasury and a shortened depression rather than a longer economic downturn.

Bilderberg: News Blackout Continues

Our man at Bilderberg: I’m ready to lose control, but they’re not
I want to talk about Bilderberg 2009. But beyond a simple “yes, it’s happening, it’s real, the leaders of the world are hanging out here for the weekend”, what can I say? It’s a private meeting.

Journalist Detained At Bilderberg: Footage From Police Station

US drone attack kills more Pakistanis
At least 15 Pakistani people have been killed as a US drone fired missiles into alleged al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in near Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Rumsfeld’s renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths
Special Forces group implicated in three incidents that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians / MarSOC was set up by former defence secretary despite opposition from within the Marine Corps.

Blackwater-affiliated contractors investigated for shooting
Four U.S. contractors affiliated with the company formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide fired on an approaching civilian vehicle in Kabul earlier this month, wounding at least two Afghan civilians, according to the company and the U.S. military.

When Google Goes Down, So Does 5 Percent Of The Internet?
We knew a Google outage had worldwide Internet impact, but do we know just how much?

Daniel Estulin on Bilderberg 2009
Veteran Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin joins The Corbett Report to discuss this year’s Bilderberg conference.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

Bilderberg meetings remain a mystery
The Bilderberg group is currently holding its 57th annual conference at a hotel outside Athens, Greece. And while the list of the some 120 influential people is highly protected, Internet bloggers contend this year’s attendees include Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who supposedly will be “taking orders from the Global Elite,” according to one Web site.

Georgia senator Nancy Schaefer talks about CPS - Alex Jones Show
Alex interviews Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption.

Obama says Iran war not off the table
President Barack Obama says the US has not taken military action against Iran over its nuclear program off the table ahead of the Israeli premier’s trip to Washington.

Afghan probe: US strike killed 140 people, many children
U.S. air strikes on Afghanistan’s Farah province on May 4 left 140 dead, an Afghan investigation has concluded. According to reports, 118 of the victims were women and children, the youngest an 8-day-old baby boy.

ID cards: taxman allowed access to personal data
Tax officials will be allowed access to personal data gathered for the controversial ID cards scheme, it has been disclosed.

Obama Picks Up Where Bush Left Off: From My Lai to Bala Baluk
Barack Obama is aggressively stepping up the war in Afghanistan. He’s intensified the cross-border bombing of Pakistan and he is doubling the number of U.S. troops to 68,000 by 2010. He’s also a strong proponent of pilotless drones even though hundreds of civilians have been killed in bombing raid blunders.

Torture is a Form of Terrorism
An article today in Der Spiegel describes a study on the use of torture over the last couple of thousand years.

Spanish probe paints grim picture of Gitmo abuse

CIA Chief Rebuts Pelosi’s Charges
CIA Director Leon Panetta yesterday rejected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s charge that the agency misled her about its use of coercive interrogation methods, escalating a controversy that has dogged the speaker for weeks and intensifying a debate over Bush administration policies that the Obama administration has tried to avoid.

Poll: More Americans are ‘pro-life’ than ‘pro-choice’
For the first time ever, the number of Americans identifying themselves as “pro-life” has eclipsed the number of Americans identifying themselves as “pro-choice,” according to new polling data from Gallup.

Swine flu: fifth US victim dies
A 33-year-old man from Texas has become the fifth person to die in the US after contracting the swine flu virus.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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